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Wen Yu: "A Journey to the wisdom of Software Architecture Design" -- 12th of the csdnf2f Club and the famous forum of Liberal Arts

designed? Why cannot the architect design be implemented by programmers? Is the programmer's level insufficient to understand and implement the design of architects, or is it a misunderstanding of the architects themselves that architecture is only engaged in abstract thinking, rather than code implementation? Compared with many hand-workshop software enterprises in China, do they need

Developer Community Overview table often assembled by programmers

Whether it is programming rookie or programmer Daniel, need to have their own exchange circle and learning platform, according to my own experience to share some of the developer forum, community Ah, there is a place where Daniel gathered, there are fresh information, source download and so on. 1, Csdn CSDN is the largest developer technology community in China. It is a large-scale comprehensive it portal t

As a developer tool required by Python programmers

Python has evolved into an extensive ecosystem that makes life easier for Python programmers and reduces repeated rounds. The same idea applies to the work of tool developers, even if the tools they developed do not appear in the final program. This article describes the developer tools required by Python programmers. Python has evolved into an extensive ecosyste

12 Top developer Community sites help programmers get to the pinnacle of life

more idealized technology community.Website: is a traditional development community, whether it is new or experts will appear in the community, content is also very broad, software development, database development, network and system management issues, etc. will have a considerable coverage, often go to this site with different levels of technical staff to discuss, their own level can really improve a lot.Website:

As a developer tool that Python programmers have to be

Python has evolved a broad ecosystem that enables Python ProgrammerLife has become simpler and less repetitive in their work of making rounds. The same philosophy applies to the work of tool developers, even if the tools they develop do not appear in the final program. This article introduces the developer tools that Python programmers must know about. The most practical help for developers is to help the

The path to software: we also talk about "programmers are not over 30 years old"

An article Excerpted from Qiu suo GE has a thorough analysis, which is more in-depth than the extensive articles about "programmers are young, this article analyzes the situation of the IT industry in China, the reasons why the "programmer is not over 30 years old" viewpoint is generated, and the mistakes of this viewpoint. This is an article that is both positive and rational. I like it (I don't like the so-called spam-up articles or passive frustrat

Programmers: Seven Sins of Software Development

It takes a long time to train and practice to become a good software developer. But if we do not follow the appropriate principles, even the best programmers will become the victims of failure. Inadvertently, you will develop some terrible bad habits, which may appear again and again, even for experienced programmers.

Software industry in India (recommended for programmers)

This article is translated from an article on the Hoplite blog: (Starting from reprinting) At work, I have access to the software developed by Indian software companies:The entire system architecture is very clear, and all functions are implemented according to our requirements, and the architecture is quite stable. However, when you open the specific code, the code is too long and the level is not the same

Language proficiency is not a good software developer.

Language proficiency is not a good software developer-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. I wrote this question with some comments. There are not many people in the company's software department, but many programmers have been hired over the past

Software developer Road Map: download mini ebook from apprenticeship to Masters

Software developer roadmap: download mini ebook from apprenticeship to master-Linux general technology-Linux programming and kernel information. for details, see the following. Software developer roadmap: From apprenticeship to master By Dave H. Hoover/Adewale Oshineye Translator: Wang Jiangping Introduction: As a

Software Architecture Design: Programmers Transform Prerequisites (second edition) notes to architects

. How to meet the requirements of constraints and quality attributes; G. How to adapt to changes that may occur; 3. The design is often carried out in a hierarchical sequence; 4. Example: Design a hardware equipment debugging system; A. Understanding needs; B. First-round decision: At this point the software system is segmented by high level; C. N step, continue the decision--at this time the software syste

Software developer roadmap: From apprenticeship to master

Software developer roadmap: From apprenticeship to master Basic Information Original Title: apprenticeship patterns: Guidance for the aspiring software craftsmanOriginal Press: o'reilly MediaBy Dave H. Hoover Adewale oshineyeTranslator: Wang jiangpingPress: Machinery Industry PressISBN: 9787111310068Mounting time:Published on: February 1, August 2010Start: 16Pa

What does it people do after they are 35 years old? A software developer's insight into career planning

It industry, especially in the software field of friends, I think you and I are facing a common problem, software workers are not the occupation of youth food. I would like to express my personal views on the following issues, limited to my professional experience in system management and software development, and only from the perspective of a

Reprint: Software developer interview hundred Q

Software developer Interview Hundred questions On the home page to see a software development interview article, looked at, and poured a sip of air conditioning, the problem around the software development is very incisive, did not involve a specific language, also did not refer to the database, on the algorithm and da

Where are the values of software and programmers?

More and more people feel that they are working in China.ProgramThey are boring and cannot even find the value of Chinese software companies and programmers.Let's take a look at a simple example. The company took a small case and spent two months reporting 20 people to the customer. Two months later, the project was accepted and the Customer Delivered 0.3 million. The actual situation is that the company is a small company, and the core

Each software developer must have the most basic knowledge about Unicode and character sets.

Keywords: Unicode, Character Set, Character Set, UTF-8, ANSI, ASCII, UTF-7Original article title: the absolute minimum every software developer absolutely, positively must knowAbout Unicode and character sets (no excuses !)Original article:Http:// Joel SpolskyTranslation and Abstract: chenrong2003 [at] 2004-11-29 ASCII codeByte

Software Developer Roadmap Synopsis & book excerpt Chapter7

Software engineering is a skillReason: lack of understanding to systematizeSkills: To deliver work-ready softwareImportant reason: Understanding is not enough to write it in a format that can be used directly by others and get the same resultsMost programmers are below the average levelCraftsmanship: A set of highly focused skills training and traditionsInclude: Learn, carry forward, inherit a skillAbsolute

Java programmers commonly used software collation download

For everyone to learn convenient, specially organized software download as follows: *************Java class Software:-------------------------------Jdk7.0: cracked version: Http:// Developer Kit: Http:// jar Packages: Http:/

45 Habits of efficient programmers-delivering the software users want (Ⅳ)

users with value, which requires us to ask customers more;Nine, fixed price means betrayal commitment:The initiative proposes to build the initial, small and useful parts of the system, enough to pay once, and allow the user to actually use it;Let the customer choose after the first iteration to continue the next iteration or cancel the contract;If you move forward, you can predict the next iteration well and let the user make a choice when the next iteration ends;The advantage of the above thr

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