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Does your smartphone anti-virus software have limited functions?

By Patrick Lambert) Translation: purpleendurer version 1st In Patrick lanbert's view, the use of anti-virus software on smartphones is limited. Are you worried about this? Our enterprise security field is constantly threatening, and most IT experts and administrators will not consider providing employees with unlocked computers. Logon to the system, anti-virus, network protection, and so on provide in-depth security methods to become an enterprise pri

First prize of the 2014 Qilu software competition smartphone application-anti-theft star, 2014 Qilu

First prize of the 2014 Qilu software competition smartphone application-anti-theft star, 2014 Qilu CAT/CAT sharing, must be excellent This is the android file of this cat that participated in the Qilu software competition for 14 years. You are welcome to exchange and learn. Material address:

On cottage phone and Android "13" SmartPhone AP System

. The application framework simplifies the complexity of programming and reduces the risk of errors by standardizing programming by using a variety of programming environments (Ides), Toolsets, and software system stereotypes, such as MVC stereotypes [2].Object in MFC, you can allocate memory directly, so when you clear object, you need to manually clear the memory allocation, leaving no residue. Prevention of memory leaks is not only a difficult poin

Android's dominance of the global smartphone market is not yet shaken.

In the third quarter of this year, IOS and Android have accounted for 96% of global smartphones, according to the latest data released by Strategy Analytics. IOS occupies 12.3% of the smartphone market, while Android has a market share of 83.6%. Yesterday, data showed that China's mobile phone company Xiaomi has become the world's third-largest experts in smart m

On cottage phone and Android "12" 3G era smartphone BP part

7th chapter of this series, MTK mobile phone software system. The BP part of the smartphone is divided into several vertical distribution layers, which correspond to different network transmission protocols. At the same time, the level is divided into control and user two planes, respectively, responsible for the management of information channels, and responsible for the delivery of information entities.T

Germany boutique software small red umbrella antivirus software AntiVir

Red Umbrella anti-virus software is a German famous anti-virus software Chinese nickname, its English name is AntiVir, with its own firewall (s version), it can effectively protect the use of personal computers and workstations, so as not to be affected by viruses. The software is only hundred megabytes in size, it can detect and remove more than 600,000 kinds of

Go to capture a packet on your Android smartphone

How do I capture a packet on my Android smartphone?This article by csdn-蚍蜉 Shake Pine "Homepage: HTTP://BLOG.CSDN.NET/HOWEVERPF" original, reprint please indicate the source!The current Android system is becoming more and more popular, whether for Android app developers, or for network security researchers, it is possi

On the communication mechanism of "10" smartphone of cottage phone and Android

In the previous chapter, we said that the smart phone = = computer + mobile network card, this formulation is relatively rough, more accurate formulation should be, the hardware structure of the smartphone is divided into the application processor AP, and baseband processor BP two parts. Although the AP part of the function is basically similar to the computer motherboard, but the hardware structure is very different, the difference is reflected in th

In practice, explore the Android smartphone system-Rom Partition

The Android system is also an OS, and is based on the Linux kernel.ArticleFrom the perspective of operating system exploration, we can understand the Android system from practice, so as to better use the Android system and even transform it. Lab environment: Hardware: HTC G11 s710e Hong Kong edition + 16gbtf card Androi

How to hijack an airplane with an Android smartphone

Air safety experts, are you still worried about terrorists or the use of high-power laser pens to shake the eyes of pilots while the plane is taking off and landing? Terrorists, are you still trying to bring the "family" onto the plane? Now, the technology is truly "revolutionary". The hijacking can use an Android mobile phone to remotely control a flight at home, just like manipulation. This is not what terrorists say after drinking.

AVG AntiVirus for Android "Anti-theft" service Spoofing Vulnerability

Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:AVG AntiVirus for AndroidDescription:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 57129CVE (CAN) ID: CVE-2012-6335AVG AntiVirus for Android is an anti-virus and anti-backdoor program used on smartphones.The Anti-theft service of AVG Anti

Comparison and Evaluation of anti-virus software on Google Android platform

security software on the Android platform, so xiaobian collected two anti-virus software programs with higher downloads on the network and compared them with the evaluation. Netqin Mobile Anti-Virus 1] Netqin's Saipan in ChinaIntelligenceThe market has always enjoyed high reputation. Netqin provides all-round mobile phone security services based on the cloud sec

Android Wear Software Evaluation: smart phone supporting software is not good (1)

Android Wear Software Evaluation: smart phone supporting software is not good (1) BKJIA Translation: although still unable to operate independently from the mobile phone, it has already brought us a very good notification information processing mechanism. A glance at Google wearable devices Whether you believe it or not, Google has been using its glasses to gai

Android software engineer/android middleware development

Google CTS Certification5. Familiar with embedded operation system and its software development, including related tools; embedded linux related knowledge is a plus6. Familiar software configuration management;7. Good English skills8. Good communication, execution and analytical competency9. Motivated and good learning and comprehension skills10. Innovative mind and good adaptability Job description: Deve

Android software Development industry

Android has been in China only a few years, Android engineers to mobile phone development as the main object, but not limited to mobile phone operating systems, mobile games, mobile phones and other features of the development and optimization of personnel. To master Android, in addition to Linux, the C language and Java (Java Exam Training) employment will be mo

Fake anti-virus software ported from PC to Android platform

There used to be a female graduate student who clicked on a phishing link. Then the real-time anti-virus screen, followed by the results of anti-virus, ran out of more than 10 viruses, recorded the specific location of the infected computer, and prompted her to update antivirus software, and she paid 2000 yuan after receiving "antivirus

Android chief architect on mobile and software design

At the Accel Design Conference in 2014, Matias Duarte, vice president of Android Design, accepted the Verge editor Josh Topolsky for Software design, and in an interview he stressed and appealed: the starting point of the past design is to develop separate applications for different devices, But this time around, software designers should figure out how to develo

Unauthorized Access Vulnerability in Android backdoor of Samsung Proprietary software

Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:SamsungDescription:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 66192 Samsung Galaxy is a smartphone of Samsung's Android system. The proprietary software in Samsung Galaxy mobile phones allows Android to read, write, and delete

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