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Do not know the socket and TCP connection process, do not know the sockettcp connection

Do not know the socket and TCP connection process, do not know the sockettcp connection Directory:1. Background2. Detailed connection Process Analysis2.1 socket () function2.2 bind () function2.3 listen () and connect () Functions2.3.1 in-depth

2017.07.09 the reuse socket address for Python network programming

1. Reuse Socket Address:#-*-Coding:utf-8-*-# If you run a Python socket server on a port and then terminate the connection once, you cannot use this port.#!usr/bin/env Python# Python Network Programming Cookbook--chapter-1# Optimized for Python 2.7#

Chapter 1 socket usage in Java learning Summary

I. Construct a socket The socket constructor has the following methods: (1) socket () (2) socket (inetaddress address, int port) throws unknownhostexception, ioexception (3) socket (inetaddress address, int port, inetaddress localaddr, int

VC + + Programming Winsock---socket (socket) __ Programming

Socket (socket) First look at the definition: typedef unsigned int u_int; typedef u_int SOCKET; Socket is equivalent to the network communication at both ends of the socket, as long as the other side of the socket and their sockets have a

The socket module in Python

This article refers to the first chapter of Python network programmingImport socketHelp (socket)Functions:Socket ()--Create a new socket objectSocketpair ()--Create a pair of new socket objects [*]FROMFD ()--Create a socket object from an open file

Socket Port Reuse

Write the socket program in Python and listen to the service on the specified port:Import socketSock = Socket.socket (socket.af_inet, socket. SOCK_STREAM)Port = 8080Sock.bind (("', port)")Sock.listen (1)print ' Listening on port:%s '% portWhile True:

Network IPC: socket, network ipc

Network IPC: socket, network ipcInter-process network communication: socket API Introduction Processes running on different computers (connected through the network) communicate with each other ). A process can be uniquely identified by a process

[Excerpt from-socket-Learning] Reuse of socket port in TCP&UDP communication

In many cases, we need to use a fixed IP and port number to communicate, and by default, the client side of the port number is not fixed, by the system automatically allocate idle port number to communicate; But in many cases, some services to write

Windows socket Extension function and socket Extension function

Windows socket Extension function and socket Extension function 1. AcceptEx () AcceptEx () is used to receive connections asynchronously and obtain the first piece of data sent by the client program.   [Cpp]View plaincopy BOOL AcceptEx ( _ In _

Introduction to basic socket programming in Python, pythonsocket

Introduction to basic socket programming in Python, pythonsocket In network communication, sockets are almost everywhere. It can be seen as an intermediate software abstraction layer for communications between the application layer and the TCP/IP

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