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About Taobao discount navigation website nine Block mail optimization analysis

These days in QQ often and a friend to do SEO chat, his side is responsible for a Taobao discount navigation station, because the site Baidu was punished by Baidu, said more precisely some, is Baidu plucked hair. The Baidu SEO friend said to help look at nine pieces of mail that site, just today there is time to help look at their website. first, nine pieces of mail site some basic SEO situation 1. Domain-related information Registration time is Ma

How to Use the Cisco command to block access to a specific website

I recently received an email from a reader asking him how to use Cicso IOS to block a specific website. He wrote: "I have a Cisco 2600 instance, which is usually used as an Internet server. Now I want to block some specific websites. What should I do ?" This is not a very difficult task-as long as you know how Cisco IOS works. Here I will guide you on how to do

JavaScript-How does the Foreign Trade website block the mainland IP?

Foreign trade station do not want to let China visit, want to use JavaScript to detect browser language is the Chinese are blocked, but will be hurt to a lot of overseas Chinese, and from the statistics on the website overseas Chinese accounted for a lot, with the back-end PHP to determine whether for the mainland to find a half-day and no clue, this should be how to solve? Reply content: Foreign trade station do not want to let China visit, want

Video website block Thunder hijacking download

Recently in the development of a video site, if the Thunderbolt, open video playback also thunder will hijack the video source, and then play download box, resulting in the normal play ~ ~ Very disgusting, very rogueThe simplest solution: the client, turn off the Thunderbolt, or set to cancel listening to the browser, or to cancel listening to all the contents of the domain nameOf course, as a developer, it is certainly not possible for every user to do so, but the experience is poor ~ ~See if y

JS Block a region (city) Visit website

"#" method="POST" > "hidden" name="IP" id="IP" value=""/> JS Block a region (city) Visit website

Use Cisco IOS to block access to a specific website

This document describes how to block access to a specific website. Taking Cisco Route 2600 as an example, we will provide detailed instructions. There is a Cisco 2600 server, which is usually used as an Internet server. What should I do if I want to block certain websites? This is not a difficult task-as long as you know how Cisco IOS works. Here we will guide yo

How to block domestic IP access to our website in some way!

As enterprises independently operate their own foreign trade website, the rise of foreign trade website, more and more heard a voice: how to block Chinese IP address? Operating foreign trade business-to-business, foreign Trade website company, all want to browse the site is a foreign customer, for price competition, pi

Block robot PHP Code _php tutorial for searching email addresses from your website

Spam is annoying, and the following is a way to automatically block bots from collecting email addresses from your website. Copy CodeThe code is as follows: function Security_remove_emails ($content) { $pattern = '/([a-za-z0-9._%+-]+@[a-za-z0-9.-]+\.[ a-za-z]{2,4})/I '; $fix = Preg_replace_callback ($pattern, "Security_remove_emails_logic", $content); return $fix; } function Security_remove_emails_logic (

Ubuntu Tutorial: how to block a website in Ubuntu

Dear Ubuntu geeks, In this tutorial, I will teach you how to edit the/etc/hosts file to shield undesirable websites on UbuntuLinux, this is a system file used to process DNS and Linux networks. I like this method very much, because it is very easy to use because I don't need to rely on third-party applications. What you need to do is to make a simple change in the/etc/hosts file. Make sure that you are in the root user access status on the machine when using this method, because/etc/hos Dear Ubu

Burpsuite only block specific website packet Tutorials

I. BACKGROUND notesThis is often the case when configuring Burpsuite agent truncation:Browsers often send some of their own packages (collect user information), dry-penetration test personnel to the target site detection;If it is a proxy phone, it is a lot of apps from time to time to send some packages, dry the penetration tester to detect the target app.Browser and app bundle We are not a good limit, but Burpsuite has a configuration that only intercepts packets for the specified

Website block Chinese Browser/English browser method

One opens the Apache configuration file httpd.conf.Two will #loadmodule Rewrite_module Modules/mod_rewrite front of the # RemoveThree Add in httpd.conf:Rewriteengine on #RewriteCond%{env:script_url} (?: Index|dispbbs) [ -0-9]+\.htmlRewriterule ^ (. *? (?: Index|dispbbs))-([ -0-9]+) \.html$ {getproperty (Content)}.php?__is_apache_rewrite=1__ Rewrite_arg=$2 Four to implement the ASP post URL to the PHP post map, in the third step between the Rewritemap toLowerCase Int:tolowerRewritecond%{query_str

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