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C # difference between the reference type Customer customer1; customer1 = new Customer (); and Customer custumer1 = new Customer ();

The allocation of reference types is quite complex. This blog post only describes the differences between the two instantiation methods. Static void Main (string [] args) {Customer customer1; customer1 = new Customer ();} Customer customer1; Declare a Customer reference c

Business Operation: Customer lifetime value and new and old customer cost

This topic has not been talked about, but often encountered in the work (although we do not necessarily realize), I also asked some of the boss of the business, whether or not to calculate the lifetime value of their customers, most of the answer is not thought of, in the work of Yili, also often encounter new passenger ratio, the cost of new customers and other issues, But basically no one to investigate b

Mobile customer service will become a new generation of customer service overlord?

consultation and work order Processing. U.S. service cloud customer service mobile Smart customer service has been a customer service with the site synchronization, high-quality online customer service.(2) Simple operation and no simple functionSimple operation is an important factor in the app. Mobile phone software

New User Registration, New Order generation, while sending emails to the customer, also send emails to the Administrator

1 New Order, This is easy to say, and it is set in the background. System-> system-> sale emails-> order-> send order email copy Write down the email address you sent! 2 New User This magento is not set in the background. You need to modify the system file. In the file: /APP/code/CORE/MAGE/customer/model/cus

New Customer Experience Adobe Flash shock upgrade

Ado New customer experience, Adobe Flash shock upgrade--flash Lite 2 and Flash Player SDK 7 help large handset manufacturers and electronic product manufacturing develop customized user interface, content and web browsing capabilities. Adobe announced in Beijing on January 9, 2006 that Macromedia Flash Lite 2 and Macromedia Flash Player SDK 7 software was officially listed, This is based on flash technology

Talk about my understanding of the new rules of Taobao customer search

May 10, 2012, Taobao Guest posted on the official website of Taobao customer search rules of the adjustment, May 14, 2012 domestic well-known it website TechWeb reported this matter, caused the vast number of Taobao site long, especially the return of the site webmaster attention. The following author mainly talk about my own views on this matter, I hope to help you. 1. Taobao This adjustment is mainly adjusted what? In fact, for this matter, the ma

How can new registered members be automatically assigned to customer service?

Each time a new member is registered, a total of three customer service personnel are automatically assigned (more customer service personnel will be added later). how can this problem be solved? First new member, customer service 1 second

How to get new registered members to automatically assign customer service?

Automatically assign a customer service for each new member registered Customer service A total of 3 (will add more customer service later) How to deal with?First new member, customer service 1Second

RedHat releases a new global customer hosting website

Enterprise-level Linux vendor RedHat released the new Global Customer Service website ( ). Speaking of this website, MarcoBill-Perter, vice president of RedHat Global Support Services, said, "today, we have released a Global Customer Service website, which allows users to benefit customers through our service order model, it is a major improvemen

Hibernate_ New Customer Practice

About Hibernate configuration Files(1) Hibernate.cfg.xml(2) Customer.hbm.xmlThe project directory is as follows:Get ready:Realize:1. Modify the href of the new customer in the menu page2, modify add.jsp, still use servletThe Name property of each information you add must match the class attribute in the domain fileForm form:In the Customer class:3.

Yomail Mailbox Client New gameplay-no more missing important customer emails

conversation (conversation) that puts both the Inbox and the Outbox in an email header, so that the email is clearly understood in the inbox itself.2. From the sender's avatar can determine whether the message has been repliedIn the Inbox, Yomail displays the most recent sender's avatar, how to tell if the message has been answered? In fact, super simple, if the hair of the head like himself, it is clear that has been answered.The above is only a personal point of humble opinion, hope to be use

Change of configuration for coordination person/financial account transfer in new customer orders in IFS

[Problem proposal] as business development requires a new customer order coordination person, the original "sample" type order is changedTwo order types: "non-bonded samples" and "bonded samples "; [Problem Analysis] Add the configuration of the Coordination person in the basic distribution information, and modify the transfer control settings for the related sales categories in the financial transfers. [Pr

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