smurf pictures to download

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Linux bulk download pictures, download the entire directory of pictures

To download all the images of this site directory, there are some mobile wallpaper. The URL of each picture is only a different file name.The Curl command does not work in this, and its regular match applies only to the file name of the rule, such as the Foo1,foo2,foo3.....,curl command requires that each URL be deterministic.Using the wget command alone, Wget-r-np-nd all the files in the download directory

iOS multi-threaded custom operation loading pictures do not repeat download pictures

Abstract: 1:ios encapsulates gcd with an abstract class nsoperation, making iOS multithreading easier and easier to use;2: Time-consuming operations are given to child threads to complete, the main thread is responsible for UI processing, prompting the user's experience2: Custom operation inherit from nsoperation, download picture in sub-thread;3: Ensure that images are downloaded only once, and that download

GD Library image download class implement PHP code to download all pictures of the Web page

The PHP code is as follows: Copy the code code as follows: Header ("content-type:text/html; Charset=utf-8 "); if (!empty ($_post[' submit ')) { $url = $_post[' url ']; Action to get a picture of a relative path $url _fields = Parse_url ($url); $main _url = $url _fields[' host '); $base _url = substr ($url, 0,strrpos ($url, '/') +1); Get Web page Content Setting up a proxy server $opts = Array (' http ' =>array (' Request_fulluri ' =>true)); $context = Stream_context_create ($opts); $content = Fi

GD Library Picture Download class implementation download Web page All pictures of PHP code _php instance

[1][$i]; }else{ $matches [1][$i] = $base _url. $matches [1][$i]; } } } Filter for duplicate pictures $img _arr = Array_unique ($matches [1]); Materialized picture Download class $GETIMG = new Downimage (); $url _count = count ($img _arr); for ($i =0; $i $GETIMG->source = $img _arr[$i]; $GETIMG->save_address = './pic/'; $file = $getImg->download ();

php-php can only download the English name of the picture, can not download Chinese named pictures How to do?

++ This world famous editor bug, everybody wants excitedly spread, warning AH! Hey. By the way, the above picture is the answer I wrote to the following question, everyone who has the ph. D. math Forum account, trouble to help this poor brother.Or any of you who have unnecessary account, send one to me. The above is php-php can only download the English name of the picture, can not

"Go" image cyborg one-click Download all pictures of the store page

In the afternoon, like the online example to write a crawl page images and save to the local Python example, curious about Google has a similar online crawl image of the external tool.Then I found Pseric wrote this article- image cyborg One-click Download all pictures of the storage page ————————————————————————————————————————————————————If you want to capture all the

iOS Development-third party sdwebimage download the use of network pictures

Request pictures from the network, without using a third party, the download will be very slow, and plug the thread, but also to handle multi-threaded problems, the effect is very not obvious, using the Sdwebimage third-party class library, download the picture becomes much easier.sdwebimage This class library provides a uiimageview category to support the loadin

"iOS Development Tour" afnetworking and sdwebimage download pictures

afnetworking and sdwebimage Download pictures////VIEWCONTROLLER.M//Afnetworkingdemo////Created by chenqianping on 16/1/31.//copyright©2016 year CHENQP. All rights reserved.//#import "ViewController.h"#import "AFNetworking.h"#import "uiimageview+webcache.h"//originally because of iOS9, the original HTTP protocol was changed to the HTTPS protocol, using TLS1.2 SSL encryption request data. #defineIMAGEURL @ "h

Use regular expressions in C # to filter out picture URLs and download pictures from picture URLs to local

} the the }98 AboutProcess.Start ("Explorer", Currentpathphotos);//render results immediately after completion -}//implementation Download101 102 Public Static voidMain ()103 {104 stringCurrentpath =environment.currentdirectory; the stringSource= File.readalltext (currentpath+@"\test.txt");//read in file106liststring> temp = GETURL (source);//Filter URLs107Console.WriteLine ("the filtered URL addresses are as follows:

Python crawler multi-Threading download watercress Top250 movie pictures

(Picture_link, ' e://douban/%s.jpg '% picture_name) def main (): # all 10 pages start_urls = ["Https://movie.douban . com/top250 "] for I in range (1, ten): Start_urls.append (" "% (+ * i)) # count the crawler's consumption time T1 = Time.time () print (' * ' * *) for the URL in start_urls:download_picture (URL) t2 = Time.tiMe () print (' No multi-threading, Total time:%s '% (T2-T1)) print (' * ' * *) Main () The output results are as follows:*

Python bulk download Baidu paste post pictures

Bulk Download all the pictures posted in a post, or just download a page of pictures.#!/usr/bin/env Python3ImportReImporturllib.requestclassdowntiebaimg:def __init__(self, url): Self.url=URLdefgetimglinks (self): response=Urllib.request.urlopen (self.url) pattern= Re.compile (r'', Re. S) Imglinks= Re.findall (Pattern,

python--Bulk Download Watercress pictures

Stroll watercress, found some pictures, too lazy a steak, before the C # and Python version of the picture download, so take the Python code before the change, toss out a watercress version, convenient for you to use#-*-Coding:utf8-*-Importurllib2, urllib, SocketImportReImportRequests fromlxmlImportetreeImportOS, Timedefault_download_timeout= 30classAppurlopener (urllib. Fancyurlopener): Version="mozilla/4.

How Outlook sets up automatic Download message pictures with Web pages

Today, some colleagues in the use of outlook2013, found that each received a message does not automatically download pictures. Let's take a look at how to set up Outlook to automatically download pictures. 1, the situation is as follows, each time you open Outlook, the picture here is not automatically displayed. You

Analysis of the core technology of network acquisition software series (3)---How to download all the pictures in the post in the C # language to local and browse offline

, intermediate readers, I hope you have a lot of support.Many beginners often have this kind of confusion, "Why I read the book, C # related to all aspects of knowledge, but it is impossible to write a decent application?" ”This actually still did not learn to use the knowledge comprehensively, exercise out of programming thinking, build up learning interest, I think the series of articles may help you, I hope so.Development environment: VS2008This section source location: Https://

Python How to download pictures from a feed source _python

This article describes how Python implements downloading pictures from a feed source. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: This code is based on Python 3.4 implementations, and Python2. X has a lot of difference.This is an exercise where the data source comes from the NetEase subscription. The code is as follows: Copy Code code as follows: __author__ = ' Saint ' Import OS Import Urllib.request Import JSON From

Android Download picture/Call system camera to take pictures, display and save to local

boolean Oncreateoptionsmenu (Menu menu) {//Inflate the menu, this adds items to the action Bar If it is present. Getmenuinflater (). Inflate (, menu); return true; } @Override public boolean onoptionsitemselected (MenuItem Item) {//Handle Action Bar item clicks here. The action bar would//automatically handle clicks on the Home/up button, So long/As you specify a the parent activity in Androidmanifest.xml. int id = item.getitemid (); if (id = =

HTML pages are turned into pictures and available for download

(2) Download materialHtml2canvas.min.js:Canvas2image.js:Base64.js:(3) Introduction of JS (4) Placing the button(5) JS code, generate pictures, and download(6) parsing the JS codeContent: The ID of the image area to generate.name_img: Download the name of the picture.(7) Hide the generated

Java and Python download Bing home page pictures

) {E.printstacktrace (); } } } Public Static void Main(string[] args) {System.out.println ("Get Bing pictures in the address ..."); SimpleDateFormat DateFormat =NewSimpleDateFormat ("Yyyy-mm-dd"); Closeablehttpclient httpClient = Httpclients.createdefault (); HttpGet HttpGet =NewHttpGet (""); Closeablehttpresponse response =NULL;Try{response = Httpclient.execute (HttpGet); Pattern p = pattern.compile ("Ht

PHP bulk Download pictures, online Find the code, not good to make

PHP bulk Download pictures, online Find the code, not good to make function Project_statistics () {echo "11111";$url = "Http://";$content =file_get_contents ($url);$reg = "//"; Preg_match_all ($reg, $content, $matches); $path = '. /download/img ';if (!file_exists ($path)) {mkdir ($path, 0777);}function Downimage ($url, $filename =

b/s read multiple FTP files (Pictures, videos) compressed to the server to download to the client

In fact, the demand is like this,To do one-click Export,There are pictures, photos, youhtml, there are different folders, each download must download the latest data, because FTP is always updated.1. If you download it all the time, the browser skips the window, and I can't watch the egg ache. So, you can only choose a

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