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Javamail Study Notes (3). Use SMTP protocol to send emails (all)

Package Org. yangxin. study. JM; import Java. io. file; import Java. io. fileinputstream; import Java. io. filenotfoundexception; import Java. io. fileoutputstream; import Java. io. ioexception; import Java. io. inputstream; import Java. util. date; import Java. util. properties; import javax. activation. datahandler; import javax. activation. datasource; import javax. activation. filedatasource; import javax. mail. address; import javax. Mail. authenticator; import javax. mail. message; import

Javamail passes Sina's SMTP Verification

Import javax. Mail .*; Import javax. Mail. Internet .*; Import java. util .*; Public class sendmail{Public static void main (string ARGs []) throws exception{ String host = " ";String from = " ";String to = " ";String username = "javamail ";String Password = "password "; // Get System Properties// Properties pro

Two activation. jar and mail. Jar packages are required for sending an email to javamail.

JavamailThe required jar package contains two activation. jar and mail. Jar files (put in the mailbox) Index. jsp fill in the relevant information. The email address and password used for sending emails must be correct. Nbsp; Sendmail. jspTry {Request. setcharacterencoding ("gb2312 ");String from = request. getparameter ("jname ");String to = request. getparamet

JavaMail sending e-mail using the SMTP protocol (detailed)

Properties Props = new properties ();Props.setproperty ("Mail.transport.protocol", "SMTP");//Mail Sending protocolProps.put ("", host);//SMTP Mail serverProps.put ("Mail.smtp.auth", "true");//need to verify user name passwordProps.put ("Mail.smtp.port", "+");//SMTP mail server default portProps.setproperty ("Mail.debug", "true");//Whether debug mode

Javamail implements smtp identity authentication

Now most SMTP servers need authentication, if you write a mail to send and receive clients with JavaMail, how to achieve this function? The following is a simple sample, analog foxmail to the implementation of the authentication function. Package jmail; Import javax.mail.*; Import java.util.*; Import java.sql.*; Import javax.swing.*; Import java.awt.*; public class Mailauthenticator extends authenticator{ S

JavaMail sending mail through SMTP in spring

; if (config.getmailhost () = null) Impl.sethost (Config.getmailhost ()); if (config.getmailpost () = null) Impl.setport (Config.getmailpost ()); if (config.getmailusername () = null) Impl.setusername (Config.getmailusername ()); if (Config.getmailpassword () = null) Impl.setpassword (Cryptoutils.aesdecryptfromhex ( Config.getmailpassword (), Keyconstants.mailpassword)); } return javamailsender; } /*** Mail sender.** @return the Java Mail Sender*/private static Javamailsender MailSender

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