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Big data analyst with annual salary of 500,000 make a note of "excerpt"

the company is operating, how the product is developed, how to do customer research to lock customer needs, how to do product marketing, these need to constantly work to accumulate and extensive reading.5, start learning, first read a few interesting data analysis of the book, and then the system to learn statistical knowledge (the proposed textbook with the fifth edition of Statistics, Jia Junping, etc.), and then on-line rapid collection of software

Software Industry salary announcement: High resignation rate, high salary and high welfare

Software Industry salary announcement: High resignation rate, high salary and high welfare For a long time, the software industry has attracted high salaries. But behind the high salary, is the "salary" of employees

How to do a software requirement analyst (transferred)

This article does not want to repeat the knowledge architecture of a software requirements analyst, but instead focuses on the key points of becoming a qualified software requirements analyst.My original definition or description of software requirements was more about the definition of the real world, whereas the desc

Structural analysis software structural analyst of frame Installations (SAFI) V6.5.2-iso 1CD

Structural analysis software structural analyst of frame Installations (SAFI) V6.5.2-iso 1CDSafi is a structural analysis software developed by Canadian Safi Quality Software Inc., which is widely used in various structural analysis, such as steel structure analysis, concrete structure analysis,Aluminum frame structure

The position of the system analyst in the software company

Here's a brief look at the position of the system analyst role in a domestic software company.The domestic software company is different for the system analysis and the system analyst's localization. According to the incomplete understanding, there are generally the following situations:1 No formal system analyst Ther

3000 to 30000 monthly salary, how does software test engineer break through the bottleneck? _ Software Testing

a word: "Maybe your limit, is just the starting point of others." "Sometimes, high man's word, than we have been groping for years." When you get into trouble, you need to be in the way. An expert can point out the hidden flaws in your existence, and tell you that the current state is a necessary process to relieve your confusion and confusion, and to point out the right and proper direction of your efforts. So, where is Gao man? You can look in the industry, the side, the Internet. Today is an

Zhengzhou PHP software engineer's monthly salary how many AH

Zhengzhou PHP Programmer's salary salary how many ah? Recently, we are doing a survey, through the recruitment of the home of the company recruitment data to the Zhengzhou region, the Central Plains area of the PHP programmer Average monthly salary and salary level to do reference. The first thing to say is that th

Software Test engineer Salary Beijing

German, looking for work when the unusual by the enterprise welcome, the interview of the enterprise heard that I was from the education and training out of the run out of the rich treatment, I chose a favorite of their own, medium soft. The result was paid off in 3 months. Now every month can also give home part of the money, especially a sense of accomplishment!Thank you, Tak Run, very grateful to the teachers and students of the education! No de run, I may still be that tangled, confused a m

The annual salary of Internet TV talents can reach 0.1 million, and the blue-collar software still lacks.

There is a serious structural imbalance between the current situation and the demands of IT job seekers. The majority of Middle-end job seekers are involved, and senior IT talents are relatively lacking, what is particularly lacking is a large number of "blue-collar digital" and "blue-collar software" who can engage in basic work ". Industry insiders pointed out that "blue-collar software" is

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