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Java Code Quality Monitoring Tool sonar installation

1. Code Quality seven CrimesSonar is a code quality management system, its help document opening Ming Yi, put forward the code quality of the seven crimes, summed up in place, may wish a look:1. Bugs and Hidden Bugs (Bugs and potential Bugs)2. Violation of code specification (Coding standards Breach)3. Copy and paste (

Static Code analysis tool Sonarqube+sonar-runner installation configuration and use

that matches your computer and run Startsonar.bat.The Start Success Command box appears with the following prompt:(5) Visit the homepageAfter a successful run, you can access the Sonar home page, and database sonar also has many tables.Home: Http://localhost:9000/sonar (corresponding to the configuration file)Out of the table:(6) Install Chinese plug-in packageT

Sonar Code audit tool installation diagram (program code necessary weapon)

Sonar is a code review tool that can effectively address your code's specifications This article is installed under windowThis is a configuration to check MAVEN projects Installing Sonar-runer Installation configuration Corresponding to the above configu

Use the code Quality Check Tool sonar in combination with Hudson and Maven

. properties file with options including port and database information. If you want to modify it, you need to run the command before 4. Deploy sonar. War to the webapps directory of Tomcat 5. start Tomcat and access the relevant port to see the page Use nginx for proxy: For security considerations, nginx should be used as a proxy and basic authentication should be addedIi. Configuration Security Configuration: 1. For security considerati

"Sonar Code quality Detection Tool"

Preface: Recently used in the project Sonarlint, the first contact with the software, it feels really good, some code problems can be detected using Sonarlint, a software use, are from a step-by-step learning to start, this blog to summarize the Sonarlint installation and basic use.Core: What : Sonarlint, essentially, is a plugin that we can download in Idea,eclipse, Visual Studio for code detection.Idea I

Jupiter Code Review Reference--Jupiter Code review tool use reference (modified version)

Jupiter Code Review ReferenceNote: IE6 kernel browser images are always out of the picture, it is recommended to use Mozilla Firefox,opera, Google ChromeWhat is Jupiter?The Jupiter here is an open source code review tool that is a great

Code Review: Codes review tool Big Parade

web-based code review tool. Groogle support and Subversion integration. It mainly provides the following functions: Syntax highlighting in a wide variety of languages.Supports the comparison of the entire version tree.Supports the diff feature of different versions of a file and has a graphical version of the tree.Mail notifies all reivew of the current status o

Configuring sonarqube_jenkins for continuous Java Code Auto-build Review

This article takes the CentOS operating system as an example to introduce the installation configuration of Sonarqube and how to integrate with JenkinsServerEnvironment:[Email protected] data]# uname-aLinux Db-server 3.10.0-327.36.3.el7.x86_64[Email protected] data]# java-versionOPENJDK Version "1.8.0_111"[Email protected] data]# nginx-vNginx version:nginx/1.10.2[Email protected] data]# mysql-vMySQL Ver 15.1 distrib 5.5.50-mariadbSonarqube-5.3.zipI. I

Java Static Detection Tool/java code specification and quality check Brief introduction

of ways, most often in code analysis of newly written modules and a wider range of analysis of existing code. 5) do not pay attention to style and format, pay attention to the detection of real bugs and potential performance problems, especially attention to the possible suppression of false detection (false positives) occur. 4) FindBugs can detect the bug pattern example: Detection

Android code review tool-Use of lint Tool

Android code review tool-Use of lint Tool Reprinted please famous Source: After so long, I don't know what the lint tool is doing for android. Although I can see it under the android tools Project right-click eclipse every time, what can I

Simple and practical code review tool

review tool. Groogle supports integration with subversion. It provides the following functions: Syntax highlighting in various languages. Comparison of the entire version tree is supported. It supports the diff function of different versions of a file and has a version tree of the image. The current status of all reivew recipients is notified by email. Authentication mechanism. 4. Rietveld:Rietvel

Facebook code review tool phabricator User Guide-Audit User Guide

Address: OverviewPhabricator supports two code review workflows: Review (pre-submission review) and Audit (post-Submission review ).This document outlines the post-Submission

How to build Gerrit Open source Code review tool

interface.To view the commits that require code review:View the details of a submission (reviewer +2 can be submitted via this submission, which can be submitted by abandon):If the approver +2 is passed, the commit can be submitted.Reference Links:Java SDK download: Code

How to use code review tool crucible

Because our team now uses Crucible as a code review tool, I asked my colleagues to study the use of this tool, and this is the result of his research, and I just translated it in Chinese: Examples, such as the one named Charles Wang, examine the code written by Kevin Qian.

Code review Tool StyleCop

"Code review" or "Code Review", this is a process that, when the developer writes the code, needs someone else to Review his code, which is an effective way to find bugs. As a result, w

JSLint JavaScript Code Quality Review Tool Chinese version of the grand release

JSLint is a JavaScript code quality review tool that can point out errors, irregular places in code, be very strict, or even write a single space to issue a warning.JSLint review rules, according to many predecessors years of programming experience and write, Abas, sentence

Code review tool stylecop

The ultimate goal of sourceanalysis (stylecop) is to make everyone write elegantly and consistentlyCodeTherefore, these codes are highly readable. Sourceanalysis (stylecop) is not a code formatting tool, but a code specification checking tool (Code

Add a code review tool to Phpstorm codes Sniffer

packages involved into the vendor directory of the current project, which is also automatically created.(ii) Setting up the PHP local execution environmentOpen Phpstorm, click File--Settings, Languages Frameworks and PHP into the following interface and set:PHP language Level I've chosen PHP 7.0, which is currently up to PHP 7.1. Next is to select the Interpreter file directory, click the "Three Dots" button, and then select PHP to execute the directory.  Select the Green Plus button in the up

Code review tool memo

A simple CodeReview Record tools must be used with TFs: Http:// A page for discussing code review: Http:// A code review tool devadvantage: Http://

Java Basics Review-22 (static import, variable parameters, collections Collection Tool class, set nesting)

1, at the time of the Guide package can import its static part, so that in the class to use it, you can directly use its nameFor example: Map.entry access, after the class file header imports import Java.util.Map.Entry after simplification for entry.2. You can use the modifier to return a value type method name ( parameter type ...). formal parameter name ) {}" to pass in an indeterminate number at the same time, parameters of the same parameter type. For example, when the data of an int of an

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