socket error 10035

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Socket Error Summary (turn)

Socket Error Summary (EXT) comes from: Socket Error 0-directly send errorSocket Error 10004-interrupted function callSocket Error 10013-permission deniedSocket Error 10014-bad

Error code Summary for socket (Windows and UNIX) collection

Article out: Start by counting the error codes in Windows Queries on the host, like Windows system, are entered directly at the command line: NET Helpmsg 1xxx. The Network online error

Common socket Error Parameters

Common socket Error Parameters 10053: Software-caused connection disconnection (10053 software caused connection abort) should be caused by an illegal operation performed by one of your applications during the running process. The software

Common Socket Error Parameters

Common Socket Error Parameters 10053: belonging to the software leads to the end of the line (10053 Software caused connection abort) should be one of your applications in the process of running, you have illegal operation, the software

Error code Summary for socket (Windows and UNIX)

Start by counting the error codes in Windows Queries on the host, like Windows system, are entered directly at the command line: NET Helpmsg 1xxx. The Network online error socket error has occurred #11001Indicates that your computer cannot connect

Socket error codes and descriptions)

The following is the error code and description of socket error: Socket error 0-directly send errorSocket error 10004-interrupted function // call operation terminatedSocket error 10013-Permission denied // C access is deniedSocket error 10014-bad

C # + socket disconnection rearrangement

Socket Connection Exception "due to the active rejection of the target machine, unable to connect (System.Net.Sockets.SocketException:Connection refused)" 1. If the TCP/UDP protocol is used to connect, check Windows Firewall to open the

Socket Notes [go]

1,To increase efficiency, you can consider using functions without exceptions.In. socket. send, socket. receive has no exception function socket. send (byte [], int32, int32, socketflags, socketerror) socket. receive (byte [], int32, int32,

Socket connection return error code

10035-wsaewouldblock The resource is temporarily unavailable. For a non-locking socket, this error is usually returned if the request operation cannot be executed immediately. For example, calling connect on a non-paused socket will return this

. Net socket Development (3) using keep-alive to handle abnormal disconnection of Socket network

What are the main causes of network disconnection? To sum up, there are two main types: 1. ClientProgramException. In this case, we can handle it well, because the client program will cause a socket exception of connectionreset on the server

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