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[Import] Vista screenshot tool: snipping Tool

People who often write blogs may use screens. Previously we could use alt-print screen, or other 3rd-party tools, such as fullshot ( ). I personally like fullshot, which is very powerful, but I always think it is too powerful and wastes a lot of resources. I had a hard fight with fullshot when I was using Vista, but I finally gave up because it was unacceptable to access the screen layer. One day, I found the snipping

How to make the system take snipping Tool

The features of the Windows 7 Screenshot tool are also powerful, but many people do not like the screenshots tool that comes with the system. But read this article, perhaps you will like the system comes with the screenshot tool, compare it without you running any software. 1   Why Windows System Snipping

Installation experience of a snipping tool plus++

In the company's computer used to snipping this tool, but found that their computer actually did not have this tool, the same is the Win7 system, is the reason for piracy, anyway! Record the installation experience.This is official website:, go in after the page gray often simple, feel also gray often stick:See only need three steps,

How to set the shortcut keys for the computer snipping tool?

Screenshots are often used in our usual tools, many operations on the computer we sometimes need to save their screenshots to use, like some experience, every step of the operation to learn to take screenshots. Then the system comes with a screenshot of the software every time the need to manually search open, very troublesome, how to set the shortcut to make it faster call, here and everyone to share.   Method/Step 1. Turn on the computer and search the "

Android Application Development and alternative usage of the android SDK tool set

and flash size of the system at will, CPU frequency and other hardware attributes make it unnecessary for your application development to consider the impact of various hardware resources on the simulator, you don't have to drink coffee or eat bread and watch the simulator run slowly !!! You can even find a host and install the Android system on a desktop or notebook !! Write here, the key question comes, some friends may want to ask, so, how to associate the application development with t

Use the alternative tool under Mac fiddler Charles to grab a mobile bag

Wireshark view,Reference: Described belowCharles cracked some key steps in monitoring the phoneCharles: I download here is 3.10.2 version, the default is the official 30-day trial version, cracked file: How to hack: Open the app, select Charles, select Show Package content, then click contents->resources->java; and then replace the downloaded

development tool _httpie. Using a cross-platform command-line alternative to Curl Httpie debug interface?

Brief introduction:Description: This module is a support visual grammar/support format color output/support json/support upload file Form/support HTTPS proxy authentication/support arbitrary request data/Support custom Header/Support Persistent session/support class wget download features HTTP command line client, Completely replace curl, often used for test/debug interfacesProject Address:Https:// installation:Pip Install--upgrade HttpieGET Related:HTTP GET Https://

Super Powerful socket tool SS, alternative netstat

1. Conclusion: SS command is more powerful than netstat, providing more functions and higher performance.2, display the current system socket occupies the overall macro situation.Ss-sWhen there are too many sockets created, there is a problem with the system configuration.3, display TCP socket condition SS-A-tShow UDP socket Case SS-A-U4, show a port number is occupied by which process, using Lsof-i udp:53Or, show TCP port 53rd is occupied by WHO, using Lsof-i tcp:535. Displays all open ports on

Spring injection Service NULL alternative Workaround tool class general class static non-controller

The system is the SPRINGMVC framework, where some tool classes need to invoke the service layer managed by spring under the development process. But the injection does not come in, the null exception is reported;After trying out a series of methods on the Internet, there is still no solution. There are several main solutions on the Internet:1, the tool class is declared as spring components, such as @contro

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