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Implementation of tree commands similar to dos in Solaris

The original article was written on the Netease blog at 20:48:07 and has been deleted Today, for work reasons, I need to know the directory structure of a software installation under Solaris. I thought of the Tree Command. Unfortunately, there is

An example of application of sed command and Shell's if statement

if [-f/etc/syslog.conf]; #判断文件是否存在Thensystest= ' sed-n '/^ '/etc/syslog.conf '; #匹配 the/etc/syslog.conf file has a string and returns a string, Systest variable is received.if [-n \ "\ $systest \"]; #判断字符串是否存在ThenSed-e ' s/^auth.

Install php, mysql, and apache under solaris10

Install php, mysql, apache-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application in solaris10. For details, refer to the following section. Set, test, and start Apache2 Apache 2.xxhas been installed in Solaris 10. You only need to make some Java Scripting Learning

#! /bin/bash# unset any variable which system could be using# Clear the ScreenWhile getopts IVH nameDoCase $name ini) iopt=1;;v) vopt=1;;h) hopt=1;;*) echo "Invalid arg";;EsacDone#if [[!-Z $iopt]]Then{wd=$ (PWD)BaseName "$ (test-l" $ "&& readlink" $

Common script and function sharing in Linux _linux shell

#查找当前目录中是否存在指定目录, if it does not exist, it is created Copy Code code as follows: function mkdir_1 { if test! -D $ Then mkdir $ Fi } #指定文件中的 "prefix =. *" string replaced with "prefix=/home/gnome-unicore-install2/usr/

Kamailio-V4.3.2 server set up under centos6.5

Kamailio-V4.3.2 server set up under centos6.5 The installation environment is centos6.5. The first thing to do is: Configure various environments .. Search for details on the Internet. 1. Download the source code: Switch the directory to the

Focus over the past two years

It's almost two years. I'm about to leave. Sort out the previously excerpted networks on your wiz todayArticle. By the way, I analyzed my concerns over the past two years. Solaris saves 178 articles and 134 articles under the root directory. There

The best IDE for C + + for 17 Linux

C + +, a well-known C-language extension, is an excellent, powerful, general-purpose programming language that provides modern, universal programming capabilities that can be used to develop a wide range of applications, including video games,

Nginx_1_ Foundation and Installation

NginxWeb serverReverse ProxyWebMailModular designTengineVarrnish,squidNginx:cache (disk)Httpd:cache (Disk,memory)Nginx Basic HTTP Server features:1. Handling static files, index files and automatic indexing; Open File descriptor cache2. Use cache to

Linux i18n modification, reflected in the English version

From: For Linux users in China, it is a problem that the system often displays garbled characters when it needs to display Chinese characters. For some reason, when it needs a system with an

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