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Html5canvas-2. Use canvas to make a small game to guess letters _ html5 tutorial skills-

Today, we are going to use canvas to create a letter-guessing game. The game design is very simple. The system will randomly select one of the 26 letters of a-z to save it. Enter a letter on your keyboard, the system will prompt you that the correct

Use a JavaScript Regular Expression to convert small and medium-sized letters in a string into uppercase and lowercase letters.

*** Function Description: converts all lowercase letters in a string to uppercase letters.* Input parameter: string to be converted* Output: uppercase letter string* Example: function test_2 (){* Var STR = "abcdefdsfasdfdsaf ";* Var result =

Small game of guessing letters

/** guess the alphabet game needs are as follows: The program randomly produces 5 characters in a certain order as a result of guessing (5 characters are not allowed to repeat), and the player guesses the string. The player can guess multiple times (

How do I configure GIT to support case sensitivity and to modify uppercase and lowercase letters in filenames? Go

1. When creating a new code file, do not pay attention to the file name should be a small write wrong2. The file has been push to the remote.3. Change the name of the file to full lowercase under windowsAfter you've changed it, nothing happens in

Can I convert uppercase and lowercase letters without repeating them?

2011-03-22 wcdj     Problem description:I wanna to make a prog which convert small case letters entered by user to upper case letters .... I tried to use toupper function... but it only do action with a single character... is there any function

JS implementation of random output uppercase and lowercase letters code

JS implementation of the random output case letter code:This section describes how to use JavaScript to output random uppercase or lowercase letters, hoping to give you more or less help.The code is as follows:functiongetcharacter (flag)

PHP to determine the uppercase and lowercase letters function

Provides a simple example of PHP to determine the case letter function, it can find out how many uppercase letters in a string has how many lowercase letter, is a very convenient common function, the code is as follows: function Checkcase ($STR) {

A method of generating PHP random numbers from digital letters

In the previous we have introduced the PHP random number generation method, but did not specifically describe the generated PHP random number is what, then we will introduce the PHP random generation of digital letter combination method, an example

SQL Server database Chinese characters are sorted by letters, strokes, first letter of Pinyin

SQL Server sorting rules are usually not used many times, and many beginners may be unfamiliar, but someA common error occurs when you query a database that is connected to multiple tables in different databases.If the default Character Set of the

SQL Server database Chinese characters are sorted by letters, strokes, first letter of Pinyin

SQL Server sorting rules are usually not used many times and may be unfamiliar to many beginners. However, there is a common error: SQL Server databases, when querying cross-database, multi-Table connections, if the default Character Set of the two

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