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C #-based SolidWorks plug-in development (1) -- SolidWorks API Introduction

This is a graduation project about SolidWorks plug-in development and company PDM integration written when I graduated two years ago. I have nothing to worry about recently. 1.1 SolidWorks API Interface Correctly calling the SolidWorks API is the basis for completing the parametric design in the secondary development of Soli

Problem Resolution--solidworks has stopped working (Windows7 + SolidWorks SP0.0)

It was discovered by accident to a colleague's SolidWorks when solving the problem.--------------------------------------------------------------This article is original, reproduced please indicate the source and maintain the integrity of the article.This article link: colleague's computer is Windows7, he told me that he had obsessive-c

Which is better for SolidWorks and ProE?

I believe that the students who have studied mechanical design know that SolidWorks and ProE two software, SolidWorks and ProE are now widely used in three-dimensional design software, there are many similar features in the function, but the features, then the two software that better use it, The following small series simply summed up the SW and ProE 10 different places. 1.

SolidWorks Learn 40 rules that must be read

This article from the network and SW predecessor, 2nd I changed. SolidWorks learns 40 rules that must be read 1. Consider SolidWorks as a new course of study; 2. See Software Help (in the top right corner of the software interface). In the SolidWorks tutorial, follow the tutorial from start to finish, do not choose to write down the skip, later feel the problem,

CSS3 Text Wrap word-wrap Resolve English text more than fixed width no line wrap

English text more than fixed width, do not change their own line of question must have met, in the past is used Overflow:hidden or JavaScript to control, when CSS3 appear, we can use CSS3 text line word-wrap to solve this problem We sometimes encounter English text more than fixed width in the production, do not change their own line of issue. This sort of problem is mostly controlled by Overflow:hidden or JavaScript in the past, making it look clos

SolidWorks 2013 Chinese version of Installation and registration tutorial (32/64 bit)

SolidWorks 2013 is a well-known three-dimensional mechanical design system, in the new version of SolidWorks 2013, a more rapid variety of engineering views, convenient and intelligent cut-cutting view, greatly provide designers of the work efficiency. You cannot run on a Windows XP computer. Install SolidWorks 2013 (including

Solid Edge Application Introduction and its comparison with SolidWorks

Edge's synchronous modeling technology, combined with the advantages of parametric modeling and direct modeling, can be directly edited for both its own native model and the model from other software, with unparalleled speed and flexibility; SolidWorks has no such technology;The 2.solid Edge has more modules, with a comprehensive functionality beyond SolidWorks. And in the details of each module function,

Explain how to convert CAD drawing into SolidWorks three-dimensional model

Traditional mechanical drawing is to imagine the three-dimensional shape of the parts, and then the three-dimensional model from all directions projection, generate the projection surface of the two-dimensional view, dimensioning and other annotations to generate basic two-dimensional drawings. The following figure. But the shortcomings of two-dimensional drawings is also obvious, is slightly more complex point is not intuitive, the need for human correct imagination. If there are three-dimen

SolidWorks two times development -01-record a macro

SolidWorks two times development -01-record a macro First step: We need to record a macro ourselves and then see what code the program produces. That's what I did when I was learning Excel. Just, SolidWorks to be more complex, directly recorded macros can not be used, need to make some adjustments. In the absence of experience we'd better follow the advice below. Edit or Debug

zygote.human.factors.7.0.win32_64 2CD SolidWorks Human model plug-in man-machine engineering

zygote.human.factors.7.0.win32_64 2CD SolidWorks Human model plug-in man-machine engineeringHuman Solution ramsis 3821 Standalone vehicle Design man-Machine engineering general layout toolsHuman factors for SolidWorks is a plug-in for the SolidWorks three-dimensional design platform that enables users to build on human measurement technology to accuratelyThe gene

Open SolidWorks 20,080 files with C #

Cause: In the process of two development of SolidWorks, SolidWorks API help is essential, but most of these instances are implemented in VB6.0 and C + +, this article provides a small example of SolidWorks two development using C #. Hope to provide a window to knock the door open. Environment: Windows XP + Visual Studio C # +

Driveworks Solo V12 SP1 for SolidWorks 2010-2015 win32_64 1CDSolidWorks Engineering plug-in

Driveworks Solo V12 SP1 for SolidWorks 2010-2015 win32_64 1CDSolidWorks Engineering plug-inAuxiliary Quality management tool Driveworks Pro 12.0 SP0 SolidowrksThe Driveworks Pro 12.0 is an auxiliary quality management tool that is used in conjunction with SolidWorks to automate the design of parts, assemblies, drawings, and toEnsure the accuracy of the final design. It can help

How to use QT to do solidworks two-time development

This problem has been bothering me for 2 years, the tutorials I found earlier are MFC, the ATL Import Wizard, or the way to invoke the control by importing a type library, I have never understood.After learning ACTIVEQT recently and controlling Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and flash through ACTIVEQT, I finally got to the general understanding.After a few hours of trying, finally successfully through the QT operation SolidWorks. Suggest you can go to Baidu

Secondary Development of SolidWorks-03-accessing feature data

Secondary Development of SolidWorks-03-accessing feature data 'Coder Arden'Filename: getchoosed. SWP'Date: 2005-03-22'Used to get the simple hole infomation Dep Dia'Finished lucky !!'------------------------------------------------------------ Option explicitDim swapp as sldworks. sldworksDim model as modeldoc2Dim curfeature as featureDim boolstatus as BooleanDim featdata as simpleholefeaturedata2 'declares a simple direct hole objectDim component as

SolidWorks three-dimensional diagram how to turn two-dimensional diagram?

SolidWorks Three-dimensional diagram how to turn two-dimensional diagram? 1, open the need to convert SolidWorks three-dimensional graphics 2, click on the title bar "new" icon, select "From parts/assembly system for engineering drawings" 3, select template Click to confirm 4, into the "Engineering drawing" interface, select the right side of the "isometric", and th

SolidWorks how to draw a curve?

SolidWorks how to draw a curve? In three-dimensional drawings, for complex curves, you can create them through the XYZ point, as follows. 1, open the SolidWorks software, and click the "New" button. 2, in the New SolidWorks file dialog box, select Parts and click the OK button. 3, click Curves on the Insert menu, and click t

What does the SolidWorks standard view do?

What does the SolidWorks standard view do? In the process of modeling with SolidWorks, the appropriate standard view can help us to work out in the process of drawing, however, sometimes the default standard view of the software is not the ideal view, as shown in the following figure, the same as the front view, The figure A and B are completely different, how do you turn the front view from figure A to Fig

SolidCAM SP0 for SolidWorks 2012-2017 Win64 1DVD

Powersurfacing RE v2.4-4.1 for SolidWorks 2012-2017 Win64 6CDSafe software FME Desktop 2017.0.1.17291 win32_64 2DVDSafe software FME Server 2017.0.1.17291 win32_64 2DVDSRS1 software, Data Curve Fit Creator add-in v2.62 1CDAltair.hyperworks.2017.1.suite.win64 14DVDSolidthinking.suite.2017.2.1.8097.win64 1DVDAltair.hyperworks.solvers.2017.1.1.hotfix.only.win64 Linux64 2CDSTOLL M1 v3.7.014 for WinXP 1CDGeometric nestingworks SP2.0 for

Geometryworks 3D Features for SolidWorks win32_64 2CD

Intelligent.Light.FieldView.v14.Win32_64 2CDAltair HyperWorks Solvers v12.0.212 Update only win32_64 Linux64 3CDAnsys ECAD translators v8.0 win32_64 2CDApplied International Extreme Loading for structures v2.3 B204 1CDStar-cd.v4.20.027.win64.linux64 2DVDCaxa Electronic drawing board R2 Green version 1CDCaxa Manufacturing Engineer R3 Win32-iso 1DVDIttvis. envi.v5.1 Win64 1DVDMentor Graphics Expedition Enterprise Flow (EE) v7.9.5.update 2CDAldec Riviera-pro v2013.10.81 win32_64 2CDAldec.riviera-p

Secondary Development of SolidWorks-08-identify what the feature is

How can we determine a feature? If we define a feature object: Dim curfeature as sldworks. Feature Then this feature is obtained through selectmgr, and then feature. gettypename can be used to determine the type of feature: Select case curfeature. gettypename Case "cut" 'a stretch cut feature Do something. Case "holewzd" 'a special hole feature Do something. Case else End select End select This is the Syntax: Syntax (OLE Automation) Retval = feature. gettypename () It returns (BS

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