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Kali-linux Using social engineering Toolkit (SET)

The Social Engineering Toolkit (SET) is an open source, Python-driven, social engineering penetration testing tool. Designed by David Kenned, this toolkit has become a standard for industry-deployed

Summary of experience in establishing a social engineering database

Summary of experience in establishing a social engineering database The "Social Engineering Database" is a structured database that uses social engineering for penetration tests to accumulate data from various aspects. Environment

Chain reflection-Charm of social engineering

requirements. The success rate also depends on the degree to which the bait is set to "lifelike. High requirements on the overall quality of the person who sets the trap 4 social engineering extension crackingIt is applicable to cainiao with a wide range of technical knowledge and has a high success rate. The disadvantage is long cycle and accumulation. Here I will focus on the fourth method: 1. intrude in

Top 10 security tips: avoiding social engineering hazards

The previous article discussed how to use the latest browser to deal with malicious threats. Here we will talk about social engineering.Avoid social engineering hazardsSocial engineering is also called social engineering. When sur

When programmers see beautiful women? A social engineering case

I browsed the circle of friends yesterday and saw this article from @ binarytree. At that time, I was not happy. are programmers so weak? Go directly to the topic. Next, let's take a look at my social engineering case. Let's see what happens after programmers see beautiful women. Statement: This case is purely a fictitious YY. If there are similarities, it is a coincidence. 0x01 background Bear is a softwa

Bugzilla social engineering Vulnerability

Bugzilla social engineering Vulnerability Release date: 2014-10-09Updated on: 2014-10-09 Affected Systems:Bugzilla 4.5.1-4.5.5Bugzilla 4.3.1-4.4.5Bugzilla 4.1.1-4.2.10Bugzilla 2.17.1-4.0.14Unaffected system:Bugzilla 4.5.6Bugzilla 4.4.6Bugzilla 4.2.11Bugzilla 4.0.15Description:Bugzilla is an open-source defect tracking system that manages the entire lifecycle of defects in software development, such as submi

Capture his greed-remember to take a website permission through a social engineering employee

. 2. social engineering. Social workers are nothing more than fake chats. At this time, I continued to go to the website. At this time, I saw the announcement and suddenly realized it. App development: Hey, isn't that my long term? I learned Android development and naturally have some experience in developing these apps. I think of one of my previous activities,

Social engineering case: who leaked the source code of the firewall?

I hope you will like the wonderful social engineering cases!Reprinted please indicate the source: mysterious XiaoqiangAddress: Foreground analysis:After dropping out of high school, Liu Yu, a 22-year-old employee, once worked as a food sales staff, shopping mall staff, electronic equipment maintainer, etc. These experiences made him focus on dealing with all kinds of

Sniffing social engineering penetration

large. Through the download function of webshell, we uploaded the cmd, Elevation of Privilege to the dashboard pr and nc. A user is added to the local device through NC, and the account is successfully added. Log on to the server. When you arrive at the server, you should first add the server's holes. First, Disable WebDAV in "Web Service extension", and then write the website attributes and home directories to and remove them! At this time, I will l

"Translation" 22 HTML & CSS3 UI toolkit free download

cool effect!Download4. Responsive Flat UI release Date: December 4, 2013 Support the latest bootstrap framework, and contains a variety of beautiful e-commerce elements, do e-commerce website can try!Download5. Flat Admin UIkit Release Date: March 1, 2014 A very simple dashboard toolkit that adds beautiful, flat design to your editing pages.Download6. Creative CSS Ui Kit Release Date: February 24, 2014 A responsive CSS UI

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