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ASP. net mvc Framework (Part 1) (zhuan)

[Original article publication date] Tuesday, November 13,200 7 AM Two weeks ago, I discussed a new MVC (model, view, Controller) framework in ASP. NET in my blog. We will support it as an optional feature in the near future. The framework provides a

ASP. net mvc Framework (Part 1)

[Original address] ASP. net mvc Framework (Part 1)[Original article publication date] Tuesday, November 13,200 7 AM Two weeks ago, I discussed a new MVC (model, view, Controller) framework in ASP. NET in my blog. We will support it as an optional

Insider of Microsoft's net Search engine (Turn)

Larry Jordan, developer Michael Ruggiero and Michael Stanton of Microsoft Search Development and the. NET Framework Project manager Hari Sekhar secretly built a. NET technology based Microsof T Web site search engine new version. To date, only a

Objective C # Principle 32: small and cohesive assembly)

Objective C # Principle 32: small and cohesiveProgramSetItem 32: prefer smaller, cohesive assemblies This principle should actually be called: "An assembly of a reasonable size and a small number of common types should be created ". But this is

Summary of six implementation methods for ASP. NET Ajax (Atlas) drag-and-drop (Drag & Drop)

In AjaxProgramIt is not easy to implement the simple drag-and-drop function in traditional desktop programs. However, the drag-and-drop feature on the Web is so fascinating that almost every mature Ajax Class Library provides its own set of drag-and-

NET ERP System Architecture Design

Analysis of large. NET ERP system Architecture Design framework+ Application design patternMy understanding of large-scale systems, from the number above, the source code more than millions of lines above, the system has more than 300 functions,

Call Win32 API from. NET platform

Win32 API can directly control the core of Microsoft Windows, because application programming interface is the interface that Microsoft left for us to directly control windows. Want to play? It's too difficult.C # it is very simple to use. Writing a

. NET in-depth analysis of the LINQ framework (2: The Elegant prelude to LINQ)

3]. Main design models of the LINQ framework At this point, we seem to be able to see the principle of LINQ. It is not an air garden, it has a foundation. With the support of a series of new features above, Microsoft builds a large-scale extension

Apply for. NET Development Engineer Common face question (i) (reprint)

1. Describe the access rights of private, protected, public, and internal modifiers.For. Private: A privately owned member that can be accessed within a class.Protected: A protected member that can be accessed within the class and in the inheriting

ASP. NET MVC Learning notes summary (first day of self study)

Today is the first day of study, the main summary of the following two questions. Because it is self-study, the summary may have a mistake to hope that everyone actively correct (smile).1. What is MVC? Why use MVC?2. How can I use MVC to quickly

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