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Ubuntu14.04 has sound on the lower and lower sides, while headphones have no sound. ubuntu14.04 has headphones.

Ubuntu14.04 has sound on the lower and lower sides, while headphones have no sound. ubuntu14.04 has headphones. There are new discoveries every day when I use linux. I got up this morning and used my computer to listen to a few songs. After I plugged in my headphones, I fou

Headphones plugged into the computer do not sound what to do? No sound solution for headphones answering computer

First, verify the headset equipment is normal : If there is a problem with the headset, then there will be no sound when the headset is plugged into the notebook. Verification Method:method One:Look for sound when you plug the headset device into another computer or mobile device. If the headset is plugged into another device and there is no sound, it should be

The computer has no sound and prompts that no speakers or headphones are inserted. How can this problem be solved ?, Speaker headphones

The computer has no sound and prompts that no speakers or headphones are inserted. How can this problem be solved ?, Speaker headphones The test is successful. You can try it. Right-click the volume icon, and then click "sound (S )", Click "Recording". The microphone displays "not inserted" and the line Input

Computer plugged in headphones, no sound, or computer plugged in headphones or an external accent.

Many netizens use the Win7 system when there is a sound and plug in headphones, when the sound of audio headphones but no sound, or both have no sound, or the computer plugged in headphones

iOS development--avaudioplayer makes a player with headphones with sound and no speaker sound

1, Reason:No channel is set;Avaudiosession is a singleton that can be used directly without instantiation. Avaudiosession plays a very important role in various audio environments.For different audio scenarios, you need to set different audio answering classes2, Workaround:Before initializing the Avaudioplayer, set the channel with the following code:Avaudiosession *audiosession = [avaudiosession sharedinstance]; [Audiosession setcategory:avaudiosessioncategoryplayback Error:nil];

Computer headphones do not sound how to set

When using a computer, people often use headphones to watch movies or play games, but there are often netizens asked how to do headphones, there are many netizens are not sound how to set the computer headset problems, computer problems caused by many aspects of the problem, today, the Shield security engineers to teach you how to solve the problem of

Completely troubleshoot Ubuntu 10.04 on some of the sound card does not support or headphones silent problems

One of my friends ' notebooks installed the Ubuntu system on my recommendation. Originally he installed a version 9.10, WIFI support some problems. He then upgraded to version 10.04, Wi-Fi was normal, but there was no sound when the headset was plugged in and only the speaker was used.In order to solve this problem, I began to study from 11 o'clock today, until the evening of 19 o'clock to be successfully done. Symptom descriptionThe Ubuntu 10.04 syst

Win7 no sound shows "not plugged in speakers or headphones" how to fix

Do not know whether a user friend and I encountered such a situation, whether the computer is plugged in headphones or speakers, in front of the chassis and the headphone jack at the back of the test several times, Win8 pure version of the system still no sound.Now let's take a look at the lower right corner of the desktop the volume icon displays an "X" symbol, moving the mouse over the volume icon and discovering that "no speakers or

What should I do if my computer's speakers, headphones, and audio devices have no sound ?, Speaker audio device

What should I do if my computer's speakers, headphones, and audio devices have no sound ?, Speaker audio device Computer speakers, headphones with no sound inserted. I have not changed to mute. Why is there no sound? How can I set up a playback device in Windows 7? If I che

Ubuntu12.04 solution for silent headphones and sound speakers

After the upgrade to 12.04 today, all aspects are normal, but when I want to listen to the song, I started to use headphones and found that even if the volume is adjusted to the maximum, it is still silent. Later, I pulled out my earphones and found a sound. That may be where the configuration is incorrect. Solution: run alsamixer on the terminal and move the cursor... After upgrading to 12.04 today, all a

Win7 system plugged into headphones no sound. What's going on?

Win7 system plugged into headphones no sound. What's going on? 1, insert headphones for testing, you can play music test, you can see music players and computer systems are sound; This step is to determine if your computer has a sound. 2, open the Control Panel,

Win 7 System Computer headphones or speakers no sound solution

To facilitate the operation of the demonstration, we assume that the computer's hardware is working properly, but the headphones are not plugged in to see how the system will give us a hint. Open the start menu, Control Panel , in the system and Security , select Find and solve problems ; Put this picture away. expand this picture Turn on the hardware and

Win7 system plugged in headphones no sound?

win7 system plugged in headphones no sound? First make sure that your headset is not bad, plug the headset into other audio sources to hear the sound (the headset must match the sound source Jack) to determine the headset is not broken and then open the computer's control Panel. Go to "hardware and

Win7 system computer headphones sound small how to solve

Method One 1. First of all, we need to open the Win7 flagship computer's Start menu, and then click from the Start menu to enter the interface of the control Panel. 2. In the Open Control Panel interface, we click to enter to adjust the system volume (search sound) → speaker properties (point speakers will bounce out) → enhanced, after clicking, we will be the loudness of the uniform option tick. 3. After the setup is complete, we will find that

B490 external speakers or headphones and built-in speakers simultaneous sound processing scheme

Failure phenomenon:B490 and other models in the use of external speakers or headphones occasionally appear in the built-in speaker at the same time audible, if you try to plug and replace other speakers or headphones still have this phenomenon, you can refer to the following instructions to operate. Solution: 1. Check whether the driver is up to dateTo Lenovo-driven Web site to download the latest

Ubuntu10.04 solution for unworking headphones (ACL269 sound card)

Solution (ACL269 Sound Card): Upgrade alsa to version 1.0.23. Note: (1) Compile alsa dependent package: ncurses-devgettextxmltolibasound2-devlinux-headerslibncursesw5-dev (2) package to be compiled: alsa-driver-1.0.23alsa-lib-1.0. Solution for disworking headphones in Ubuntu 10.04 (ACL269 sound card) Purpose: Upgrade alsa to version 1.0.23. Note: (1) Compile

ubuntu14.04 by Will voice, headphones no sound

the computer all loaded into memory, that is, the hard drive to stop power. But the memory has to be powered.The advantage is that recovery is fast. The disadvantage is to keep the power supply, the power will have to restart.Hibernation is to save the current state of the system to a hibernation file on the hard disk, and then all the devices are off, you can safely turn off the power and reboot the next time. Will voluntarily invoke the saved files on the hard drive and revert to the state be

Headphones plugged into the computer without sound?

Analysis: 1, Control Panel and sound changes the system sound, and then set the headset as the default, but when you plug in the headset you may not hear the sound of the headset, and the outside is still put, you put the song closed and reopened, so it can be. 2, the sound card driver has the problem. You can look i

Win7 headphones and speakers no sound the easiest way to solve

It is very common for computers to appear without sound, but there are many reasons why computers do not sound, and if you want to eliminate them all, sometimes you don't know when to exclude them. But if you're a win7 system, there's an easy way to find out what the problem is. 1 Win7 has a feature that automatically helps you find the problem. Click on the Start menu, Control Panel, in the system and s

What if Win7 headphones don't sound?

The method provided here is applicable in this case, please ensure that headphones and microphone plug in the air is correct, and then ensure that the Win7 installed the correct sound card driver (generally normal installed after the driver, the tray on the right side of the taskbar to see a small horn, as shown in the following picture: Right-click the small horn on the taskbar system tray and choo

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