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2015 Software Engineering (BIG) career planning fourth time assignment

others ' attempts?Will try to provide guidance to friendsWhat's more important to you? How much do you earn, or what kind of work you are doing?What kind of work, after all, I don't have a family now.How are you going to work hard to get the money you expect to earn in a unique way?What did you say? Are you asking me how to work hard? Work on time and work, take the task seriously, put forward their views on the work and discuss with everyone.How important is the free time to you?Adjust yoursel

2015 Software Engineering (BIG) career planning 5th Time "personal Achievement story"

PS, Flash, PR, 3dmax, Maya and so is because of the very interest so learn to be particularly serious. Once Chinese, and maths are the best subjects to learn. is now in the face of dull code, without form, without shape, understanding, or rote memorization. Learn very tired. Once the language has not, once the mathematics has become can not be expected high number. Sometimes tell yourself that you have to study hard, but when you say this, you have no confidence. Secondary School: fee

Object-Oriented Software Engineering and UML, software engineering uml

Object-Oriented Software Engineering and UML, software engineering uml Basic concepts of Software Engineering Software Crisis The functions, scale, and complexity of a

On software engineering analogy _ software engineering

I do not like the "code Nong" "Code Workers" "Program ape" This kind of demeaning words. My grandfather is a tailor, in my memory he relies on the home to make clothes for others to earn a living, is a craftsman. My career has been dealing with code, making a living by writing code, and being a craftsman. Of course, a good workman should be able to call it a code craftsman. I like to refer to this group of code craftsmen as

"Turn" Test career thinking: How to become a good software testing engineer

"Xia Wenhong"Opportunities always appear inadvertently, it will always be good to the diligent and motivated people. Opportunities are undoubtedly important in the course of career development, but accumulation is also important.When there is no chance, just calm down, work hard, don't always complain. Do you dare to seize the opportunity?Generally speaking, when

Software Engineer Career Planning

Software Engineer career planning Release Date: Contribute to the career planning of software engineers: Well plan your own path and do not follow your feelings! According to the ideal decision-making arrangement of individuals, most people do not expect to become an Academician or professor, but want to live a bit mor

Software Testing Career Development direction

domain:After 1-3 years of routine testing engineers, after the analysis of personality characteristics, if they consider themselves to be a "high management-low skills" type, then want to achieve their own career promotion, to the intermediate development area of the configuration Management engineer, Quality assurance engineer, business Test engineer transformation.Configuration management (SCM) and quality assurance (SQA) are the key process domain

Unbalanced Chinese software career structure [excellent]

The Blue Book of IT application technology in China 2006-2007 released by it168, where software talents are analyzed from the perspective of professional structure in a unique way. I tried to interpret the data according to the traditional software engineering theory, and found that the professional structure of China's softw

Software testing career plan

Software testing career plan When it comes to career planning, it may be a hot topic nowadays. What job can I find and do after I graduate from college, so that I can cultivate my abilities in college, in this article, I will talk about how to test the Career Planning Based on my personal experience and experience. Not

Difficulties in choosing a software R & D career

Li Fudong (yi Zi AKO) Time: July 27, 2014 In my nearly two decades of career, I have been mainly engaged in IT-related work. During my college career, I only knew how to do my homework well and never thought about whether to do it work all my life. After I graduated from college, I was very confused about whether or not I was engaged in software R D. There are

ZZ after a software engineer's career planning

) ability to learn and acquire knowledge , L) lead Organization capability, m) enterprises that can currently enter , N) Current position in society, O) current competitive strength. Career planning is like Software Engineering After determining your own industry and professional fields, the next thing should be 1) Strive to master the knowledge of this industr

Discussion on career development of the tenth software testing Exchange conference in Guangzhou

PreviousArticleThis paper introduces the experiences of the tenth software testing Exchange conference in Guangzhou ( Next, I will talk about my views and questions about the career development of software testing at the conference. Let's take a look at the career

Software Testing Engineer career plan

Analysis on the development direction of software testing engineers in their career: Due to the rapid development and strong demand of the software testing industry in China in the new era, domestic software testing jobs are generally promoted faster than foreign companies, but because the industry itself is too youn

Software Testing engineer career planning for the next ten years

First, software testing engineers have roughly 4 development direction: 1 Senior Software Testing engineer In general, software test engineers can be divided into three levels of Test engineers, senior test engineers and senior test engineers. It's difficult to reach this level, it requires a lot of knowledge, such as C language, Java language, database, data str

The first step -- my software career

The first step -- my software career So far, I am a general software engineering student. In terms of the rigorous and scientific attitude in the software programming industry, this is not the first step in my software

Microsoft Chinese lecturer talk about software career: Kung Fu outside

From: Computer WorldThere are nearly a thousand Chinese people working at Microsoft. During the Microsoft teched Technology Education Conference, 16 of them returned to Beijing as lecturers. They bring the latest developments in Microsoft software technology to their audience, and their software career is also a fortune. During the conference, the reporter interv

Software Engineering and Answers

Introduction to the first chapterProblem:How to distinguish the several fields of software engineering?Reply:The area of knowledge can be divided into: 1. Software Requirements 2.Software desing 3.Software Construction 4.Software

Cube of Japanese software engineering

Story 1: ProgramYang Shufeng finally resigned. For this reason, he thought about it for almost half a year. Prior to this, John developed a software company in Japan, mainly outsourcing enterprise application software in Japan and embedded development of industrial products (such as automotive control software ). The reason for Xiao Yang's resignation is not

A summary of software engineering courses

, I always thought that the development of software is actually a very easy and happy things, as long as the day sitting on the computer to knock on the keyboard, then everything is possible, but now I found that many of my previous thoughts is how superficial ridiculous. Programming is actually a creative activity where fun and distress coexist. Because programming not only satisfies the desire to create in our hearts, but also delights in our inner

Software Engineering-thinking project development Those things (i)

Read the catalogue: 1. Background 2. Project management, quality, measurement, progress 3. Software development is a design activity rather than a building activity 4. Rapid development (simple system architecture and complex business models) 5. The business understanding of the technician and the final business model of the product manager's business understanding 5.1. Business understanding of the product (business process, d

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