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How does PHP close the socket port when it exits abnormally?

I initially opened a socket port, after a period of time, the running PHP script was turned off (the socket port is not turned off), when the script rerun, how to avoid the same IP + port repeatedly open the socket port caused by the error?? And how

How does php disable the socket port during abnormal exit?

I initially opened a socket port. after a while, I disabled the php script (the socket port was not closed). when the script was re-run, how can I avoid repeated opening of socket ports with the same ip address and port ?? And how to reconnect to

Analysis of the problem of using exec initiated process in TCL to occupy socket port

There is an integrated TCL interpreter program (called TT bar) to execute a script with exec to start a process (PP), the TT itself creates a socket port to communicate with other programs. At this point, the shutdown tt,pp is still running, use

Implementing socket Port reuse in C #

One, what is the port multiplexing: Because in the implementation of Winsock, the binding of the server can be multiple-bound, in determining the use of multiple bindings who, according to a principle whose designation is most clearly handed to who,

Python socket port: to detect server ports instead of Telnet

Scene:In the use of Linux process, we often use Telnet to test the other server a port is open, but Linux is not installed by default Telnet client, many times the temporary installation of Telnet will be more troublesome, this time can be used in

Virtual port number in socket port

Port numberProtocol Port number:The full name of the port number is the protocol port number, it is used for the application layer and transfer into the interaction, when creating a socket need to know the IP address and port number, here the port

Example of implementing socket port redirection in python

This article mainly introduces the socket Port Redirection example implemented by python. the implementation function is to enable file sharing on port 12345, at this time, I also want to access this sharing through port 8000 at the same time, which

TCP Socket Port Check

Wrote two small programs, mainly for Linux and Windows under the TCP port detection, my own telnet can not meet the needs of my batch detection, in my eyes this type of port detection program is the most critical is the time-out limit, if the port

Socket port multiplexing in C #

1. What is port multiplexing: In the implementation of WinSock, the server can be bound multiple times. When determining who is using the multiple bindings, according to one principle, the person who specifies the person who submits the package

Linux Network Programming 7 & mdash; use TCP to chat with both parties.

Linux Network Programming 7 -- use TCP to implement mutual chat and linux Network ProgrammingIdeas The main thread is responsible for sending messages, and the other thread is responsible for receiving messages. This is true for both the server and

Linux network programming 7--using TCP for both parties to chat

IdeasThe main thread is responsible for sending messages, and the other thread is responsible for receiving messages. This is true for both the server and the client.AttentionThe port will not be shut down immediately after a party closes the socket

C # Socket Port detection

I need to judge if the port is occupied by the socket Internal static bool Portinuse (int port) { bool inUse = false; Ipglobalproperties ipproperties = Ipglobalproperties.getipglobalproperties ();

[Excerpt from-socket-Learning] Reuse of socket port in TCP&UDP communication

In many cases, we need to use a fixed IP and port number to communicate, and by default, the client side of the port number is not fixed, by the system automatically allocate idle port number to communicate; But in many cases, some services to write

Socket port redirection (Python example)

Scenario: on the port12345Enable file sharing.8000The port also accesses this share. According to my previous articleArticle(Http://, You can easily12345Enable sharing.

Socket Port Reuse

Write the socket program in Python and listen to the service on the specified port:Import socketSock = Socket.socket (socket.af_inet, socket. SOCK_STREAM)Port = 8080Sock.bind (("', port)")Sock.listen (1)print ' Listening on port:%s '% portWhile True:

Python implementation Socket Port redirection example

You can easily turn on sharing on port 12345 with the following effects: To implement the functionality I want, just redirect the port and the code is as follows: The code is as follows: #! /usr/bin/python'''File:redirect.pyAuthor:mike'''

Example of implementing socket port redirection in python

You can easily enable sharing on port 12345. The effect is as follows: To implement the desired function, you only need to redirect the port. The Code is as follows: Copy codeThe Code is as follows:#! /Usr/bin/python'''File: redirect. pyAuthor: Mike'

Windows Socket port modification)

In TCP applications, the communication between the two parties is connection-oriented, and multiple connections on the same computer must be different from each other. In the TCP protocol, [Source IP + Source Port + Destination IP + Destination Port]

Python implementation of Socket port redirection sample _python

Can be easily opened in port 12345 sharing, the effect is as follows: To implement the functionality I want, just redirect the port, and the code is as follows: Copy Code code as follows: #! /usr/bin/python '''

The basic use method of node's

Use to create a server. However, the server relies on an HTTP server that has already been created.After the HTTP server is running, use the Listen method to attach an server to the HTTP server.var sio=require

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