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How to Use the Unix debugging tool dbx

ArticleDirectory Unix (Solaris) systems generally come with DBX debugging tools. The following describes some common commands.   Unix (Solaris) systems generally come with DBX debugging tools. The following describes some common

TECH: getting a stack trace from a core file on Unix (File ID 1812.1)

Modification time:Type:Bulletin   Introduction~~~~~~~~~~~~ This short article aims to explain how to get a stack trace from a core dump produced by

Procwatcher:script to Monitor and examine Oracle DB and Clusterware Processes (document ID 459694.1)

Applies To:Oracle database-enterprise edition-version to [Release 10.2 to 12.1] Linux x86 HP-UX Pa-risc (64-bit ) IBM AIX on POWER Systems (64-bit) Oracle Solaris on SPARC (64-bit) HP-UX Itanium Linux x86-64 Oracle Server

"Turn" running on 64-bit machine 32-bit program considerations

Original URL:, when I cross-compile an application, I find it troublesome to porting to the Board (NFS is not supported) and want to debug on the PC now. So in the board compiled good, run,

From MDB to crash

On Solaris, the powerful tool for analyzing crashdump or debugging an operating system kernel online is the MDB. Of course, MDB does not support source-level debugging, only support assembly-level debugging. In Linux (for example in CentOS), a

Java Memory Analysis 2__java memory analysis

reprint: a look. Jstat The specific parameters are as follows: -class: Statistics class loader behavior information -compile: Statistical compilation Behavior Information -GC: Statistics JDK gc heap

Introduction to the built-in tools in JDK5.0

JDK5.0 has added Jstack, Jconsole, Jinfo, Jmap, Jdb, Jstat, JPS, and here's a brief introduction to these tools: Jstack-If the Java program crashes to generate core files, The Jstack tool can be used to obtain information about the Java stack and

[Memory leakage] purify tool Introduction

C/C ++ powerful tool for checking memory problems -- Purify I. Introduction We all know that software testing (QA-quality assessment, a product-oriented software company) accounts for 30%-50% of the entire software project, but there is such a

Exit Codes]

Address: ---------------------------------------------------- Job crashes and exit Codes This webpage is a collection of information about job crashes

Use of objdump

Http:// Mail station: Wuhan Baiyun Huang He station (Wed Jan 12 16:30:30 2000), letter in the station Title: Use of objdump (redhat6.0 test) This bastard has been lying on your host for a

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