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How to make the system take snipping Tool

The features of the Windows 7 Screenshot tool are also powerful, but many people do not like the screenshots tool that comes with the system. But read this article, perhaps you will like the system comes with the screenshot tool, compare it without you running any software. 1   Why

Cutycapt (PHP snipping Tool)

/LIBQTGUI.SO.4)WorkaroundCd/usr/local/libsudo mv ln-sf/usr/lib/ will be OK.3. Install the analog X-server serverwget u+x/usr/local/cutycapt/xvfb-run.sh4. Start being cheerful./usr/local/cutycapt/ "-screen 0, 1024x768x24"/usr/local/cutycapt/cutycapt--url=http://

Win8 permanent activation tool _ Windows 8 activation backup and restoration tool v1.0 free version

Win8 permanent activation tool _ Windows 8 activation backup and restoration tool v1.0 free version Based on the principle of the batchcompute version of Windows 8 Backup Recovery activation information

Win8 activation tool one-click activation _ Windows 8 activation tool (all versions) Permanent

Win8 activation tool one-click activation _ Windows 8 activation tool (all versions) Permanent Usage: After decompression, double-click it. A cmd window is displayed, and the process is fully automated. After activation, the system restarts automatically, so don't worry, after the restart, you can experience the perma

How does the Windows 8 system activate? WIN8 Activation Tool

1. I now download to the version is also activated only to use the activation of 180 days oh, more than the hint we want to activate and some function to limit it. 2. We first search the Windows 8 kms_activator tools download and 360 software for antivirus check no problem we again extract this file in the. 3. Well, we run the software, which is to unpack the

Windows 8 activation_win8 activation tool (heu kms Activator) v7.8.6 free green version

Windows 8 activation_win8 activation tool (heu kms Activator) v7.8.6 free green version WIN8 activation tool (heu kms Activator)It is made based on LaFinalNano19 and is easier to use than the latter, and is also a Chinese version, WIN8 activation tool (heu kms Activator) the

Windows 8 remote server management tool officially released

The remote Server management tool (RSAT) for Windows 8 enables IT administrators to manage Server roles and functions on Remote Windows Server 2012 computers on their own Windows 8 computers, you do not need to log on to the serve

Tool used to adjust the appearance of Windows 8-Metro UI tweaker

The arrival of the Windows 8 Metro interface made many people feel uncomfortable, but by modifying the Registry and other methods, they can return to the original interface. However, this modification is troublesome for common users, A Gui adjustment tool may be more useful to them. Metro UI tweaker is such a tool that

A review of several improvements to Windows 8 upgrades

mode on both the laptop and the normal desktop Windows 8 should be able to detect whether the device that is running is a tablet with a touchscreen or a laptop or desktop without a touch screen. If the device does not have a touchscreen, Windows 8 should be able to default into desktop mode that looks like

Windows 8 platform (2) install Windows 8 on vhd

If you want to experience Windows 8 consumer Preview (Beta), you can use the following methods: Through Virtualization (hyper-V), the premise is that I must have installed Windows Server 2008 Format the C drive and reinstall the system (the cost is huge) For dual-system installation, you have to create a new partition to install Win8. Start from

[All] win8 is successfully killed in win7 -- a blood case caused by a small USB flash drive (the method for Windows 8 to be used for Windows 8) LenovoV580c

PS: In fact, I just bit my teeth and started the long-awaited MacBook Air, which is also the first PC that truly belongs to me. I thought: I can finally say goodbye to Windows. But who once thought ...... A new colleague (Gender: female) has just bought Lenovo V580c, indicating that Apple's products will be spoiled at first glance )... And so on... Wipe... Nonsense... Pull back -- return to the subject. In fact, MM asked me to help her replace win8 wi

Windows 8 Development Guide (5) related features of Windows 8

data security and privacy.Secure startup technology. Win8 writes the verification process on a TPM chip to fully ensure data security. 6. Windows 8 cloud computing support The Azure for Windows 8 development tool helps developers use Microsoft's cloud service platform azur

Windows 8 64-bit flagship installation detailed tutorial, Windows 8 flagship

Windows 8 64-bit flagship installation detailed tutorial, Windows 8 flagship How to install the system? What should I pay attention to when installing the system? The following is a detailed installation tutorial for Windows 8 64

Windows 8 Development Guide (2) Windows 8 App Store

Microsoft released the Windows 8 App Store 1. Win8 App Store Microsoft provides all developers with an App Store to upload Win8 applications. The specific splitting method seems to be 37 points, and there are some discounts for developers. Applications downloaded from the Win8 app store can be installed on five Win8 devices (PS: I personally think this rule is still very good for consumers ). It is th

Install Ubuntu 14.04 and Windows 8/8. 1 In UEFI Mode

, you must use the disk management tool. You can search for 'disk' in the control panel to find the disk management tool. In the disk management tool, right-click the volume you want to split and zoom out. In my demo, I selected the volume of drive C to narrow down and divided the unallocated space: The unallocated space that appears after the scale-out is put

Using Windows Live ID to log on to Windows 8 --- cloud revolution in the Internet Age

Every Windows user wants to set and use a PC in his/her own way. However, in current multi-user and multi-PC environments, it is not easy to achieve this desire. We have learned that PC sharing is quite common and many users complain that switching between multiple accounts is too troublesome. Because it is difficult to manage multiple accounts, users usually choose to share one account on the PC, some personalized experiences will be lost (and there

8 Utility Software: help you find the Windows 8 Start menu

directly to let you take to the Windows 8 desktop. Official website: 7, ViStart ViStart is a Start menu customization tool, after installation, the Start button is back on the Windows 8 taskbar, you can use the

Detailed Windows 8 and Windows RT Differences

all the software in the Windows Store and all third party software running in previous versions of Windows. Windows RT will support only the applications in Windows store and the preinstalled version of Office 2013. This means that users will not be able to download any software from the network running in the deskto

Windows 8 Turn Windows 7 (ThinkPad e440 to Windows 7 hands-on experience)

Google found it one hours later.2. Steps to ResolveThe only explanation here is the steps I have to solve.A. Using the one-click Studio PE system, the win logo = = run =>diskpart. Now jump out of the command window;B. Enter "DiskPart" and press ENTER to enter the DiskPart partition tool;C. Enter "list disk" to view each disk;D. Enter "Select Disk 0" and select the hard disk as the current operation, because the hard disk is typically numbered 0. Of c

Windows 8 's 23 Daxin inventory

the ISO or directly loaded mirrors, can be directly completed through the system, and also has its own burning function, only in some advanced application requirements will be the use of Third-party professional tools. Hearsay credibility: 70% 2, adjust the Disk Cleanup To help users manage disk space, Microsoft will improve the Disk Cleanup tool in Windows 8

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