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Go Language Learning Notes (vi) [pack]

limited to us ASCII, it is extended to all uppercase and lowercase alphabets (Latin, Greek, Slavic, Armenian and Egyptian prose). build the even package:Print the Gopath path, Note that the Gopath path is set when the go locale is installed$ echo $GOPATH e:\programfiles\go\go\goimportpkg//Create a new folder under Gopath/src/even$ mkdir $GOPATH/src/even// Copy

"Go" to the correct Composer expansion pack installation method

installed 指定版本 expansion pack and its dependencies; This process applies to deployment of production environment code. Process three: Add a new expansion pack for a project Use composer require vendor/package add expansion packs; Commit the updated composer.json and composer.lock to the code version controller, such as: git; About the Composer.lock filecomposer.lockThe

"Go" Python pack Py2exe and Pyinstaller

"Turn" to installation and use of a py2exe1.py2exe installation, Http:// Select the corresponding Python version to install2. Use, create a new file#coding =utf-8from distutils.core Import setupimport py2exeincludes = ["Encodings", "encodings.*"]options = {"Py2exe": {" Compressed ": 1," optimize ": 2," ASCII ": 1," includes ": Includes," Bundle_files ": 1 #只生产一个exe文件}}

Go bytes Pack

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Go bytes Pack The use of the basic method of bytes Package Package Mainimport ("bytes") func writeUInt16 (Buff []byte, data uint16) {for i: = 0; i Bytes Package Structure Body-bytes. Reader Reader.go file // A Reader implements the io.Reader, io.ReaderAt, io.WriterTo, io.Seeker,// io.ByteScanner, and io.RuneScanner i

[Go]ios 10.2 XCode 8.2 Certificate Request remote Push pack Shelves

certificate:Find the push development certificate and push release certificate respectively, right click to select Export;Export the push development certificate9.2 Take an appropriate name, format select "Person information exchange (. p12)" and then point to store;Export P12 File9.3 Then pop-up dialog box, ask for encryption password, set a password, and remember that one will be sent to the background developers;Set P12 password9.4 Similarly export push release certificate P12, then the desk

Waitgroup usage examples in the Go Language Sync pack

WaitgroupIt can wait until all the goroutine execute and block the execution of the main thread until all the Goroutine execution is complete.Waitgroup a total of three methodsAdd: Adds or reduces the number of waiting goroutineDone: Equivalent to add (-1)Wait: Perform blocking until all the Waitgroup number becomes 0PracticeExample 1 differs from Instance 2 code: One line of code is missing go func () {} ()Example 1 and instance 3 code differences: R

Spring Framework Jar Pack Classification (GO)

allows developers to use the O/R Object Relational mapping framework, and the above mentioned transaction management,4.SPRING-OXM allows you to abstract spring-orm into an XML map, which describes the mappings in an XML file.5.spring-jmsjava messaging service, generate and consume messages, integrate with spring-messagingFive, the web layer,Composed by Spring-web, Spring-webmvc, Spring-websocket, Spring-webmvc-portlet.1.spring-web includes HTTP client, multi-file upload, IOC container initializ

About YUV Pack (condensed format) and planner (flat format) format [go]

YUV422 planar, but U and v are cross-stored, as in.Definition not found in FFmpegAndroid OMX Omx_color_formatyuv422semiplanar////yuv422semiplanar:two arrays, one is all Y, and the other is U and V4.yuv420 Semi-planarThe amount of data in this format is the same as that of YUV420 planar, but U and v are cross-stored, as in.Defined in FFmpegPIX_FMT_NV12,///Android OMX defines Omx_color_formatyuv420semiplanar//yuv420semiplanar:two arrays, one is all Y, and the other is U and V5.yuv422 Interleaved

Go Language Sync Pack learning (Mutex, Waitgroup, Cond)

Package Main;import ("FMT" "Sync" "Runtime" "Time")//locking, note that the lock is to be passed in as a pointer, otherwise it is just a copy of the Func total1 (Num *int, mu *sync. Mutex, CH chan bool) {mu. Lock (); for i: = 0; i   Go Language Sync Pack learning (Mutex, Waitgroup, Cond)

Eclipse "Go" cannot be opened after installing Eclipse Chinese pack

Org.eclipse.core.databinding.observable.Realm.runWithDefault ( Org.eclipse.ui.internal.Workbench.createAndRunWorkbench ( Org.eclipse.ui.PlatformUI.createAndRunWorkbench ( ( ( Org.eclipse.core.runtime.internal.adaptor.EclipseAppLauncher.runApplication (eclipseapplauncher.

Unity Pack releases Android Novice teaching (teaching that can be read by small white) [go]

folder in your project.Then you need to put the name of your package, which is what is changed in note One, and is the same as the package name of the Android project.Failure to do so will result in the packaging not being successful, or the application failing to install, or applying a flashback.But want to sharesdk such plug-ins, they are no mainactivity, so it does not involve the uniform problem of package name.So here, all my sharing is over, writing relatively humble, I hope you like.

Go Language Pack and package reference

The go language package is very similar to the package in Java, both in the way the code is organized and in relation to the directory structure on disk.In the go language, the package name is generally the directory name of the go code, but unlike Java, the package name is only one level in the go language, while in J

Installation of Chinese language pack under Linux (GO)

There are already various language packs on the installation disk and we just need to find them and install them. In Chinese isfonts-chinese-3.02-9.6.el5.noarch.rpmfonts-iso8859-2-75dpi-1.0-17.1.noarch.rpmI use the 6CD mounting plate, the first one on the 4of6 disc, the second on the 6of6 plate,Go to the respective file directory and run the following command:#rpm-IVH fonts-chinese-3.02-9.6.el5.noarch.rpm#rpm-IVH fonts-iso8859-2-75dpi-1.0-17.1.noarch.

Go Common pack

: Provides the original sorting functionality for arrays and user-defined collections.StrConv: Provides the ability to convert a string to a base data type, or to a string from a base data type.OS: Provides interface to platform-independent operating system functions. Its design is in the form of Unix.Sync: Provides a basic synchronization primitive, such as a mutex.Flag: Command-line parsing is implemented. See "Command-Line Arguments" on page 91st.Encoding/json: Encoding and decoding are imple

The official Go Language Pack sync. The implementation principle and application scenario of pool

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Golang has been used for some time, the Go's co-process and GC garbage collection features do improve program development efficiency. But after all, it's a new language, and if it's not understood, it might be used to pop a variety of Pandora's boxes. Let's talk about the use of the pool class of the Sync pack I used in my project to avoid confusion. As is known to all,

Go Bufio Pack

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Go Bufio Pack Package Bufio implements buffered I/O. It wraps an IO. Reader or IO. Writer object, creating another object (Reader or Writer) that also implements the interface but provides buffering and so Me help for textual I/O. Bufio. Reader Fabric Body // Reader implements buffering for an io.Reader object.type Reader

Install Go Language Pack in Ubuntu

Install the Go Language Pack in Ubuntu Linux. 1. Download go linux development kit 2. decompress the package to the directory. 3. Set Environment Variables Export GOROOT = xxxx/goExport GOOS = linuxExport GOARCH = 386 #(386 indicates that 32 is linux, and 686 indicates 64-bit linux. You can use uname-a to view it)Export PATH = $ PATH: $ GOROOT/bin 4. Run .

Go: Python pack notes with Pyinstaller

switches to the Pyinstaller folder and executes commands such as: Pyinstaller Of course, you can also add output options to get a better exe executable file, such as: Python -F is used to create a standalone executable program,--upx-dir for compressing files.Attention: Online tutorial Common-x option to enable UPX has expired If Upx.exe has been copied to the Pyinstaller folder, UPX is used by default, and if

Go use context pack to avoid goroutine leaks

Go is a feature that is automatically recycled with memory, so memory is generally not compromised. However, there is a leak in the goroutine, and the leaked goroutine reference memory cannot be recycled.In the following program, the background goroutine enters the natural number sequence to the pipeline, and the output sequence is in the main function. But when break jumps out of the for loop, the background goroutine is in a state that cannot be rec

Learn the Go Language Log pack (Log,logger)

Package Main;import ("Log" "OS" "Time" "FMT") func main () {//Create output log file logfile, err: = OS. Create ("./" + time.) Now (). Format ("20060102") + ". txt"); if err! = Nil {fmt. PRINTLN (err);} Create a logger//parameter 1: Log write destination//Parameter 2: prefix//Parameter 3 for each log: Log attribute Loger: = log. New (LogFile, "Test_", log. Ldate|log. Ltime|log. Lshortfile);//flags returns the output option Fmt.println of logger (Loger. Flags ());//setflags Set output option Loge

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