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Installation and configuration of smokeping under Centos 2015-09-03

Recently work needs to monitor a branch office to IDC computer network situation, to the network to find a lot of software, found a call smokeping open source software is also good, it is the author of RRDtool, in the graphic display is very beautiful, can be used to detect the network state and stability. The following is a description of the installation configuration method of the software: A Installing the Software1. Install the required tools usi

Install and configure Smokeping in CentoOS

Install and configure Smokeping in CentoOS As the company needs to monitor the network quality of the data center, it is helpless to install smokeping. Since most of the online tutorials are in the old version, today I will discuss the process of installing the new version on centos, forgive me for some bad things. Please download all of the following installatio

Install and use the smokeping plug-in

1. To prevent installation dependency errors, first install third-party source for the system: rpm-uvh 2. Install the lamp environment and rrdtool graphics processing and other dependent libraries: Yum-y install Perl-net-Telnet Perl-net-DNS Perl-LDAP Perl-libwww-perl Perl-radiusperl Perl-io-socket-SSL perl-Socket6 Perl-CGI-speedycgi Perl -fcgi Perl-CGI-speedcgi Perl-time-hires Perl-extutils-makemaker P

Use the smokeping Monitoring Network

This article can be freely reproduced, but please follow the "signature-non-commercial use-consistent" Creative sharing agreement. Permanent Link: joecen's nest----------------------------- I. IntroductionSmokeping is the work of Tobi oetiker by rrdtool. Therefore, it has great advantages in graphic display and is also a very characteristic opensource tool: Multiple detection methods, including fping, echoping, dig, and curl;Easy to use and scalable plug-ins;Master/Slave, which can collect data

Centos6.5 build the smokeping Service

Centos6.5 build the smokeping Service 1. Install the required software package.Yuminstall-yperlperl-Net-Telnetperl-Net-DNSperl-LDAPperl-libwww-perlperl-IO-Socket-SSLperl-Socket6perl-Time-HiResperl-ExtUtils-MakeMakerrrdtoolrrdtool-perlcurlhttpdhttpd-develgccmakewgetlibxml2-devellibpng-develglibpangopango-develfreetypefreetype-develfontconfigcairocairo-devellibart_lgpllibart_lgpl-develpoptpopt-devellibidnlibidn-devel 2. Create a common directory for sto

LINUX6 Network Environment Monitoring Tool smokeping deployment

Tags: bar col pictures Tianjin BSP ASE Cairo SMO RIPsmokeping IntroductionSmokeping is an open source software that monitors the state and stability of the network (which is developed by the authors of RRDtool) and can monitor the network conditions of the company's IDC, such as latency, packet loss, BGP multi-line, etc.Smokeping will send various types of test packets to the target device and system, measure, record, and graphically display the network delay situation through the RRDtool mappin

Use the smokeping Monitoring Network

This article can be reproduced freely, but please follow"Signature-non-commercial use-consistent". Permanent Link:JoeCens----------------------------- I. IntroductionSmokepingYesRrdtoolAuthorTobi OetikerSo it has a great advantage in graphic display and is also a very characteristic opensource tool: Multiple detection methods, including fping, echoping, dig, and curl;Easy to use and scalable plug-ins;Master/slaveYou can collect data from the same monitoring site on multiple nodes;Alert settings

Smokeping Master-Slave Simple construction

Download unzipwget Http:// xvzf smokeping-2.6.8.tar.gzcd mokeping-2.6.8./ Configure--prefix=/usr/local/smokepingIf prompted as follows:**abortingconfigure******************************ifyouknow whereperlcanfindthemissingmodules,setthe perl5libenvironmentvariableacco

smokeping Deployment of maintenance tools

Recently the company's new engine room relocation, the need to test the network performance between the new engine room and the computer room, selected smokeping This network performance testing tool, deployment of the time reference to many articles on the Internet, the deployment steps are recorded as follows:1. Install other sourcesRPM-UVH, installing rr

Install Smokeping in CentOS 6.5

Install Smokeping in CentOS 6.5 Smokeping is a monitoring software for network performance monitoring. It can be used to monitor the network conditions of the IDC in its own company, such as latency, packet loss rate, and BGP multiline, the network latency is displayed in a graphical manner, and the real-time communication of the network can be clearly determined, Smoke

CentOS 6.5 smokeping Installation

Smokeping is a monitoring software for network performance monitoring, it can be in its own company IDC network situation, such as delay, packet loss, whether BGP multi-line, and so on, through the RRDtool mapping mode, graphically show the network delay, and then can clearly determine the network of instant communication, Smokeping needs multiple package support, let's install one at a time, there are t

Smokeping configuration,

Smokeping configuration, Reference: This article briefly introduces how to install and configure smokeping.I. Environment 1. OS Server: Smokeping version Smokeping-2.6.11: Insta

CentOS Installation smokeping Tutorial

CentOS Installation smokeping TutorialI. Installing basic dependency Packages-UHV RPM-UHV rpmforge-release-0.5.3-1.el6.rf.i686.rpm-y install rrdtool fping echoping Curlbind-- -y Install perl perl-net-telnet perl-net-dns perl-ldap Perl-libwww-perl Perl-radiusperl Perl-io-socket-ssl Perl-socket6 perl-cgi-speedyc

Smokeping for Network Monitoring

Smokeping for Network Monitoring Smokeping can be used to check the network status and stability. 1. Adjust firewall settings[Root @ C65-A1 ~] #/Etc/init. d/iptables stopIptables: Setting chains to policy ACCEPT: filter [OK]Iptables: Flushing firewall rules: [OK]Iptables: Unloading modules: [OK][Root @ C65-A1 ~] # Chkconfig iptables off[Root @ C65-A1 ~] # GetenforceEnforcing[Root @ C65-A1 ~] # Setenforce 0[

Install and configure the network detection tool smokeping

Smokeping is the work of Tobi oetiker by MRTG and rrdtool. It is mainly used to check the network quality and stability of the IDC. Its main functions include general Ping, dig, echoping, and curl, use rrdtool to draw images. I think there are the following reasons for choosing smokeping: 1. the best drawing function, latency and packet loss are intuitively indicated by color and shadow. 2. Free and open-so

Nginx + smokeping installation and configuration steps

Smokeping is the best test tool for IDC network quality and stability, including General ping, dig, echoping, and curl. It can monitor www server performance and dns query performance, monitors ssh performance. Smokeping is the work of Tobi Oetiker by rrdtool, so the underlying layer is also supported by rrdtool. Smokeping is a very old open-source project, but c

Centos6.X install smokeping

Centos6.X install smokeping If it is 64-bit[Root @ localhost src] # uname-Linux localhost. localdomain 2.6.18-274.3.1.el5 #1 SMP Tue Sep 6 20:13:52 EDT 2011 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux[Root @ localhost Test] # perl-vThis is perl, v5.8.8 built for x86_64-linux-thread-multi PreparationsDisable iptables and selinux temporarily./Etc/init. d/iptables stop/Etc/init. d/ip6tables stopSetenforce 0 OrVi/etc/sysconfig/selinuxSet SELINUX = enforcingChange to S

Smokeping Monitoring of the network

smokeping It can be used to detect network status and stability.1, adjust the firewall settings[[Emailprotected]~]#/etc/init.d/iptablesstopiptables:settingchainsto policyACCEPT:filter[ ok]iptables:flushingfirewallrules: [ OK]iptables:Unloadingmodules: [OK][[emailprotected]~]# chkconfigiptablesoff[[emailprotected]~]#getenforceenforcing[[email protected]~]#setenforce0[[emailprotected]~]#vim/etc/sysconfig/ SELINUX changes "selinux=enforcing" to "SelinuX

Install and configure smokeping 2.4.2 on centos5.8

Centos5.8 install configure smokeping 2.4.2 1 install http and support environment source CentOS5-Base-163.repo rpm-ivh epel-release-5-4.noarch.rpm yum install httpd-devel yum install rrdtool-perl yum install curl yum install fping yum install perl-CGI -SpeedyCGI rpm-ivh echoping-5.2.0-1.2.el5.rf.x86_64.rpm 2 install rrdtool library yum install libxml2-devel libpng-devel pango-devel libart_lgpl libart_lgpl-devel freetype-devel fontconfig

Install smokeping in centos6.2 to test network conditions

Install smokeping in centos6.2 to test network conditions. 1. install the web server www.2cto. the comayum source CentOS6-Base-163.reporpm-ivhepel-release-6-7.noarch.rpmb installation supports environment yuminstallhttpdyum... centos6.2 install smokeping test network condition 1 install web server a yum source CentOS6-Base-163.repo rpm-ivh epel-release-6-7.noarch.rpm B install support environme

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