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High salary, Beijing: Java, Android, product manager, product operations, channel operations, business development Manager (technology companies, established in 10, the scale of more than 500 people, focus on mobile internet)

welcome Oh! The detailed JD is as follows: Position name Job description Employment requirements Front-end engineer (JAVA) 1. Function development According to the requirements of the Product manager;2. Responsible for front-end Web system performance tuning. More than 1.2 years experience in development of Java EE, with strong logical

Why can't the product manager's salary be higher than the programmer's?

"Reply" 1024 ", send you a special push" In our IT world, programmers and product managers are a pair of friends. At work every day frontline, mutual not angry. In fact, the cause of this phenomenon is: Product managers to the programmer as a laborer, the programmer to the product manager as SB, in fact, is not unders

Ten years of software industry product manager's gain and loss

now looks grand and full of features. Even the toilets are automated, but once you hit a big spot, or if you want to add one or two floors, the whole building may collapse immediately.The so-called haste, a product manager should not just stare at the list of features, but also should spend more time to solve the "technical debt" these things.User ExperienceI believe that no

Internet Product Manager: Introduction to Common tools software and platforms

Article Description: Internet Product Manager commonly used software and work platform. The last book friends will share the tools, people wrote to me that I hope to be able to write a blog to share, PPT is not enough for them to make. All right, I'll do it again. I do not want to discuss with you specifically how a tool to use, specific features of th

What is the gap between product managers with annual salary of 20w and product managers with annual salary of 50w?

a more complex ability: first, marketing or operational capacity, the second is the ability of product development, and the third is the ability of data analysis.3. Promotion of salary and treatmentIn the past few years, the product manager's salary range has been fluctuating, the overall increase but not much, but th

12. Product Manager to read books-it software staff book series articles

Product managers are the main leaders in software products. Unlike the project manager, the product manager is responsible for the product, more responsible for product design stereotyp

[Software testing] learning these testing methods is not a dream of successfully being promoted to a product manager.

will be more or less incorrect. We hope to share some experience with you to make more product developers more rigorous in designing products and testing, and refine their products.Now, after reading my article, I will share some information with you. Interface Test Materials Link: password: dgfa Performance Testing Materials Link: password: d82b Getting s

Software Industry salary announcement: High resignation rate, high salary and high welfare

. For example, if a software testing technician tests the performance of a product, the average annual salary is 59 thousand yuan, and the high digit can reach 0.106 million yuan. High Salary Technical Department Manager ranks first in middle-level management The

Why is the product 0 experience and the product 1 years experience salary difference is more than one times?

Many people in job search products, will be noted: Enterprises issued by the post requirements, annotated 1-3 years of experience, pay is also more attractive. However, there is no product experience of their own, a job to find an open-ended experience, the salary is only half. These 1 years of product experience, really there is such a big gap. In fact, the

Product Manager Responsibility System: The significance of Product manager responsibility system

enterprise, the products manager to the business operators, business units of the operator transformation, to be the leading business leaders. We often hear the founders of some companies, or the leaders who have been standing on the line of business, will send a sigh of emotion, "I am a product manager", "I am just the company's CPO," such feelings are not unr

The difference between the monthly salary of 3,000 and 30,000 of the Internet Project Manager

With the hot Internet +, the current project managers only appear in a slightly perfect technical team, so for a lot of working hours of technology and other layman friends to see its job responsibilities are very unfamiliar. The project manager position appears first in the project management, is similar to the item supervision, the construction division, we usually mentioned the project manager is not in

Tencent QQ product Manager talking about the quality of Internet Product Manager

, scalable demand storage, rich industry experience and strong personal influence, then in many issues and disagreements, can be able to convince the relevant personnel of the evidence. In the acceptance of the opinion, after detailed professional analysis, can identify their own product strategy is the sustainable development of the time, it should play the above mentioned characteristics, to carry out the gradual PK and persuasion, to maintain the s

Product Manager Inspirational: The development stage of Internet Product Manager

, software, telecommunications, and even the traditional industry product managers, their respective ability models are necessarily different. As for the team, take the Internet product, the team of technical students is strong enough? Does the team have a dedicated project manager, user researcher? Is the operation of

Programmer Career Development: Project manager, technical Manager or product manager __ Management

like the factory with a single person, this situation in the outsourcing company more. For technical managers, focusing on technology, you need to know what technology is appropriate for a particular feature, and how long it takes to develop a feature. At the same time, technical managers should also be responsible for improving the overall level of the team's work. Product Manager This position generally

Product strategy diagram that the product manager should know

haven't received any salary yet! Apao say: This is a picture that every enterprise should have. Of course, the specific forms must be flexible. However, no matter how it works, bubble thinks that at least four aspects of information are properly presented: 1) Product Line Information; 2) Product Lifecycle information; 3) pr

The difference between a project manager and a product manager

activity-related activities. The most important is interpersonal skills, including: leadership, influence, resilience, team building, motivation, communication, decision-making, negotiation, confidence-building, conflict management, coaching skills, political and cultural awareness. (4). Technical ability, for the software industry, the project manager may need a technical capacity, the development of t

Criteria for recruiting product managers and the qualities that a product manager should have

Article Description: How to recruit a good product manager. This article is excerpted from the Book of Revelation: Creating a User favorite product, the author's blog, and published in "Programmer" magazine 11 07, this article is a review of his more than 20 years in the management of software products and e

How should I select the first job as a fresh graduate who is determined to be a product manager?

refused. On the one hand, the intern had never been in touch, and on the other hand, it was a matter of distance. last night, the employee said that the boss was willing to pay a higher salary than any other company. You are welcome to join me. I don't know how to reply .) Product posts A company in Zhongguancun Software Park is close to home. The

How to prepare a product-Product Manager notice

Original article: Workshop ...... When all these problems... I have been engaged in the Internet for many years. Recently, I am confused about my products, and I don't know what I do, sometimes I think about what my own products do when I do half the work or encounter difficulties. What kind of users will use them? Will users like them ...... When all these problems go around, we find ourselves lost in the strange circle of products. Of course, it is not ruled out that many

Aspire to be a product manager of the graduating students should choose the first job?

Now in Wangjing, thank you. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————---————————————————————————— Everyone is very good, the direction of the small woman is to do Internet products, before more than six months of internship operations (in school), but also internship over three months of web development. I was advised to do 1-2 years of development and then to do product post. There are currently 3 offer, do not know how to choose:

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