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[Import] Vista screenshot tool: snipping Tool

People who often write blogs may use screens. Previously we could use alt-print screen, or other 3rd-party tools, such as fullshot ( ). I personally like fullshot, which is very powerful, but I always think it is too powerful and wastes a lot of resources. I had a hard fight with fullshot when I was using Vista, but I finally gave up because it was unacceptable to access the screen layer. One day, I found the snipping

How to make the system take snipping Tool

The features of the Windows 7 Screenshot tool are also powerful, but many people do not like the screenshots tool that comes with the system. But read this article, perhaps you will like the system comes with the screenshot tool, compare it without you running any software. 1   Why Windows System Snipping

Installation experience of a snipping tool plus++

In the company's computer used to snipping this tool, but found that their computer actually did not have this tool, the same is the Win7 system, is the reason for piracy, anyway! Record the installation experience.This is official website:, go in after the page gray often simple, feel also gray often stick:See only need three steps,

How to set the shortcut keys for the computer snipping tool?

Screenshots are often used in our usual tools, many operations on the computer we sometimes need to save their screenshots to use, like some experience, every step of the operation to learn to take screenshots. Then the system comes with a screenshot of the software every time the need to manually search open, very troublesome, how to set the shortcut to make it faster call, here and everyone to share.   Method/Step 1. Turn on the computer and search the "

A useful web Snipping Tool (ii)

GitHub address: Https:// "GitHub"Code Cloud Address: Https://! [] (Https:// functionality of Web tools is implemented based on canvas technology. Its functions include, download, copy, and draw through the toolbar pair during the process.UseSpecific use of the method, please poke [code

Cutycapt (PHP snipping Tool)

1. Install the CUTYCAPT dependency package:Yum-y Install lrzsz vim patch make gcc gcc-c++ libtool OpenSSL openssl-devel libxml2* libxslt* popt popt-devel libxpm Lib Xpm-devel curl-devel OpenLDAP openldap-devel M4 autoconf ncurses-devel libxi-devel libxinerama-devel libmng* Libglu-devel libice-devel libsm-devel libxcursor-devel libxext-devel libxfixes-devel libXft-devel libXrandr-devel Libxrender-devel libxt-devel libpng-devel libqt4-webkit libqt4-dev g++-yYum Install SVN Note: If the system envi

Installing the Deepin Scrot snipping Tool

Sometimes we need to save in Linux, if you just need a full screen, you can actually directly press the keyboard PrScrn or Press Print keyboard keys to achieve it;But if you need to mark the picture, draw a line to draw a circle and add a text description, it will be more troublesome.You can install it if you don't want to be in trouble; however, this is a shutter powerful feature which means that the function is complex; If you like me just like a Windows QQ such software; then Deepin Scrot you

Embedded Linux snipping Tool gsnap porting and analysis "Go"

porting here is simple, because the source file is only gsnap.c, so we just need to compile the link with the corresponding platform's compilation tool chain. The command is as follows:# $(CC) gsnap.c -ljpeg -lpng -o gsnap 1 Obviously, Gsnap needs to use two libraries of libjpeg and libpng. Then the success of the compilation is related to the two libraries. If your target platform does not yet have these dependent libraries, then it is

File Processing tool GIF synthesis tool file suffix Bulk Add Tool folder Search Tool duplicate file Find tool Web page picture resolution download tool etc.

the input information: Folder search tool. exeFile suffix bulk add removal toolThe main function is to delete the suffix or bulk add suffix for all files in the specified directory, and the suffix content can be specified by itself.: File suffix Bulk operations tool. exeWeb Image Download ToolThe main function is to analyze the specific image link in the txt tex

Example of multi-thread HTTP download tool implemented by Python, python download Tool

Example of multi-thread HTTP download tool implemented by Python, python download Tool This document describes how to use pythonto compile multi-thread httpdownloads and generate the. exe executable file. Environment: windows/Linux + Python2.7.x Single thread A single thread is introduced before multithreading. The ide

The blog download tool is a perfect download tool. All blogs are saved in Doc, PDF, Epub, and XPS formats.

the user ID panel. As shown in The input data format is: Http:// Click Start to start the download. The second method is to download HTML articles from a pile of HTML texts. For example, if I prefer a series of articles, you can go in and find related links, copy to here, click analysis to analyze the number of connections, select as needed, a

Recommended command line download tool for Linux download Tool

We recommend that you use the command line download tool. The command line tool is not only easy to use, but also has a high download speed and download efficiency. It is especially suitable for downloading files in large batches. The following describes the Linux

Download online images to the local java tool class, and download images to the java tool class

Download the network segment to the local java tool class, and download the image java tool class Package com. swift; import java. io. file; import java. io. fileOutputStream; import java. io. inputStream; import httpURLConnection; import URL; public class DownloadPicUtil {public static final int DE

System Activation tool download _ win7 flagship activation tool v1.7 download

System Activation tool download _ win7 flagship activation tool v1.7 download The win7 flagship activation tool supports 32/64 bits in the win7 system and uses one-click activation. The activation success rate is extremely high. After activating the win7 flagship activation

IOS development-basic implementation of the download tool function, ios development download Tool

IOS development-basic implementation of the download tool function, ios development download Tool Today, we made a Demo of the download tool, that is, to download the specified file fro

Android multi-thread download tool core code sharing, android download Tool

Android multi-thread download tool core code sharing, android download Tool First, we will share with you the core multi-thread download class:Press Ctrl + C to copy the code Press Ctrl + C to copy the code The following is the logic code of the interface: 1 package com. exa

Small note: The initial package for the Android Web download tool! (including JSON, string download (volley), and picture Download (glide))

(R.mipmap.ic_launcher). Centercrop (). into (ImageView); } Public Static voidDownloadpicresize (String url,context context,imageview ImageView,intWidthintheight) {Glide.with (context). Load (URL). Diskcachestrategy (Diskcachestrategy.all) . Placeholder (R.drawable.bizhi). Error (R.drawable.bizhi). Centercrop (). O Verride (width, height). into (ImageView); } /*** When downloading asynchronously, save and transfer data via interface*/ Public Interfaceresultcallback{v

Linux multithreaded download tool axel Download abort the problem __linux

Linux multithreaded download tool axel Download abort issue What's 1 axel? Axel is a multi-threaded download tool under Linux, official website 2 Problems I have encountered $> axel-a-N 10-s 409600 "Myurl" There is no progress in downloadin

Thunder Cartoon Download Tool to achieve the mass download Thunder comics

With the development of the network, now has a lot of professional comic sites, many friends like comics friends began directly in the online appreciation of comics. But watching online comics is always a bit unpleasant, especially waiting for pictures to download, in addition to some friends want to collect comics, also need to save to the local. Today's lattice of small series for everyone to recommend an online cartoon

Where does the Mac jailbreak tool download? iOS7 Jailbreak Tool Mac Version

1. Open IE browser in the computer, then we enter the URL, after entering the English interface, there is a Mac Os,windows system two versions, I am here to download the Mac OS version directly, Of course if you are yes Windows system can download Windows version Oh. 2. In the above image page we click on the Mac OS, the size of the jailbreak tool

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