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[Import] Vista screenshot tool: snipping Tool

People who often write blogs may use screens. Previously we could use alt-print screen, or other 3rd-party tools, such as fullshot ( ). I personally like fullshot, which is very powerful, but I always think it is too powerful and wastes a lot of resources. I had a hard fight with fullshot when I was using Vista, but I finally gave up because it was unacceptable to access the screen layer. One day, I found the

How to make the system take snipping Tool

The features of the Windows 7 Screenshot tool are also powerful, but many people do not like the screenshots tool that comes with the system. But read this article, perhaps you will like the system comes with the screenshot tool, compare it without you running any software. 1   Why

How to install RSAT, a remote server management tool, in Windows Vista

Some things in life always follow the rules. Microsoft will continue to make decisions that disappoint all of us or provide solutions that shake everyone's head. If you runWindows VistaYou will surely shake your head and sigh. In many cases, you may feel frustrated because there is always no proper tool to manage the network and ActiveDirectory environments of WindowsServer2003 or WindowsServer2008. But now, with the latest releaseRemote Server Manage

Strong 40 Windows XP and Vista skills

and click "new" to select the type of capture. You can capture the free and rectangular areas, capture activity window or whole screen. You can save the image to a file, or click "copy" to add it to the clipboard to paste it into other programs. If you are capturing images from the network, select the "option" button to capture images together with the URL address, set the program to copy and capture images from the clipboard, and then perform other operations.   Shortcuts for using

Setting up the SharePoint 2010 development environment on Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008

recommended that you use Windows 7 and Windows Vista only on developer workstations, and that they should only be used for stand-alone installations. You can use a separate instance of Microsoft SQL Server, but you should not configure the installation as a SharePoint farm, and you should not host the active Web site on this configuration. Step 2: Install Prere

How much is Windows Vista really worth?

paying for, especially considering nearly every website on Earth looks broken when rendered by ie7. alternatives are free. Snipping Tool-$10-a cool way to take better screenshots, and annotate them. I'll be using it for sure. Windows experience IndexAndProblem Reporting-Zero-lets you benchmark your system, test for stability, and optimize your PC, as well

Rain forest Wind Windows Vista ULTIMATE with SP1 Lite version Y2.1

download Dream Desktop!Warm tips:1. It is a good habit to install the system before the system driver and the previous C drive is a data backup!2. About the selection of the Vista driver:Forum often see the altar friends Feedback said system blue screen, in fact, if the blue screen does not occur in the installation process, but after the installation is complete, then the blue screen is the biggest suspicion is the driver or the application is incom

Introduction to the Vista disk mirroring tool

Compared to Northon Ghost, first from the mirror size, Vista generated a mirror image of 6 g, and Ghost image is about 3 G, is half of the former. Again on the speed, Vista backup and recovery process and ghost gap is not small, spend more than 3 minutes or so, also can accept. But with the use of habitual and poor resources, the image of Vista can only be said t

How to Double-start Windows XP and Vista

If you think it's not enough to install a Windows operating system, or if you're feeling a lot of trouble in your life, install Windows XP and Windows Vista systems at the same time. Why not? Frankly, I don't know why anyone would want to do that. As mentioned in the previous blog post,

IIS 7.0 explores Web servers for Windows Vista and more

accessing custom configurations in the custom. NET Server Module and the UI plug-in of the IIS manager tool. For examples of end-to-end server packages, including image copyright handlers used to enhance web servers and related configuration and management components, see Tabid = 2 subtabid = 25 I = 1076. Within the Windows Server "Longhorn" time range, the IIS team will create a un

Install IIS 7 on Windows Vista and Windows 7

were added to the local Administrators Group on the computer (this is a new security feature in Windows Server 2008 called local user administrator ). log on either to the built-in administrator account, or explicitly invoke applications as the built-in Administrator using the RunAs command-line tool. Note that you can run RunAs/User: Administrator cmd.exe so that every application you run from that comm

Three of the most common Windows Vista activation methods abroad

Although Microsoft in the Vista product activation way up and down the effort to prevent users to crack, but in this respect, but it appears to be a ruler, the road. Hackers who are keen to crack are not going to give up lightly. The preferred approach is of course to crack the activation process of Windows Vista. In fact, V

How to enable Windows XP and Vista

-partition the partition. However, the XP system does not have such a partition tool. However, if you have a partition tool like acronis, it will be much easier. If you do not want to buy such a partition tool, we have other methods. Windows Vista allows you to partition a

Material: How to install Windows Vista system with virtual machines _ Application Tips

Windows Vista RTM, simply uninstall it without disrupting the normal use of the original operating system. In addition, there is another option, that is, through virtual Machine. Virtual machine or virtualization technology, refers to the use of tool software in the computer to simulate multiple running different operating systems of the logical computer, each

Brief analysis of Windows Vista built-in firewall graphics and text tutorial-application Tips

The ICF (Internet Connection Firewall) tool, which allows you to configure incoming rules for network packets, is not built into the system in Windows 2000, as early as in the expansion Toolkit for Windows 2000 systems. So the Windows system comes with a firewall that goes back to the XP system, and a component called

Critical warning: Vista account password cracking tool is scary

Recently, the network is quietly spreading a tool software, is called account Reset console system crack class software, the latest version of the software is V4.50. Some of the domestic Vista forum and Personal Vista site introduction, the software can be cracked Windows Vista

How to automatically fix the XP/VISTA/WIN7 system boot tool

Ntbootautofix : A very good tool for automatic repair xp/vista/win7 system boot . The purpose of this tool is to install XP, WIN7 in a dual system. But for some reason, you need to reload XP, then WIN7 will disappear after you reload XP. Are you sure you want to reload WIN7 at this time? The answer is: no need! Use this

Windows Vista services that can be disabled

Problem descriptionWindows Vista services that can be disabledProcedureManual: After all the Vista system services are changed to Manual, Windows Vista enters the original state, and even the resource manager and control panel cannot operate normally, you can only use the shortcut key to call the service management ter

How to disable/enable dr. Watson diagnostic tool drwtsn32/how to generate dump files under Vista

will have one of the following formats: If the debugger value contains the name of a valid debugger or dr. watson, the message box will have two buttons: OK and cancel. if the OK button is pressed, the application will be terminated. if the cancel button is pressed, the tool specified in the debugger value will be started. If the debugger value is empty, the message box will have only an OK button and no debugger will start. How to generate dump

Windows Vista Tips-Apply Tips

enter the name of the shortcut you entered in step 2nd. 2.Vista play cheating with your own games In Windows XP, the system brought some games such as mine clearance can cheat, and those methods in the Vista is not the spirit, I through the tool to the game file modified, in the following ways to cheat: 1. From belo

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