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[Import] Vista screenshot tool: snipping Tool

People who often write blogs may use screens. Previously we could use alt-print screen, or other 3rd-party tools, such as fullshot ( ). I personally like fullshot, which is very powerful, but I always think it is too powerful and wastes a lot of resources. I had a hard fight with fullshot when I was using Vista, but I finally gave up because it was unacceptable to access the screen layer. One day, I found the snipping

How to make the system take snipping Tool

The features of the Windows 7 Screenshot tool are also powerful, but many people do not like the screenshots tool that comes with the system. But read this article, perhaps you will like the system comes with the screenshot tool, compare it without you running any software. 1   Why Windows System Snipping

Installation experience of a snipping tool plus++

In the company's computer used to snipping this tool, but found that their computer actually did not have this tool, the same is the Win7 system, is the reason for piracy, anyway! Record the installation experience.This is official website:, go in after the page gray often simple, feel also gray often stick:See only need three steps,

How to set the shortcut keys for the computer snipping tool?

Screenshots are often used in our usual tools, many operations on the computer we sometimes need to save their screenshots to use, like some experience, every step of the operation to learn to take screenshots. Then the system comes with a screenshot of the software every time the need to manually search open, very troublesome, how to set the shortcut to make it faster call, here and everyone to share.   Method/Step 1. Turn on the computer and search the "

Web application stress tool (was, web application load testing tool)

Your Web How many concurrent users can access the server? You have ever encountered a server DDoS Is the attack paralyzed? Here we will introduce the famous website stress testing software developed by Microsoft website testers, Microsoft Web application stress tool (was, web application load testing tool )

DotNet4 application packaging tool-> Upgrade [2] Installation Tool Analysis

In the previous article of this series, We provide specific ideas for this tool. I got feedback from many friends! Based on comments from friends, Without changing the principle of the Tool I upgraded this program. For example: As you can see, Now this packaging tool can package dotNet2.0 3.5 4 Even all applications that have added registry entries in the Regist

Java concurrent tool Semaphore application instance, tool class semaphore

Java concurrent tool Semaphore application instance, tool class semaphore 1 package com. thread. test. thread; 2 3 import java. util. random; 4 import java. util. concurrent. *; 5 6/** 7 * Semaphore 8 * Semaphore a set of maintainers with permissions without the entity permission. It is only a set of numbers representing the permissions. 9 * each acquire executio

Windows application shortcut creation tool, application shortcut

Windows application shortcut creation tool, application shortcutDescription In windows, it is often used to add a program to a desktop or a Start Menu. This is a quick tool that takes a break. Program display:Usage 1. Command Line (CMD command window) Command: C: \ Users \ Administrator> [WinCShortcut program roo

Thread advanced application-8-JAVA5 thread concurrent collection application and case analysis of collections tool class

return false; theUser other =(User) obj; - if(Age! =other.age) - return false; the if(Name = =NULL) { the if(! =NULL) the return false; the}Else if(!name.equals ( - return false; the return true; the } the @Override94 PublicString toString () { the return"User [age=" + Age + ", name=" + name + "]"; the } the @Override98 protectedObject Clone ()throwsclonenotsupp

Scarecrow Convenience Tool Application Treasury

The computer system is inseparable from the application software service support, and we want to use the software, we have to find the corresponding software to download. The current popularity of the computer and extensive, has covered the age of each user, not every user can be very skilled to master software download the whole operation. In order to save the software download trouble, recommend that you use the Scarecrow Convenience

Flash CS3 Ink Bottle Tool Create outline application tutorial

This example is a series of flash CS3 simulation Art design tutorials, we will learn the flash CS3 in the contour of the application, if you are not very proficient in line and hand-drawn operation, this technique may be more suitable for you.   Render 4: Outlines The changes in cartoon rendering methods are better adapted to simple and complex shapes. If you are not very proficient with lines and hand-drawn operations, this technique may be mo

Sharing A Powerful Tool For Application Auto Monitor, sharingpowerful

Sharing A Powerful Tool For Application Auto Monitor, sharingpowerful This application monitoring tool shared in this article is a windows service that I developed and implemented more than five years ago. It sounds better. Yes, this application is a windows service that mon

Fault Diagnosis Learning Tool: Learning WebSphere Application Server Troubleshooting in practice

work, and usually at a cost. In contrast, another active approach – experimentation – is much more cost-effective, and experimenting with experience can not only help us to diagnose problems quickly, but it may also be possible to avoid some problems because of the experience. This article will introduce an experimental tool for problem Diagnosis –problem Diagnostics Lab Toolkit (HTTP://WWW.ALPHAWORKS.IBM.COM/TECH/PDTK), which can help us reproduce p

Application Initialization tool for YII 2.x

Description This tool is an official own tool, but it has been adjusted according to the [Lnmp]yii 2.x application directory structure (based on the official advanced version), so using this tool must be in accordance with the directory specification. Role Applic

Ossim Active and Passive detection tool (PADS+PF0+ARPWATCH) combination application

Ossim Active and Passive detection tool (PADS+PF0+ARPWATCH) combination application Ossim not only reduces everyone's involvement IDS and provides a fast platform for a variety of complex applications, one of the core technologies is the plugin-based event extraction, the system's built -in the plug-in, almost includes the major hardware equipment manufacturers and various network applications. Below the

Analysis tool for Android Application Performance Optimization [2]

The analysis tool for Android Application Performance Optimization last recorded the process of solving excessive plotting. This time, how can we determine whether the process is smooth and conceptual? In fact, at first I thought it was a bit nonsense, and it was obviously not smooth when I used it. However, this is the same thing as I would like to talk about many applications. It makes sense that the card

Application tool. NET Portability Analyzer analysis and migration of dotnet core, portabilitydotnet

Application tool. NET Portability Analyzer analysis and migration of dotnet core, portabilitydotnet Most developers prefer to write business logic code at one time and reuse it later. This method is easier than building different applications for multiple platforms. If you create a. NET standard library compatible with. NET Core, it is closer to this reality than ever before. But what about the existing. NE

Ossim Active and Passive detection tool (ARPWATCH+P0F+PADS) combination application

are very useful, and sometimes the detection of temporary on-line servers can be found in time. Ossim enabled in the Arpwatch plug-in implements active detection, so very convenient, only need to select in the detection plug- in Arpwatch , the system will be automatically installed and configured for you, as shown in. 650) this.width=650; "title=" 10-16.jpg "alt=" wkiol1ygzvlhzsxqaadhek16mq8180.jpg "src=" M01/74/85/wkiol1ygzvlhzsxqaadhek16mq8180.jpg "/> p0f: It is A

Android Application series: ViewHolder tool class implementation worth collecting

Android Application series: ViewHolder tool class implementation worth collecting Preface In the process of APP development, the siege lion has to look at the components ListView and GridView, and send a few waves of autumn waves. Naturally, the original ecological beauty BaseAdapter is a programmer's favorite. With it, we can do what we want. Hey, you know, haha ~ However, every time we write a BaseAdapte

Java Advanced Application Programming Chapter I tool class

classThe Math class provides a number of methods for mathematical operations    The math class is the final class and therefore cannot inherit from the math class    the methods in the math class are static methods, so it is not necessary to create an object of the math class You can use the method of the class directly(i) Constants in the Math classpublic static final Double PIpublic static final Double PI(ii) Common methods in the Math classSeven, date class(i)Date classjava.util.Date. The da

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