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Python plays music using pygame.mixer

Python plays music using pygame.mixerFrequency here is the frequency adjustment ...To play audio from your network:#!/usr/bin/env python#-*-coding:utf-8-*-#Author: Teaimport pygameimport urllib2pygame.mixer.init (frequency=8000, size=-16,channels=4) URL = (" tz49xk_oiwzaaeh91exsdbhbruqdwsi5c2sskhwhttrerog__1cm_j-fxfjxaime2text=%e4%b8%ba%e4%bb%80%e4%b9%88%e8%bf% 99%e6%a0%b7%e5%ad

A summary of how C # plays background music

a summary of how C # plays background music This article mainly introduced the C # Play background music method, the example summarizes the C # plays the background music the related skill, very has the practical value, needs the friend to be possible to refer to under This article summarizes the method of C # playing background music. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as foll

Linux DSP plays audio file

) { intFD; intwavfd;/*a descriptor for a WAV file*/ intArg/*IOCTL Arg*/ intRet/*return value*/unsignedCharBuff[rate * bits * channels/8];//The buff has exactly one second of audio in it. /*Open Device*/FD= Open ("/DEV/DSP", o_wronly); if(FD 0) {printf ("Open OF/DEV/DSP failed"); Exit (1); } wavfd=open (filename, o_rdonly); if(Wavfd 0) {printf ("Open of WAV failed"); Close (FD); Exit (1); } /*Set Bits*/Arg=bits; RET= IOCTL (FD, Sound_pcm_write_bits, Arg); if(ret = =-1) perro

Unity plays external video

"); Movtexture =; while (!movtexture.isreadytoplay) { Debug.Log (www.progress); } yield return www; } void Ongui () {//Draw the movie texture GUI. Drawtexture (New Rect (0, 0, Screen.width, screen.height), Movtexture, Scalemode.stretchtofill); if (Guilayout.button ("Play/Continue") {//play/Resume Video if (!movtexture.isplaying) { (); }} if (Guilayout.button ("Pause play")) {//Pause play movtexture.pause ();

PS production of film and television plays commonly used in the cyan color

PS production of film and television plays commonly used in the cyan color Green-Yellow is the film and television drama commonly used color scheme, such as "Why Sheng Xiao," "Tough Guy 2" "West Wind" and so on, are used in the film this tone, this example to explain its specific production methods. Adjust the train of thought When making the effect of this example, you should grasp some key points, that is, green yellow, dark angle and

The computer plays the game card is what reason, how to play the game card?

The reason that the computer plays the game card is more, the most common is the slow speed of the network, or the computer configuration is low. Here are some of the reasons and solutions for playing game cards.  1, the computer configuration is relatively low, need to upgrade the computer Configuration General game on the computer configuration are a bit of requirements, such as memory, graphics, CPU, if the configuration is too low, but also forc

Unity plays transparent video new ideas

Unity version 2017.2It is not known that unity began to support Google's WEBM format from that version. This format can support video with alpha channel, which is transparent video.First of all to make transparent video, in AE can be exported with transparent channel video generally AVI and mov can.But I do not know why the conversion to WEBM will be wrong, this problem I may later solve.A temporary workaround is to export the sequence frame and then convert the WEBM through

How do I insert a music that plays automatically in my Web page? Use on any Web page

Website features do not need too much, their own needs of the good, their own blog slowly improve, a function of the increase, are their own needs and practical, they will cherish the hands!这音乐的功能很简单,一段代码而已:If it doesn't play, your browser doesn't support it!Plus there's going to be a player that showsImage.png相信谁都能理解,但是几点注意,我后面为什么还要多加一个“loop”?这不是和“autoplay”重复了么?是的,重复,但是不矛盾,我自己的网站如果不加“loop”,是不会自动播放的。为了美观我还会加上hidden,隐藏播放器,达到点进去网页就播放只有很少数而特殊的网页我才会用上音乐!接下来就把代码写到模板页面,然后后台编辑文章页面添加一个文本框,进行方便输入音乐地址。这样就

Girls should find a guy who plays ACM.

. Over time, the boys who play ACM will develop a modest and prudent character.4. PerseveranceAn ACM, it will not be smooth sailing, but they will be in a backward situation, the full search for every opportunity to make a comeback, this time needs patience. Patience to adjust the mentality, patient to think, change ideas, or even knock an algorithm 10k template (not recommended), and then seal the list after the storm a bunch of balloons seconds people! In your life, there will also be uncomfor

Example of how Android plays animations

Today began to tidy up some of the regular Android common development utility.First season: an example of how Android plays animations1. Animation is usually GIF image, it is recommended to use the Easygifanimator tool to disassemble it as multiple images, the proposal is PNG;2. Add the Anim directory under the Res directory of the Android project and create a new XML file, such as Loading.xml:Xmlns:android= "Http://

C # plays music, invokes programs

One: C # plays musicstring " /sound/msg.wav " // Application.startuppath: The program EXE location, you can also directly write a path to music New ////player. Playlooping (); // play the player. Play ();Two: C # call EXELogout of a program as an example: Click to log out after the program opened, and then close the programif (process==null) { string path = Application.startuppath; // This path is the absolute path to the EXE program you are cal

Go VLC plays the. 264 file sent by RTP package

VLC plays the. 264 file sent by RTP package1, to have a server that sends RTP packets of 264 files;The specific code is as follows:Rtp.h#include Rtp.cpp #include "rtp.h" #include 2, download VLC;3, make the following settings:1> setting W.SDPA, open Vlc->media->open network streamb,-->network->rtp://@,-->file->add...w.sdp->playHere to talk about the SDP file, the SDP file when VLC playback is required files, here is necessary, oth

Virtual piano automatically plays music scores

, E, F, G, A, and B in each audio group. Code: # Include "stdafx. H " To run the code, download cmidiwrapper: This library uses the cwinthread under MFC, so you need to add the following in stdafx: # DEFINE _ afxdll# Include In addition, the project is set to use a multi-byte character set. In C ++ code generation, the Runtime Library is multi-threaded dll/MD, and the input library winmm. Lib is added. Program description The playlatterrhythm function can play letters and notes. Float indicate

Lin Daiyu plays Chen husband and wife Chen Introduction _ actor Information

February 25, the network news, in the TV series "A Dream of Red mansions" in the role of Lin Daiyu actor Chen and Love Hao Tongtu yesterday abandoned billions of possessions, tonsure monk. Old Chen Today's Chen "Lin Daiyu" husband and wife became a monk The star reclusive Buddhism Li Na is not the first person, yesterday the dog net to log out the news, said in the TV series "The Dream of Red Mansions" p

C # plays a sound file

); [Flags] public enum Soundflags {//Where the Soundflags enumeration defines the various ways to play.Second, use SoundPlayer to play sound.The class SoundPlayer under the System.Media namespace allows us to play WAV waveform sound files conveniently. The SoundPlayer class is actually the encapsulation of the API functions in the Winmm.dll file.The use of the SoundPlayer class is simple. As follows: SoundPlayer player = new SoundPlayer (); Player. soundloca

The VBS that automatically plays music on the boot

Today inadvertently saw the VBS this little thing, on the whim, self-taught a bit, pour out the following small things, Daniel do not spray! This can be used to make the sister-in-the-spirit to remind themselves!How to use:Copy the program to TXT text inside save, and then suffix to vbs, throw to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup will be able to boot from the start!Red for the song path, this should be set to, green to see mood changes, feel good enthusiastic about, do

Objective-c method Overloading-Selector identification plays a decisive role

Objective-c method Overloading-Selector identification plays a decisive roleThe beautiful Life of the Sun Vulcan ( article follows "Attribution-non-commercial use-consistent" authoring public agreementReprint Please keep this sentence: Sun Vulcan's Beautiful Life-this blog focuses on Agile development and mobile and IoT device research: IOS, Android, HTML5, Arduino, Pcduino , Otherwise, the article from this blog r

Unity plays video with Alpha channel (Unity play channel movie)

+ = _alphaoffsetx;in.u V_maintex.y + = _alphaoffsety;half4 D = tex2d (_maintex, In.uv_maintex); O. Albedo = C.rgb;o. Alpha = ((d.r*-1) + 1) *-1;} endcg}//FallBack "Diffuse" FallBack "Transparent/diffuse"}Write a C # script that plays the video as follows:Using unityengine;using System.collections;public class moviecontrol:monobehaviour{public movietexture movie; Public AudioClip Moviesound; void Start () { Play (); } public v

Unity plays audio files

Unity plays audio file reference code:1 Public voidPlay (stringStrsoundname,floatAutodestroytime = 0f,BOOLBloop =false,floatFpertime =1f)2 {3 if(!strsoundname.equals (""))4 {5 //Set background music6AudioClip clip = resources.load(strsoundname);7 8 if(_csaudio = =NULL)9 awake ();Ten if(Clip! =NULL) One { A_csaudio.loop =false;//with true here there will be

Python plays MP3 with the Pygame module

Install Pygame (This is the python3,32 bit)PIP installs this WHL fileJust run the code when you're done, it's short.import timeimport pygamefile=r‘C:\Users\chan\Desktop\Adele - All I Ask.mp3‘pygame.mixer.init()print("播放音乐1")track = Play music after 10 seconds stop appendix Pygame.init () initializes all modules,Pygame.mixer.init () or just initialize the audio

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