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Use MDB in Solaris to check for Memory leakage

Step 1: Umem_debug = default umem_logging = Transaction ld_preload = libumem. so.1./spagent Step 2: -Bash-3.00 $ MDB-P 16546 // process ID obtained aboveLoading modules: [lD. so.1 libumem. so.1 libc. so.1] Step 3:-Bash-3.00 $ MDB-P 16546Loading modules: [lD. so.1 libumem. so.1 libc. so.1]>: Findleaks // find Memory leakageCache leaked bufctl caller00484008 11489 00a7f428 libstdc ++. so.6.0.3 '_ znwj + 0x

Use of the Solaris under MDB

The previous days to configure the daemon, the program can not start, according to the log prompt, is a function error, the error is exactly a library file,The manufacturer did not provide the source code, the factory did not provide technical support, had to use the MDB disassembly program, debugging processMDB program namemain+0xce0:b; setting breakpoints:: run-s; start the program$r; View register information:: Step; Single Step executionXxx_e_init

Access to change MDB to ASP-caused disaster attachment MDB anti-Download Method

If you do not directly change the suffix, you can directly download it using tools such as quickshield. In fact, you have opened the door for intruders. Intruders can use a database suffixed with ASP/ASA to directly obtain webshells. I. IdeasAs we all know, Code, All data in the access + ASP Web system is stored in the database file (MDB file), because the Administrator changes the MDB file to an ASP fi

Ejb mdb (Message-driven bean) 2-MDB Implementation Technology

consumers who have subscribed to the topic. For example: The pub/sub message transmission model allows multiple topic subscribers to receive the same message. JMS keeps the message until all topic subscribers receive the message. The pub/sub message transmission model is basically a push model. In this model, messages are automatically broadcast, and consumers do not need to obtain new messages through active requests. Vi. mdb Implementation Techno

Enter the MDB database to unpack the packaged MDB file _vbs

A lot of directly on the server all files including programs, pictures and other files packaged into an MDB, you need the following file Dim RS, WS, FSO, Conn, stream, ConnStr, Thefolder Set rs = CreateObject ("ADODB.") RecordSet ") Set stream = CreateObject ("ADODB.") Stream ") Set conn = CreateObject ("ADODB. Connection ") Set fso = CreateObject ("Scripting.FileSystemObject") Dbname=inputbox ("Please enter the database name, the database must be in

Enter the mdb database to unpack the packaged MDB file.

Many directly include all the files on the server Program , Images and other files are encapsulated into mdb, and the following file is required. Dim RS, WS, FSO, Conn, stream, connstr, thefolder Set rs = Createobject ("ADODB. recordset ") Set stream = Createobject ("ADODB. Stream ") Set conn = Createobject ("ADODB. Connection ") Set FSO = Createobject ("scripting. FileSystemObject ") Dbname = inputbox ("Enter the database name. The database must be

Access change MDB for ASP disaster with MDB anti-download method _ Application Tips

see the "User Comments" feature available. We register a user, send a comment: So we put the ASP code: Copy Code code as follows: /iishelp/common/500-100.asp, Line 242 Microsoft VBScript run-time error ' 800a000d ' Type mismatch: ' Execute ' /test/dlog/log_mdb/%29dlog_mdb%29.asp, line 1266 Note: When we submit code to the database, the code content cannot be too large. So we use three. Some other questions and ideas 1. For the conversion of the suffix

[MDB] IMP Import MDB

(1)Ratms_camtratingaddedup.mdbImporting from a database into an MDB--111 BjdzMdb_transfer Ratms_camtratingaddedup.mdb fyl_camtratingaddedup_ori_0 Zg/ngboss4,[email protected]Ten Import--133 JfdzMdb_transfer Ratms_camtratingaddedup.mdb fyl_camtratingaddedup_ori_1 Zg/ngboss4,[email protected]Ten Import --110 JfdzMdb_transfer Ratms_camtratingaddedup.mdb fyl_camtratingaddedup_ori_0 Zg/ngboss4,[email protected]Ten Import--196 BjdzMdb_transfer Ratms_c

Compare Solaris, Linux, and FreeBSD kernels

in Linux,Linux Code may not be easily extended or imported. Visibility and debugging tools are important for correct understanding of system behavior. You can read the source code, but I believe it is easy to misunderstand the code. It is important to use tools to verify your guesses about how the code works. At this point, I think Solaris is undoubtedly a winner. It has kmdb, mdb, and dtrace. I have been

PEAR MDB Database Abstraction Layer-write once-run anywhere

Data | database Write Once-run Anywhere Write once-run anywhere This is a Java marketing slogan, but it is also one of the key features of PHP. Many business models rely on operating system independence to ensure that products can be sold to a wide range of customer groups. So why do you tie yourself to some kind of database vendor? The database abstraction layer allows you to independently develop your application with the database. However, they typically have more performance impact than you

Tools__linux for Solaris systems installed by Linux "Solaris" VMware

1. VMware Tools installation and display settings Command: Cp/cdrom/vmwaretools/vmware-solaris-tools.tar.gz/export/home/xxxx Gunzip vmware-solaris-tools.tar.gz Tar xvf *.tar A folder that generates a "Vmware-tool-distrib" Enter this folder, perform the, and then a long set of settings after installation, the mouse can be free to click, Solaris

Comparison of Solaris, Linux, and FreeBSD kernels

file system code, which then calls the driver and switches to the page. After the switch is complete, the segment driver calls the HAT layer to update the page table items. In Linux, after page fault occurs, the code called by the kernel will immediately enter the relevant part of the platform. These processes may be faster, however, it may not be easy to scale and transplant (the second half is too economical. I wonder if the author has actually studied the corresponding processing process in

Solaris 10 Virtual Machine exploration (2), solaris Exploration

Solaris 10 Virtual Machine exploration (2), solaris Exploration# Add a File SystemBash-3.2 # zonecfg-z vmtest02Zonecfg: vmtest02> infoZonename: vmtest02Zonepath:/export/home/vmtest02Brand: nativeAutoboot: trueBootargs:Pool:Limitpriv:Scheduling-class: FSSIp-type: sharedHostid:Net:Address: e1000g0Defrouter: 512 M[Swap: 1 GB][Locked: 512 M]Rctl:Name

Solve the problem of Internet access and remote logon in Solaris, and perform remote logon in solaris.

Solve the problem of Internet access and remote logon in Solaris, and perform remote logon in solaris. Reference OS /Solaris/1656.htmlSolution to display garbled characters on solaris Symptom: Use the command: LANG = zh; export LANG. Or LANG = C; export LANG Of course, we can also set them all. L

Solaris Virtualization: Create an instance in a zone under Solaris 10

: RootPassword: Nov 21 15:22:57 zone01 login: Root Login/dev/consoleSun Microsystems Inc. SunOS 5.10 generic January 2005# Ifconfig-Lo0: 1: Flags = 2001000849 Inet netmask ff000000Pcn0: 1: Flags = 1000843 Inet netmask ffffff00 broadcast HostnameZone01 In this way, you can log in and use it independently as a Solaris 10 virtual machine. Ping from outside. Note: When creating the zone directory, you mu

Solaris Studio12.3 in Solaris 10 u10

First, ensure that the software packages installed in solaris meet the requirements (refer to the basic requirements of the official installation of SolarisStudio12.3, at least the necessary packages must be installed and developed ). Because it is installed in a virtual machine, the pre-allocated swap space is relatively small, you need to temporarily increase the swap space, refer to Solaris temporary inc

Solaris Study Notes: Solaris syslog mechanism

Article Title: Solaris Study Notes: About the Solaris syslog mechanism. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. The syslog mechanism is responsible for sending and recording the information generated by the system kernel and tools. It consists of the syslog () ca

From MDB to crash

Tags: mtab ras target condition Linux C CTI pdf href ...On Solaris, the powerful tool for analyzing crashdump or debugging an operating system kernel online is the MDB. Of course, MDB does not support source-level debugging, only support assembly-level debugging. In Linux (for example in CentOS), a similar tool is crash. man-S8 crash NAME - Analyze Linux

Solaris service management, solaris Service

Solaris service management, solaris Service Remote logon Protocol Telnet \ ssh. Of course, we can check who has logged on to my system and who can use ftp to record logs. 1. SMF: Service Management Tools Advantages: Automatic Recovery of accidentally terminated Services supports service dependencies. A service can have multiple instances, provides command line management tools, and supports concurrent start

Solaris software manages FTP and solaris software ftp

Solaris software manages FTP and solaris software ftp Install Common Software Relationship between applications and system commands: The system command file is located under/bin/sbin or shell commands to complete basic management of the system. Generally, it is run on the Character operation interface; it generally includes command words, command options, and command parameters. The application file is loca

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