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As a slacker, how to use Windows gracefully

Couch Potato Windows Series (i) First, the shortcut keys, summarize their most commonly used shortcut keys (WINDOWS10) ctrl+shift+n: new Folder Art + F4: close the current window win+prt Sc: screen. Automatically stored in the Pictures folder. win+ number keys: quickly open a pinned app on the taskbar, such as Win+1 open the first app, win+2 open a second app ... ALT + TAB: window switcher. win+tab: Virtual Desktop switcher. Ctrl+shift+esc: open Task Manager dire

PHP Server File Manager Development Summary (Summary): summary, index and source code

PHP Server File Manager development through the previous phase of the introduction of the basic completion of the function, including directory retrieval, addition, deletion, renaming, file additions, browsing, modification, renaming, moving, as well as file upload and download functions. This article indexes the relevant posts in the previous phase and provides source code for interested students to discuss together. PHP Server File Manager Development

IOS development, knowledge point summary, macro definition summary commonly used in ios development, and ios Summary

IOS development, knowledge point summary, macro definition summary commonly used in ios development, and ios Summary For IOS development, you can jump from an application to open a webpage in a browser: [[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@""]]; Overwrite the entire cell with a Button and add an action cell.

[Qt Summary] Final Summary, qt Summary Final

[Qt Summary] Final Summary, qt Summary Final 1. content about Qt applications: Refer to the previous article: [Qt Summary] terminal remote client upgrade 2. Upgrading files is a processing method in hex format: for files in hex format, If You Want To directly read the files, you need to: 1. Read data 2. Find the requi

Dede Summary length, Dedecms summary limit, dedecms summary words

If you can effectively control the word count of the article summary, then you can make the page layout very flexible.In Dedecms, the main ways to invoke the article summary on a list page are:1:[field:info/]2:[field:description/]3:[field:info function= "Cn_substr (@me, number of characters)"/]4:[field:description function= "Cn_substr (@me, number of characters)"/]Method One:The first stepInto the database

[Summary] CSS transparency summary and css transparency Summary

[Summary] CSS transparency summary and css transparency Summary CSS opacity has been a very popular technology in recent years, but cross-browser support is a headache for developers. Currently, no common method is available to ensure that transparency settings are valid on all browsers currently in use. This summary m

[RabbitMQ] 2. Experience summary, Data Summary, and rabbitmq Data Summary

[RabbitMQ] 2. Experience summary, Data Summary, and rabbitmq Data SummarySpring AMQP Chinese Document Http:// community Q = rabbitmq type = ARTICLE RabbitMQ-JAVA common errors, RabbitMQ, in CentOS7 EnvironmentRabbitMQ-Java version production and consumption,

The whole process of project implementation Summary "original"--project summary of rookie project manager

About XXX software project implementation process Summary XXX software xxxx year XX month XX day acceptance completed, in this project implementation process to do a summary, in order to facilitate our project development in the future to better implement projects, better standardize project process management and improve work efficiency, thereby creating more benefits.The

Summary of vlsm. CIDR and summary

CIDR is just an extension of aggregation ~ Is a special set! He generally summarizes the following! /8/16/24 instead of/7/19/25! These are four class B address blocks. When we merge them, we use 172.16.0. 0/14 to merge them. This is the CIDR! For summary: This is just a feature. It is divided into automatic summary and manual

Python Learning notes Summary (i) Summary of objects and process statements

, because it is, after all, a way to create a new list.[expression ' for X ' in L ' for loop header]List parsing>>> l=[1,2,3,4,5]>>> l=[x+10 for x in L]Remove a line break from a row in a list>>> Lines=[line.rstrip () for line in lines]>>> Lines=[line.rstrip () for line in open ('/etc/rc.conf ')]Extended List ResolutionRepeat the previous example, but we just need to start with a line of text that is not a #.>>> Lines=[line.rstrip () for line in open ('/etc/rc.conf ') if line[0]!= ' # ')A comple

Vim Summary Summary

1. Basic1.1, first, learn to moveOn-screen movement:Up and down around H,j,k,l,Screen position h,m,l,Roll Screen Zz,zt,zbDeterministic movement within the entire article:Text first GG, end G, nth row ngEfficient movement within the entire article:Corresponding brackets%, same next *, same as Previous #,Search/pattern, Next nMove within a single line:0,^,$,g_,E,w,e,w,Fc,fc,tc,tc1.2, then, learn to delete and changeAdd: I,a,o,oDeletion: X,DW,DDChange: CWPaste: P,p1.3.: Enter ed modeSave to Exit wq

Basic summary of C language (iii)----------string summary

?? string processing function # # # Char str2[15];Gets (STR2); You cannot have spaces when using scanf, there can be spaces in the middle of getsPuts (STR2); Strcat string Join functionReturns the address of the preceding string, saved in the preceding string arraystrcat (str, str2);Puts (str);printf ("concatenated string is%s\n", str); strcpy string copy function//strcpy (STR1, str2) Copy string 2 into string 1, the contents of string 1 are overwritten str1 length >= str2 length STRCP Y (str, s

Basic summary of C language (ii)----------Array Summary (priority sorting algorithm)

("%d\t%d\n", J + 1, nums[j]); }?? Bubble sort void Bubblesort (int nums[], int lengh) {for (int i = 0; i for (int j = 0; J if (Nums[j] > nums[j + 1]) {int temp = Nums[j];NUMS[J] = nums[j + 1];Nums[j + 1] = temp;}}}}?? Select sort void Choosesort (int nums[], int length) {for (int i = 0; i for (int j = i; j if (Nums[j] int temp = Nums[j];NUMS[J] = nums[i];Nums[i] = temp;}}}}?? Select sort optimization: int min =-1;for (int j = 0; J min = j; Subscript (index) with minimum value recordedfor (int i

"Summary" CSS transparency summary

. As with RGBA transparency, the final number represents the transparency setting, which works the same way as RGBA. Note An important benefit of RGBA and hsla transparency is that these transparency settings do not affect child elements, but are passed through the Opacity property. The RGBA and Hsla of alpha settings only affect the transparency of the background color, that's all.I wish I could involve the main cross-browser CSS transparency code. If the content has errors and omissions, pleas

Java Issues Summary (summary, focus) If you can forget to see {unscheduled updates}

When using the spring framework, the scenario is as followsPost request in the past, the object does not receive the value of the parameter ( workaround: Consider adding a @requestbody annotation to the parameter, some do not add is the framework to help handle the default is to receive a JSON string )Http://localhost:8080/xxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxx-api/xxxxxx/xxxxx/xxxxxxxxx/suggest/add.sgtJava Issues Summary (summary

Summary of header usage in PHP, Phpheader usage Summary _php Tutorial

Summary of header usage in PHP, summary of Phpheader usage This article summarizes the usage of headers in PHP. Share to everyone for your reference, as follows: The function of the header () function in PHP is to send header information to the client. What is header information? Here is a simple explanation, detailed self-view HTTP protocol. In the HTTP protocol, the server-side answer (response) content

A * \ IDA * analysis summary and ida analysis summary

A * \ IDA * analysis summary and ida analysis summary Classic eight queens question: # Include For shifts left or right of spaces (0), the corresponding sequence remains unchanged (the number of reverse orders remains unchanged)For a move-up/move-down operation with spaces (0), it is equivalent to moving two digits forward/backward in a sequence. The odd number of reverse orders of the sequence remain

"Summary" 2014 Annual summary

2014 Annual Summary 2014 can be divided into two stages, one stage in the school half a year, another phase is the work of half a year time. (a summary of the school, I will not write here) Time, such as fleeting, half a year in a twinkling. I have been in the job for 6 months now. 6 months is a process of growth and a process of school going to society. During this time, I got

Ajax Series 4: problem summary, ajax series Summary

Ajax Series 4: problem summary, ajax series Summary 1. the most classic problem is the cache problem in ie.If get is used, a cache problem occurs in ie. The code is executed only once. The solution is to add a timestamp or random number to make the url unique so that no ieOr change to post for submission.Xhr. open ("get", "xxxx. aspx? _ Dc = "+ newDate (). getTime (), true );2. Case sensitivity of ajax Obje

Summary of all summary function definitions and usage

All background properties cannot be inherited. 1. Background-color all elements can set the background color. The default value for Background-color is transparent; that is, if an element does not specify a background color, the background is transparent so that the background of its ancestor elements is visible. 2. Background-image all elements can set the background image, the background image can be set multiple, the middle separated by commas, the background image will be stacked, written in

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