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[Import] Vista screenshot tool: snipping Tool

People who often write blogs may use screens. Previously we could use alt-print screen, or other 3rd-party tools, such as fullshot ( ). I personally like fullshot, which is very powerful, but I always think it is too powerful and wastes a lot of resources. I had a hard fight with fullshot when I was using Vista, but I finally gave up because it was unacceptable to access the screen layer. One day, I found the snipping

How to make the system take snipping Tool

The features of the Windows 7 Screenshot tool are also powerful, but many people do not like the screenshots tool that comes with the system. But read this article, perhaps you will like the system comes with the screenshot tool, compare it without you running any software. 1   Why Windows System Snipping

Installation experience of a snipping tool plus++

In the company's computer used to snipping this tool, but found that their computer actually did not have this tool, the same is the Win7 system, is the reason for piracy, anyway! Record the installation experience.This is official website:, go in after the page gray often simple, feel also gray often stick:See only need three steps,

How to set the shortcut keys for the computer snipping tool?

Screenshots are often used in our usual tools, many operations on the computer we sometimes need to save their screenshots to use, like some experience, every step of the operation to learn to take screenshots. Then the system comes with a screenshot of the software every time the need to manually search open, very troublesome, how to set the shortcut to make it faster call, here and everyone to share.   Method/Step 1. Turn on the computer and search the "

MFC Snipping Tool (constantly updated)

Tool file name based on MFC development: Draw Create a single document, MFC standard one. Displays the View 1.mainfrm.cpp int cmainframe::oncreate (lpcreatestruct lpcreatestruct) SetMenu (NULL); Remove the menu Cbrs_bottom the toolbar to the reality below to remove the status code from the bool CMainFrame::P Recreatewindow (createstruct cs);2. Draw.cpp (App Class) BOOL cdrawapp::initinstance () M_pmainwnd->showwindow (sw_maximize);

Online arbitrary conversion tool-Atool online tool

! "); return""} m= M.split ("."); if(M.length > 2) {M ("Please enter a valid" + N + "binary number! "); return"" } if(M.length = = 1) {m= M[0]; vart = 0, c = 1; for(varx = m.length-1; x >-1; x--) {T+ = c *(A.indexof (M.charat (x))); C*=N}returnT}Else { varM0 = m[0]; vart = 0, c = 1; for(varx = m0.length-1; x >-1; x--) {T+ = c *(A.indexof (M0.charat (x))); C*=N}varM1 = M[1]; vard = 0, c = 1/N; for(varx = 0; x ) {D+ = c *(A.indexof (M1.charat (x))); C/= N } returnT +D

Online HTTP Post/get Interface test Tool-atool online tool does IOS fade out of the boxThe hint box that needs to disappear is the view[UIView animatewithduration:1.f animations:^{ View.alpha = 0.F; }];Duration parameter is the time, how long disappears-----------------------------------+(void)showMessage:(NSString *)message{UIWindow * window = [UIApplication sharedApplication].keyWindow;UIView *showview = [[UIView alloc]init];showview.backgroundColor = [UIColor blackColor];showvi

MySQL uses Pt-online-change-schema tool to modify level 160 million data sheet structure online

Tags: www sch contains lan Linux usr hang strong andPick to: This paper describes the problemof MySQL DDL , thept-online-schema-change of the work principle , and the actual use of The pt-online-schema-change tool modifies the 160 million-level data table structure on-line in the production environment. in a software life cycle, we all know that the design of t

Pt-Online-schema-change of MySQL online DDL Tool

Pt-Online-schema-change of MySQL online DDL Tool MySQL DDL:DDL is a feature that makes all MySQL ddbas criticized, because in MySQL, when dDDL is performed on a table, it locks the table. When the table is small, such as less than 1 W rows, it has little impact on the front-end, if tens of millions of tables are encountered at that time, the front-end application

Duang~duang~duang still using Jsfiddle and Jsbin to do online front-end code demonstrations and demos? Try the more powerful online code sharing tool!

Traditional code-sharing tools Jsbin and JsfilddleJsfiddle and Jsbin may be the first and most commonly used code in front-end development "play" tool, with a large number of fans and users, as a front-end development Siege division, I personally used to use.However, as a foreign service and products, loading speed is very incomprehensible, often half a day loading, such as:And the most important thing is that a lot of CDN reference js/css from Google

Online whiteboard, multi-person online collaboration tool based on

Starter: personal blog, update error correction replyis the tail of this blog post yesterday, the use of library practice, the finished address here.The code has been uploaded to GitHub, the portal. You can open two browsers to see the effect.The practical significance is that two people online communication when said do not understand, then there is a whiteboard is good, both can write and draw on the above, help communication.Move the Gi

ICO online production, website small icons favicion. ICO online production tool software

Several related websites and downloads are provided: Generate favicon. ICO address online: Http:// There are 6 online tools: Http:// Favicon from PICs // This is the online generation of the favicon. ICO icon, submit any image, it will generate an ico file for you, And package and download

Development Tool series (1): Btrace-Online Debug tool

Development Tool series (1): Btrace-Online Debug toolBtrace Btrace is used to debug a running system and does not pause the system during debugging. It is particularly suitable for tracking online problems. You can monitor the call of any method in a system in real time. you can know the parameters and returned values of these methods, and how long the method cal

HTML Color Matching tool! Online Color Matching Tool

URL Address:'s pre-language:Many just start to write Web page rookie, do not know how to match the color, just at the beginning, I was the same.In order to better match the color. Let's talk about the color of HTML CSS in addition to things.1. Web page selection of several colors is better?Web page We generally choose not more than 7 colors, more than the page style is not control, at least not less than 3 kinds, otherwise too monotonous. Our

Practical PDF Turn Word online tool recommendation

Recently saw a lot of friends are looking for easy to use the online PDF to Word tool, here to recommend a good PDF into Word tool site: simple online PDF converted to Word ( This is a very useful online conversion PDF Document w

Scarecrow Convenience Tool One key to open online music

Scarecrow Convenience tool is an aggregation of high-quality software supporting software, its support of online music, optimize the computer, Screenshots high-definition screen, notepad and other functions. Let's take a look at the "online music" feature of the Scarecrow Convenience tool.

10 carefully selected online CSS3 code generation tool

Today, this article recommends 10 very useful online CSS3 code generation tools that can help you create CSS3 effects easily. CSS3 is an improvement and enhancement to CSS specifications, with many powerful features such as rounded corners, rotations, shadows, gradients, and animations that make it easy for web developers to add fashion to their web sites. There are a lot of things that need to be written in JavaScript before, and now it's just a few

8 Best Code Snippets Online test Tool

Sometimes we need to test some snippets of code, and the computer doesn't have a running environment for that language, and you can test them online.This article brings you 8 very useful snippets of code online tools to help you quickly and easily test and edit snippets.1. IdeoneIdeone is an online code editing and debugging tool that allows developers to compile

SSL Certificate Online Tool

information on how to import Ssl.key and ssl.crt into Apache, see:Import of Apache server certificatesthe generation of CSRIn the past, the generation of CSR mainly depended on the use of the Web server, various Web servers have their own generated CSR generation tools, to master the different server's CSR generation method, become quite cumbersome.Now you can request the CSR file and the private key file (text format) by using the online CSR generat

HTML minifier-Flexible online HTML compression tool

HTML Minifier is a highly configurable, well-tested, JavaScript -based HTML Online compression tool that uses lint-like capabilities. At its core, Minifier relies on John Resig's HTML parser. This parser can handle very complex documents, but sometimes it skips over some of the more obscure structures, such as invalid DOCTYPE declarations.Not bad! Try it.Related articles that may be of interest to you

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