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Step 3 porting Solaris to LinuxJava belongs to this category

3. Porting Solaris to LinuxJava belongs to this category-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. If the application only uses standard language components and standard libraries,

Solaris 10 cc compiling QT 4.8.6 slave

Zookeeper Configure: . /Configure-no-qt3support-nomake demos-nomake examples-nomake test-release-platform Solaris-CC-Prefix/export/home/APP/QT/4.8.6-L/opt/sunwmlib/lib -L/opt/sunwits/graphics-Sw/xil/lib-I/opt/sunwmlib/include-I/usr/lib/gnome-private/

Port mpich2 on Solaris

Basic tool of MPI parallel tool library.I used the x4100 System in the Unix experience center to run Solaris 10 Update 3 for x86/x64. The procedure is as follows.1. Slave. Download all (source) Source code .2. ExtractGunzip-C mpich2 * .tar.gz | tar

Solaris operating system doing C application development steps _c language

1, the development of C program necessary tools and settings A,development tools under Solaris Developing the C application under Solaris, the default development environment is Sun Studio. Currently, Sun Studio 11 is the Sun's newest

Differences between Linux CC and GCC

Differences between Linux CC and GCC In terms of name, the CC program of the old UNIX system is called C compiler.. However, the GCC name is called GNU according to GNU.Compiler Collection. Because GCC contains many compilers (C, C ++, objective-C,

How to port Linux programs with flock to Solaris

How to port programs containing flock to Solaris Author: BadcoffeeEmail: blog.oliver@gmail.comBlog:Http:// A friend's Linux source program contains the following calls:Flock (FD, lock_un) There is no problem in

Concise Tutorial: How to Develop C applications on the Solaris operating system

  1. Develop CProgramNecessary tools and settings Development Tools under a and Solaris Develop C applications under Solaris. The default development environment is Sun Studio. Currently, Sun Studio 11 is Sun's latest C/C ++/Fortran

Solaris system management commands and Related Technologies

Solaris system management commands and Related Technologies A Bytes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ab2admin-command line interface for AnswerBook2 Management Ab2cd-run the AnswerBook2 server from

Test the performance of the BIND and nominum DNS software on Solaris.

BIND: no more. Since the invention of Paul Mockapetris in 1983, it has become the de facto standard of DNS in the Internet. ISC (Internet Software Consortium) is responsible for maintenance. Nominum ( company to complete, BIND 9. x

Does Solaris have functions related to Windows DLL?

ExampleOh, of course. Many mechanisms of window are UNIX-based.For example, system (32) *. dll is a UNIX-like/usr/lib/*. SoUNIX/usr/lib/*. So is the Unix dynamic library)It is used for dynamic link of the program. Otherwise,/usr/lib/*. A is a static

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