smart car radio code

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Raspberry Pi2 Smart Car source code and test video

) gpio.output (12,gpio. Low) gpio.output (25,gpio. Low) gpio.output (17,gpio. Low) gpio.output (8,gpio. Low) # Turn left if ch = = ' A ': gpio.output (22,gpio. High) gpio.output (23,gpio. High) gpio.output (17,gpio. Low) gpio.output (8,gpio. Low) gpio.output (12,gpio. High) gpio.output (25,gpio. High) gpio.output (27,gpio. Low) gpio.output (18,gpio. Low) time.sleep (0.3) Gpio.output (27,gpio. Low) gpio.output (18,gpio. Low) gpio.output (22

ARM CEO: The car will become a supercomputer, pushing AI into smart hardware

computing requirements for specific applications, resulting in a large demand for highly integrated silicon chips. ARM is also increasing its software investments, such as a custom chip with PayPal, which combines arm processors and digital signal processors (DSPs) to rewrite parts of the code, resulting in a 85% reduction in data center power consumption.ARM is also actively involved in the Facebook organization's Open source Hardware Alliance OCP (

Arduino Smart Car Production report

Arduino Smart Car Production report production members: 20135224 Chen Shi 20135208 He Bong 20135207 Wang GuiPrerequisites:Arduino, an open-source, single-board controller, is built on the open source simple I/O interface and has a processing wiring development environment that uses a similar java,c language, using a software and hardware platform based on open-sourced c

Smart Car --- use Linux2.6

Smart Car --- use Linux2.6 -- general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. Smart Car V0.1 Author: Sam Yamano, (400) {this. resized = true; this. width = 400; this. alt = 'click here to open new window';} "onmouseover =" if (this. resize

"STM32. Net MF Development Board Learning-17" WiFi Remote control Smart Car

Just before a PDA with wifi features, so instead of using a PC to control the Smart car via ZigBee, it's more convenient to control it with a PDA, but since the. NET MF Development Board does not directly support WiFi, we have to control it indirectly, that is, PDA control pc, PC through ZigBee control intelligent car. For our developers, WiFi is the same as the

[Raspberry Pi +. net mf Smart car for video monitoring] control (Raspberry Pi)

has been installed on a smart car. We need to build a programming, deployment, and running debugging environment without display, mouse, and keyboard. As for how to burn Raspberry Pi's system to the SD card, we will not continue to talk about it here. There are many introductory articles to explain and explain. This article mainly introduces how to build a programming platform that facilitates interactio

[Raspberry Pi +. net mf to create a video surveillance Smart Car] control (. net mf)

)(System.Math.Abs(e.y - ( i = ; i Definition of steering gear parameters: PWM [] steering_pwm = PWM [UInt32 [] periods = UInt32 [] {,}; Cpu. PWMChannel [] steering_chanels = (I =; I Ps2_Click (e. key = PS2.Key. LRocker)]. duration = (UInt32) (durations [] + (-e. x) *]. duration = (UInt32) (durations [] + (-e. y) * (e. key = PS2.Key. r2) + =; (value>) value =]. duration = (UInt32) (durations [] + (value-) * (e. key = PS2.Key. r1)-=; (value Http://

(original) DIY Remote control Smart Car

moduleA: The Bluetooth module occupies Rxd and TXD, and these two quotation marks are used to upload the burning code of the pin, so in the burning code should first unplug the Bluetooth module, burning and then plug it up, which is not mentioned in many places.2. Not Enough pinsA: This question is a very realistic problem, the number of pins is always limited, if they do not have a good welding technology

Smart Car image player

Smart Car image player Author: 1.1 drops of beer Image PLAYER: A smart car uses an on-board camera to collect runway data and then stores the data in the memory of the Central Control Board of the car. After the vehicle runs for a w

Car VIN code, frame number, mobile, server-side OCR recognition technology company

Many people in the purchase of vehicles, only focus on performance, appearance, interior and so on, in fact, the real insider is the first to see the vehicle's VIN code, also known as the frame number.Vin code (frame number) is the only proof of a car, usually in the windshield of the vehicle, some on the vehicle's firewall, or on the B-pillar nameplate. Accordin

Radio Code Analysis

1, Radio Main interface button Category:Band, auto search, storage station, far process, sound effects.2,rds function setting Status to MCUAF selectable frequency: 91.3 93.0 89.4 90.9mhz[up to 25 frequencies]Tp/ta Traffic Show/notice: TrafficREG Region SelectionEON Enhanced Other networks: Info,musique,culture,fip,rfprovPTY Program Type: News,pop,classic,info,sport3,st Car Audio SoftwareHttp://

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