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There is a problem with the "SM bus controller" and "other PCI bridge devices" Driver in the Device Manager, smpci

There is a problem with the "SM bus controller" and "other PCI bridge devices" Driver in the Device Manager, smpci After WinXP reinstalls the system, there is a yellow question mark in the Device Manager, which is "SM bus controller" and "other PCI bridge devices". The motherboard is Rainbow 7 and the chipset is geForc

Bootstrap--a label with Col-xs, COL-SM, COL-MD, COL-LG

. col-xs-Ultra Small Screen phone (. col-sm-Small Screen tablet (≥768px). col-md-Medium-screen desktop display (≥992px). col-lg-Large-screen large desktop display (≥1200px)HTML code:class= "col-xs-12 col-sm-9 col-md-6 col-lg-3"> Div >When the screen sizeWhen less than 768px, use the corresponding style of the col-xs-12 class;In the 768px to 992px, with the col-

Samsung C7 (sm-c7000) How to use a two-dimensional code generator in a mobile hotspot

Note: Please open the WLAN hotspot first, open the method will not be introduced to you. 1. In standard mode, click "Settings". 2. Click "More connection Settings". 3. Click on "WLAN Hotspot and network share". 4. Click "Move Hotspot". 5. Click on "Two-dimensional code generator". 6. The mobile phone will quickly generate a two-dimensional code, as shown in the following figure: By scanning t

Samsung mobile phone S7 sm-g9308 (6.0.1) to open a dynamic photo tutorial

The Samsung Galaxy S7 sm-g9308 supports the dynamic photo feature, taking a few seconds of video before taking a photo to capture a moment you might miss, if you want to turn on this feature, follow these steps: 1. Under the Standby page, click on "Camera". 2. Click the "Set" icon. 3. Light the "d

Samsung mobile phone Note5 sm-n9200 (6.0.1) How to turn Full-screen mode into a pop-up window?

Note: Pop-up view gesture function is turned on by default, if you turn off the function, please manually open (open path: Set-Advanced Function-pop-up view gesture open) to do the following.1. Drag a corner of the screen along the diagonal of the upper-left or upper-right corner of the screen to turn the Full-screen window into a pop-up window, taking the "s calendar" as an example. (Note: Some application

Bootstrap Responsive Utility--visible-xs, VISIBLE-SM, Hidden-xs, HIDDEN-SM, etc.

Reproduced in: Click to open the link Bootstrap provides helper classes to enable faster development of mobile-friendly devices. These can be combined with media queries to combine large, small, and medium-sized devices to enable content to be displayed and hidden from the device. These tools need to be used sparingly to avoid creating a completely different version at the same site. The reactive utility is currently only available for block and t

PIM SM + IGMP snooping suitability Test (ii) TTL problem

PIM SM + IGMP snooping suitability Test (ii) Introduction to TTL issuesThe two questions and answers in the previous section are based on theoretical analysis and experimental validation, and this section describes the problems encountered in experiments and experiments.Test topology Figure 1 Experiment DescriptionBefore doing experiments to verify the technical problems, first of all to clarify the purpose of the experiment, then detailed

Solution to slow startup of sendmail and sm-client in CentOS (RedHat)

In CentOS (RedHat), the sendmail and sm-client start slowly. If you need a solution, please refer to this article. Starting sendmail: Starting sm-client: After I posted an article about modifying the host name, I accidentally found that when CentOS was restarted, the system would be stuck in sendmail and sm-client f

Samsung flat tab A (2016) sm-t585c (6.0.1) How to install A storage card

To install the storage card, follow these steps: Installation memory card considerations are as follows: 1. As shown in the picture, the storage card position of the plate is on the right side of the plate. 2.

CentOS (RedHat) SendMail and Sm-client startup slow resolution

Starting SendMail: Starting sm-client: I just made a modification to the host name after the article, I accidentally found that the system will be stuck in SendMail and sm-client for nearly 3 minutes after restarting the CentOS, looking for SendMail and sm-client documents to find that they have made

SM Invite code 110211 get input mode

10.5We! SM Invite code .... SM Invitation code Input at the bottom of the small series once for our good supply, flurried into the look!Need a friend to keep the spare**SM Invitation code: 110211,**------------------------------------------------------Regardless of the content of the reply, the final decision is I.If y

Samsung A7 (2016) sm-a7108 single hand input where to open

Samsung A7 (2016) sm-a7108 (5.1.1) One-hand operation we can adjust the keyboard, call the button, Samsung keyboard, calculator and unlock the size and location of the pattern, see below. 1. In Samsung A7 (2016) sm-a7108 mobile phone Standby Desktop We slide the screen left.2. Enter the interface and click the "Settings" option, as shown below.3. Click the "Show" icon to open the entry.4. Click "Single Han

Samsung Note7 sm-n9300 (6.0.1) How do I hide a security folder?

You can hide shortcuts to security folders from the home screen by doing the following: 1. On the main screen, click on "Security folders." 2. Click on the "more" icon. 3. Click "Settings". 4. Click the "Show Security

Startup is slow! The cause is in startingsendmail, sm-client, and eth0.

Startup is slow! The reason lies in startingsendmail, sm-client, and eth0. -- Linux general technology-Linux technology and application information. For more information, see the following. The newbie has encountered a problem. Please give me your advice! Startup is slow! The reason is that starting sendmail, starting sm-client, and detemining eth0. The redhat 9.

Samsung Note7 sm-n9300 (6.0.1) How do I add a floating window command shortcut to the Floating Window command panel?

Note: The floating window command panel supports up to 6 shortcuts. 1. Under the standby page, hover the S pen in any position above the phone screen, press the button of the S pen and click the "Set" icon. (Note: You can also open the Floating

PIM SM + IGMP snooping suitability test

PIM SM + IGMP snooping suitability test test topology Figure 1 BootstrapThe BOOTSTRAP protocol is used to designate and announce the RP, the BOOTSTRAP protocol ensures that the entire network chooses a unique BSR (boot router) through Bootstrap messages, BSR collects the RP information in the network and floods all PIM routers in the PIM domain; C-RP learned about BSR, By sending candidate-rp-ad

Samsung S7 sm-g9300 (6.0.1) turns Full-screen mode to pop-up window method

The Samsung Galaxy S7 sm-g9300 supports a pop-up window in application Full-screen mode, and if you want to implement this feature, follow these steps:1. Drag a corner of the screen along the diagonal of the upper-left or upper-right corner of the screen to turn the Full-screen window into a pop-up window, taking the "

Samsung tablet SM-T713 (6.0.1) fingerprint lock screen how to set?

1. Under the Samsung Flat sm-t713 (6.0.1) standby page, click "Application".2. Then in the application interface we click the "Settings" option.3. After opening the Access interface, we find the "lock screen and security" option in the Settings list, and the effect is as follows.4. Okay, so when we open it, we'll find the "fingerprint" option.5. Then in the open settings we click the "Add fingerprint" option, as shown in the following operation.6. Use

Samsung tablet S2 sm-t813 Open use fingerprint verification Samsung account Tutorial

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 sm-t813 (6.0.1) supports the use of fingerprints to verify your Samsung account password, using a fingerprint instead of an input password, and if you want to turn on the feature, follow these steps:1. Under the Standby page, click "Application".2. Click "Settings".3. Slide the left screen up and click "Lock screen and security".4. Click on "Fingerprint".5. Use

Solve the issue of slow loading of Sendmail and sm-client under Fedora13

Record of the host name you set. Because the nine Global DNS root systems are in the United States, at this time, the dns A record corresponding to the Host Name of the local machine will be queried. Once you know the crux of the problem, you can take the right medicine. For example, you can modify the system configuration file/etc/hosts. Let sendmaill bypass the query remote host. Here is the simplest method. Modify/etc/hosts. Before Modification

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