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Functions and functions of the SNMP monitoring Switch

SNMP is widely used. So today we will introduce you to the knowledge of SNMP monitoring switches. So what is the specific role of this SNMP monitoring switch? Using SNMP to monitor switches: it is easy to solve switch faults. in t

Brief Introduction to SNMP monitoring Switch

We know that SNMP is a Simple Network Management Protocol. SNMP can also play a major role in the monitoring of vswitches. Next, let's explain how to use SNMP to monitor switches: it is easy to solve switch faults. in the Internet era, we often encounter troubleshooting methods for

Zabbix SNMP monitoring switch traffic

ZabbixIt is very easy to monitor a vswitch.SNMPAnd then connectSNMPTemplate to complete monitoring. What is easier than this configuration? 1. Configure the SNMP of the switch SNMP-server community Yang Ro # configure the password for reading SNMP-server community Yangrong RW # configure the writable

Zabbix SNMP Monitor Switch traffic

" Style= "Float:none;" alt= "wkiom1qnr32q4mulaad66jkq-xo614.jpg"/>link to default SNMP templates650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" 3 " Style= "Float:none;" alt= "wkiol1qnr6bdl5-caac477wzz7s758.jpg"/>OK, the configuration is complete,Zabbix can complete automatic monitoring. 4, modify the template's exploration rulessince the switch h

Switch port Speed Limit summary

******** IP Default-gateway ******** IP classless IP HTTP Server Logging Trap Debugging Logging Source-interface fastethernet0/24 Logging *********** Access-list Permit *********.0 Access-list permit IP any ********.0 Line con 0 Exec-timeout 0 0 Line vty 0 4 Password Login Line Vty 5 15 Password Login End The hostname of the switch, the password to enter enable mode, the user name and password for remote login and s

Zabbix 3.0 Monitoring Switch (1)--Port traffic monitoring

SNMP协议的读团体字符, must be consistent with the settings on the switch.⑥units #设置端口流量的单位.⑦use Custom Multiplier # tick, and set the value to 8, if not set, units Unit is bps.⑧update interval #根据服务器的性能和监控的设备数量来设置, the default is also available.650) this.width=650; "title=" 8 "style=" border-top:0px;border-right:0px;background-image:none;border-bottom:0px; padding-top:0px;padding-left:0px;border-left:0px;padding-r

Pulling out the switch port behind the "murderer" caused the network too slow _ application Tips

would recommend a device PortTracker. PortTracker is an easy-to-use device that can help us design, validate, and audit computer networks. It is also a simple and effective way to check the switch and can ReportWhich network devices are connected to the port on the switch. It will map your network to you. This device can SolveThree questions: (1) unused

Zabbix monitors Cisco switch port 3750 traffic

I will talk about two tips, one about monitoring switch port traffic and the other about store value. 1. Monitor switch port traffic Switch monitoring document in the production environment on the Internet. Therefore, it is complete, and a key knowledge is interspersed in th

Port security Configuration for the Cisco PT Simulation Experiment (7) switch

does not create a log message. Limit (Restrict): Discard disallowed MAC address traffic, create log messages and send SNMP trap messages Off (Shutdown): The default option to place the port in the Err-disabled state, create a log message, and send an SNMP trap message. To turn the port back on, you need to "cl

Huawei Switch Port Security

drifts to G0/0/3.View MAC address drift Record command: [huawei]display mac-address flapping record view MAC address drift Recording9, configure the drop all 0 MAC address message functionIn the network, some hosts or devices in the event of a failure, the full-source and destination MAC address is sent to the full 0 of frames, you can configure the switch to discard these error message functions.[Huawei]drop illegal-mac enable open discard all 0 MAC

Deployment of MRTG monitoring H3C switch port traffic tutorial

Recently, the bandwidth in the IDC is always full. To measure the daily traffic and increase the bandwidth, the switch is the S5000 series of H3C, I thought of using a relatively mature MRTG to measure the traffic of the monitoring switch port. Next I will record the implementation steps for future use.Required devices:One management ip address of the H3C

Test the layer-2 and layer-3 Performance of a 24-port full Gigabit Switch

SNMP, POP3, and HTTP data streams that simulate UDP ports 161,110 and 80 to ports 4 at the same time. The priority of the three data packets is the highest in the 24-port full Gigabit Switch, the highest in SNMP, the lowest in POP3, and the lowest in HTTP. The traffic on the three ports starts from 30% of the load and

What are the switch port security issues

port. This is the default action for port security violations. Default port Security Configuration: Here is the port security configuration under the interface- Attributes: port-sercurity default settings: Off. Features: Maximum number of secure MAC addresses default se

85, switch security MAC Layer attack configuration experiment port-security

1, Port security analysisConditions for triggering port security: An unauthorized MAC address The number of Port MAC addresses exceeds the limit Action after port security is triggered: Protect Security violation Protect mode discards data, does not send

Diagram of MRTG monitoring switch port traffic

MRTG (MultiRouter Traffic Grapher, MRTG) is a typical network Traffic statistical analysis tool based on SNMP. It obtains traffic information from the device through the SNMP protocol, and displays the traffic load to the user in HTML document containing JPEG format, which is very intuitive. It is a widely used network traffic statistics Tool. Now, we will explain how to use MRTG to monitor the traffic of e

Nagios Monitoring Series monitoring switch port status and traffic

-c100000,200000}Note: The definition service is: The max_check_attempts parameter is recommended to be modified to 6 (default is 4), because this plug-in must run at least 3 to 4 times or more to be normal, read the data once and record in the temporary file, as follows:650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" 1.png " alt= "Wkiol1cyailroowtaaeaczktarq563.png"/>To check and reload the configuration file:Service Nagios checkconfig

Cisco switch port broadcast storm settings

Cisco switch port broadcast storm settings are more practical. When a port receives a large number of broadcast, unicast, Or multicast packets, a broadcast storm occurs. Forwarding these packets will slow down the network or cause timeout. Using broadcast storm control on ports can effectively avoid network paralysis caused by hardware damage or link failure. By

H3C Switch aggregation port status scan

#!/usr/bin/python#__*__ coding:utf-8 __*__ImportOSImport TimeImportcommands fromMultiprocessingImportQueue,event,process,pool,manager#Specify switch SNMP community and log file Pathscommunity=' Public'logfile='/root/switch_bagg_monitor/switch_bagg_monitor.log'#determine the manufacturer the switch belongs todefSwitch_provider (ip,community):Globalprovider Provide

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