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Web site Operations Tools use the IIS Log Analysis tool to analyze IIS logs (configuration of IIS logs)

performance issues, or what needs to be improved.What information is included in the IIS logsI said earlier that "IIS logs provide the most valuable information", what are the information? Let's look at this:Here's the record:1. At what point the request occurred,2. Which client IP has access to the port of the server IP,3. What is the client tool type, what ver

IIS SMTP Queue Stuck

1. Review SMTP logs in C:\Windows\System32\LogFiles\SMTPSVC1,2. Find 421 Error2014-12-08 02:02:40 outboundconnectionresponse SMTPSVC1 smtp1-25--421+service+not+available,+ Closing+transmission+channel 0 0 0 109 SMTP----2014-12-08 02:02:40 outboundconnectionresponse SMTPSVC1 smtp1-25--421+service+not+available,+ Closing+transmission

Configure the SMTP server in IIS

Even though Serv-U was used as an FTP server, it seems that no one was passing files at the time, so I didn't care about it. Later, I accidentally opened the "System Log" and found many error logs that could not be sent by emails. Open the mailroot directory and find that nearly 10000 emails are accumulated under the queue, and the number of emails increases and decreases. So I realized that some outsiders sent spam on the

"Go" IIS Logs-a good helper for website operations

For a long-term maintenance of the site, how to make the site long-term stable operation is a very meaningful thing. It is also normal that some problems that are not exposed during the development phase are likely to occur in the operations phase. There are also times when we want to constantly optimize our website and make it more responsive to user requests, all of which occur in the operational phase after development.Unlike the development phase, the operations phase is not likely to allow

What's new in the Web Server (IIS) role (IIS 7)

by scanning an IIS 7.5 web server and reporting when potential configurationIssues are found. Windows powershell provider and cmdlets The IIS module for Windows powershell is a Windows powershell snap-in that allows you to perform IIS administrative tasks and manage IIS configuration and run-time data. in addition, a

Python Parsing IIS logs

Python implementation analyzes the number of accesses per IP minute in the IIS log1 #IIS Log analysis to calculate the number of visits per IP in one minute2 fromCollectionsImportCounter3 Importdatetime4 5F=open ("Log.log","R")6pv_list=[]7 forLineinchF:8 ifLen (Line.split ()) ==15:9 #print (Line.split () [0:2])TenFunc_time=line.split () [0]+" "+line

Import IIS logs into the database

1. Build a tableCREATE TABLE [dbo].[inetlog0828]( [Date] [Date] NULL, [ Time] [ Time](7)NULL, [ServerIP] [nvarchar]( -)NULL, [Method] [nvarchar]( -)NULL, [URL] [nvarchar](4000)NULL, [Query] [nvarchar](4000)NULL, [Port] [int] NULL, [username] [nvarchar]( -)NULL, [IP] [nvarchar]( -)NULL, [useragent] [nvarchar](655)NULL, [Scstatus] [int] NULL, [Scsubstatus] [int] NULL, [Scwin32status] [int] NULL, [Timetaken] [int

IIS 7 Full Strategy logging configuration (excerpt from Network)

IIS 7 Full Introduction log logging configurationFountain of origin "IT168 Zhuangao" In addition to the logging capabilities that Windows provides, IIS 7.0 provides additional logging capabilities. For example, you can select the log file format and specify the request to log. (i) Enable or disable loggingIf you want IIS

How to Understand the managed pipeline mode of the two application pool in IIS 7)

ISAPI ing of the registration number. We can see that different ISAPI programs are specified for different requests. This is a graphical description of the pipeline. Integrated Mode: This new mode allows us to change ASP. net is better integrated with IIS, and even allows us. net write some functions (such as module) to change IIS behavior (Extension ). The advantage of integration is that it d

IIS 7 log file time does not match server time

localand marks the deviation from UTC time, with a filename prefix of U_NC.3.W3C is a customizable ASCII text-based format that allows you to specify a field for a record, a fieldSeparated by spaces, the recorded time is in UTC format and the filename prefix is u_ex.IIS7 default format for the user, it can provide the most complete information, NCSA is the most concise. So asNCSA format, each visit will be recorded immediately, and the format will require a certain processing time,In about two

IIS 7 full Raiders of failed request tracking configuration

. 2. In the Connections pane, click Web Site. 3. In the feature view, select the site for which you want to enable trace logging. 4. In the actions pane, under Configuration, click Failed Request tracking. 5. In the edit Web site failed Request Tracking Settings dialog box, select Enable to enable logging for the site. 6. In the Table of Contents text box, type the path you want to use to store the log files, or click the browse button (...) to find the location you want on your computer. T

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