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Recommended books for. NET software design/Development Engineer

For. NET software Several books recommended by design/Development Engineer List several books that have had a big impact on me over the past year. Thanks to the authors and translators who have helped me with these books. Thank you for your hard work. I hope these

13. System integration project Manager to read books-it software staff book series articles

System integration Project Manager is mainly responsible for weak electricity and other projects. Generally include computer network systems, computer equipment systems, intelligent buildings, room construction and so on. In the soft examinations, the System integration project manager is at the intermediate level, which only shows that the system integration pro

SOC embedded software architecture design 7: System zone file system design of embedded system firmware

name. After successful matching, the offset of the file in SD is obtained. The 9-bit offset (512 bytes, one sector) is the position of the file. Fopen returns a handle that corresponds to a data structure. The structure generally includes the start position, length, and current read pointer position of the file. The record start position and length are used to prevent cross-border reading. 6. fread The read operation is performed based on the current read pointer of the handle, and the cu

How software design is made (6)-building the foundation of the system (Database Design) (Part II)

Abstract: The database is the foundation of the system. If you need to change the fields of the database frequently, or even modify the table and table relationship, I believe that no one will be able to cope with it several times! Because of the changes in the database structure, not only the changes in the database itself, but also the code at the entity, data operation, logic, and performance layers must be modified. What's more troublesome is tha

Real-time control software design the first week of work-automotive ABS software system case study

, according to 6s-14s curve fluctuation, estimated allowable delay order of magnitude 0.1sQ2. If you are a software designer, to implement these real-time functions, design several real-time tasks?A2. Task one: Get sensor dataTask two: Analysis and calculation, to determine the braking situationTask Three: Send instructions to the brake pressure regulatorQ3. What are the time-triggered or event-triggered ta

Design (29) Software Design of Online Examination System

Design (29) Oles Online Examination System The online examination system oles is divided into two software for students and teachers. The following is the cover of the software used by the examinee. The cover of the software used

Real-time control software design second week job-parking access control system state machine design

The input signal of the access control system includes: Landing Lever position sensor: Two position value signal (up/down) Car entry sensor: Two values (True/false) Car Gate sensor: Two values (True/false) The output signal of the access control system includes: Motor control signal for landing lever: (Up/down) Traffic light signal: (Red/green) The passing process of

Through the study of Student information management system software, c program, how to design and write an application system

system can involve most of theCimportant database objects, important functions, and features of a database, such as views, triggers, and stored procedures. This course is designed to deepen students 'CThe learning and understanding of database knowledge enables students to master the basic methods of developing database management system using application software

Embedded System reuse Software Design Based on Component Technology

Introduction For the embedded software component platform, its support platform is first an embedded real-time multi-task operating system, and secondly provides development tools and an integrated environment for the design of the entire software component. In the design p

How to do a good job of software system architecture design?

Software system Architecture (Software architecture) is a high-level abstraction of the structure, behavior, attributes, components and interactions between software systems. Any software development project, will experience the requirements acquisition,

Divclose software features of Auxiliary Design System for Water Conservancy and hydropower project construction diversion and Interception Scheme

specifications and is highly practical in engineering design. 2. The system combines the flow discharge, construction flood control calculation, water surface line, critical water depth, normal water depth, flow coefficient (water head loss calculation), and hydraulic, body design, andCADInterface ing and other functions are integrated, with complete

On the design and development of software system

;as/logic(microservices / External Services), there is no need to refine to the specific implementation of DAO or the implementation of the cache , the function number, the menu number. In different life cycles of software systems, the degree of refinement of requirements and design is often different. For example, for the development of new systems, it is usually time to assume that everything starts at 0

System memory requirement evaluation of SOC embedded software architecture design

Reproduced in the original: thank you very much. Memory is an important module of SOC (System on chip, systems on chip) integrated design, and it is a part of the SOC which has a large proportion of cost. Memory management software and hardware design is an im

Developer System Functional design common Office software sharing

Most developers with the experience of the growth, will enter a management position (team leader, of course, Bo Master only graduated for six months, not the development team leader, just in advance to share to everyone), need to be responsible for software system design (System function

Software Architecture Design of Motion Control System

Difficulties in designing motion control system software architecture: 1. The customer's requirements are constantly increasing according to actual needs. Due to the needs of industrial production, the demand is constantly raised, and the domestic motion control system software started late, is still in constant expl

SOC embedded software architecture design: system memory requirement Evaluation

Memory is an important module in the Integrated Design of SOC (system on chip, on-chip system) and a significant proportion of cost in SOC. The software and hardware design of memory management is an important part of SOC Software

Java software System functional design Combat Training Video Tutorial

Http:// software System functional design Combat Training Video Tutorial + data + source-------------------------------------------------------------------01: Overall Course Introduction and miscellaneous introduction. mp402: Common Concepts and methods of software function

System modeling of Software Engineering: Design window Structure

Before creating a user interface prototype, you should create a window structure diagram, the window structure to describe the relationship between the windows, there is no direct relationship between the UML, this chapter introduces the design process of the window structure, first introduced the window structure design method, and then design the overall window

Software System Design Ideas

Recently, some students asked me how to better build the entire system by obtaining a software requirement, based on my experience, I will briefly introduce how I designed a software system. Of course, this is just a simple idea of mine. It may be much more complicated when it comes to a large

Online Java software System functional design practical Training Video Tutorial

, state mode, Command mode, responsibility chain mode, proxy mode, etc.27th Lesson: Sixth Week outline code for the design job28th Lesson: The Sixth Zhou Teacher Example explains one29th Lesson: The Sixth Zhou teacher example explanation two30th Lesson: Seventh week operation and corresponding mode: Integrated application generator mode, prototype mode, Memo mode, state mode, Command mode, responsibility chain mode, proxy mode, etc.31st Lesson: Sevent

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