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Joomla Extension Usage notes: Add WYSIWYG editor to SMF forum

Purpose: For Joomla 1.5.x with a good forum, the original thought to install a forum component, now want to or install an independent forum program, and then with Joomla bridge up. Third-party independent forum is basically better than JOOMLA forum

Smf:solaris System Service Management tool

SMF (the "predictable self-recovery technology" in Solaris 10, which includes both FMA and SMF) provides an infrastructure that expands on the basis of traditional UNIX startup scripts, init run levels, and configuration files. I. The concept of

The role of access network technology in the construction of man

The construction of man in China is still very rapid, and the access network technology also plays a very important role in it, whether from the selection of technical methods or from the selection of materials, only by adapting to local conditions

Apache+mysql+php Kit

A apache+mysql+php environment has recently been installed. After Google, we found that the installation is becoming more and more simple. No need for cumbersome configuration installation, just a simple execution of SH will be done.Then I Google to

Apache + MySQL + PhP suite

Recently, an Apache + MySQL + PhP environment has to be installed. After Google, it is found that the current installation is becoming more and more simple. You don't need to bother with configuration and installation. You just need to execute a sh

Ethernet Physical Layer protocol finishing (2)-Gigabit Ethernet

IEEE and 10GEA (Gigabit Ethernet Alliance) are the two most important organizations in Gigabit Ethernet standardization.Gigabit Ethernet standards and specifications are many, in the standard, the first 2002 years of IEEE 802.3ae, and then continue

TMN-Based Access Network Management

There are many areas worth learning about access network management. Here we mainly introduce the TMN-based access network management. Digitalization, broadband and intelligence of access networks are becoming an important task for the development

Linux Startup: replace traditional init with upstart

For a long time, most Linux distributions have been using the init system introduced by UNIX System V. Init is generated by the kernel itself. The task is to start the remaining part of the system, generate and monitor all other processes, and check

Android Multimedia frame support for music player

Here's a look at what the ANDRIOD Multimedia framework supports developers. 1. Mediascannerreceiver This broadcast recipient receives action_boot_completed, action_media_mounted, or Action_media_scanner_scan_ File broadcast when the image, music and

Mobile Game trends and related j2s APIs (zt)

Summary Mobile games have made remarkable achievements and become one of the fastest growing parts of the IT industry. In this article, the author Michael yuan focused on analyzing the characteristics and current situation of this exciting new

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