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Python book recommends a wave of "PDF download address included"

Python is so popular because it works in many different areas, and the most widely used areas of Python today include Python Web (back-end) development, data analysis Mining, web crawlers, machine learning AI, devops development, and more. Whichever direction you choose, the basics of Python will help you get better at the field.Introductory series"Python programming: Getting Started to practice"This book is a Python primer for all levels of Python re

Web front-end engineer's Way (original book 4th edition) Chinese PDF scan version

Have you ever thought about creating Web pages, but you have no experience? So learn from now! This book provides an easy-to-read explanation of some of the key concepts and fundamentals of WEB design, as well as HTML,CSS , and JavaScript the specific use of methods and techniques. Once you have finished reading this book, you will have the skills to create multi

How Web front-end engineers practice (original book version 4th) Chinese pdf scanned version, webpdf

How Web front-end engineers practice (original book version 4th) Chinese pdf scanned version, webpdf Have you ever thought about creating your own webpage, but you have no experience? So learn from now on! This book explains some important concepts and basic principles of Web design, as well as the specific use methods and techniques of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

DIV + CSS layout tutorial Daquan and pdf e-book download _ Experience Sharing

. color value 14 3. Define the font. 14 Div + CSS layout Daquan blog Park Jesse Zhao finishing Page 1 4. Group selector. 14 5. Derivative selector. 14 6. id selector 14 6. Category selector. 15 7. Define the link style 15 Webpage Design DIV + CSS -- 8th days: CSS layout entry. 15 1. Define DIV 15 2. CSS2 box model. 16 3. background processing is used for all secondary images. 17 Webpage Design DIV + CSS -- 9th days: First CSS layout instance 17 1. confi

Each programmer should have 6 amazing soft skills to master

The article from the user reprint click to read the originalIf you want to start a career as a web developer, you need to involve more than just knowing how to write code.There are some common soft skills that can be used in almost every field-including the technology industry.Becoming a software developer involves more than just writing code. Since I started my first job as a software developer, I soon lea

Three of the seven soft skills necessary to become a top freelancer: the way to self-recharge

Before we talked about how freelancers communicate with customers and how to manage time while working, let's dive into the basic skill level of freelancing, and let's see how a freelancer can quickly develop self-learning skills.In the third chapter, we will talk about various ways to improve your learning skills. Today's article focuses on the ability to acquire new concepts and expand your knowledge reserves, to turn knowledge into your competitive

Soft exam (2) review skills

basic knowledge involves the content of computer hardware, multimedia knowledge, and language knowledge. This is a matter of accumulation and a qualitative leap is finally achieved. (2) Data Structure Section. This is the first time to learn linear tables, arrays, generalized tables, trees, graphs, search algorithms, sorting, and algorithm analysis. In this part of learning, we need to thoroughly understand the theory, increase the number of exercises, and better combine them with computers to

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