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During the installation of the Audio card driver in Windows XP, the following error occurs: "HD Audio bus driver is required, but not found"

Knowledge Point analysis:Microsoft UAA (Microsoft Universal Audio Architecture) bus driver is Microsoft's system-level support driver for HD Audio standard HD Audio bus (High Definition Audio. The new HD

Embedded Driver Development---Linux ALSA audio driver (i)

Part of this article refers to the blog from Droidphone (, about Alsa writing a very good article, just a few examples. This article is a combination of examples to analyze the ALSA audio driver.Development environment: ubuntu10.04Target board: linux-2.6.37 (view Linux kernel information via command uname-r)Compiler: arm-none-linux-gnueabi-(None on behalf of compiler creator, such as: FSL for Fre

Linux Audio Driver ASOC driver Architecture __linux

Bowen from Http:// Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1. Origin of Asoc Asoc--alsa system on Chip is built on a standard ALSA drive layer to better support a software system for embedded processors and audio codec in mobile devices. Before ASOC, the kernel had some support for

Centos5.5 System Video Card Driver, NIC Driver, Audio Card Driver Installation

User: $ Su- Step 2: Change the running level to enter the character interface: # Init 3 Step 3: CD to the driver directory ./ # Run the Driver Installation Package Follow the prompts Step 4: After the installation is complete, use shutdown-R now to restart the system. No configuration is required. The video card can be

Linux audio alsa-uda134x driver document 7 (machine driver)

From: ASoC Machine Driver ASoC machine driver============================== The ASoC machine (or board) driver is the code that glues together the platformAnd codec drivers.ASoC machines or board-level drivers are code that binds the platform and decoder drivers together. The machine

Compaq 511 series graphics card driver audio card driver NIC Driver

Compaq 511 series windows_xp driver chipset:Ftp:// Card:Note: If you are installing Windows XP SP2, you must first install the "Microsoft universal audio architecture (uaa) bus driver ", if you are installing Windows XP SP3, you can directly install the Sound Card Driver

Microsoft uaa bus driver for high definition audio

definition drive patch kb835221 kb888111; 2. restart the computer system; 3. re-enter the soundmax installer, and the program will automatically restart the HD Audio bus program, it is completely normal in the future. Since then, the HD Audio problem has been completely solved !!! [Analysis]: it should be kb835221 kb888111. If the two patch packages do not cor

Linux Audio Driver Brief

. The two-channel, also known as stereo, has two lines in the hardware, with better sound quality and timbre than mono, but the amount of storage space occupied by digitizing is one-fold more than mono.Second, sound card driverFor security reasons, applications under Linux cannot operate directly on a hardware device such as a sound card, but must pass through a kernel-supplied driver to complete it. The essence of

Wince audio driver 2: Driver Model

The audio driver is implemented in the wavedev2 mode. This is a single-layer driver mode, and all platform-related functions are implemented in hwctxt. H and hwctxt. in CPP, it also includes MIDI support, software mixer support, S/pdif interface, gain class interface, forcespeaker interface, and so on. (1) software implementation of the

Linux Audio alsa-uda134x driver Analysis II (clock)

with and to savePower). Other master clocks is fixed at a set frequency (i.e. crystals).Some master clocks are configurable (such as PLL or processor-based clocks) that can be changed by software speed (depending on system application and power-saving considerations). Other master clocks are fixed to a specific frequency value (such as a crystal oscillator). Master Clock Driver Master Clock Configurable C

Linux Driver: Audio driver (i) alsa__linux

First, "Basic knowledge" 1, J2 "--hpr_out+hpl_out"--U13 (TLV320AIC3104IRHBR) hprout+hplout 2. Driving source code Ipnc_rdk_v3.8.0.1/source/ti_tools/ipnc_psp_arago/kernel/sound/soc/codecs/tlv320aic3x.c 3, depends on the I2C drive 4, sound card driver frame: ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound architecture) 5, ALSA website: 6, the structure body Snd_card describes a sound card device 7, the structure body snd_device the description ch

Driver-audio MDD and PDD

executed by the functions in the MDD layer, the integrated driver can be simpler and more effective. The source code of any sample driver can be used as the basis for implementation, whether to implement a hierarchical driver or an integral driver. For more information, see Windows CE Drivers|

Linux Audio Driver Model

Linux Drive ALSA Model:Linux Alsa One of the sound card drivers: Alsa Architecture IntroductionLinux ALSA sound card Driver II: the creation of sound cardLinux ALSA sound card driver Three: the creation of PCM devicesLinux ALSA sound card driver Four: Control device creationLinux ALSA sound card driver V: Alsa (ASOC) i

Brief Introduction to Linux audio driver

superior to that of the single-channel, but the storage space occupied after digitalization is twice the size of the single-channel. Ii. Sound Card drive For security considerations, Linux applications cannot directly operate hardware devices such as sound cards, but must use the driver provided by the kernel. The essence of audio programming in Linux is to use the dri

Linux Audio Driver-asoc's Machine__linux

, and when the name of the platform driver and platform device (previously configured in DT) wants to match, it invokes the probe function s3c24xx_uda134x_probe in the platform driver. S3c24xx_uda134x_snd_device = Platform_device_alloc ("Soc-audio",-1); if (!s3c24xx_uda134x_snd_device) { printk (kern_err "s3c24xx_uda134x SoC

Transplantation of Linux- Kernel on mini2440 (13th)-porting uda1341 audio driver

Port Environment (Bold font in redIs the modified content,Blue bold ChineseFor special attention) 1. host environment: centos 5.5 and 1 GB memory in vmare. 2. Integrated Development Environment: Elipse ide 3. compiling environment: Arm-Linux-GCC v4.4.3 and arm-None-Linux-gnueabi-GCC v4.5.1. 4. Development Board: mini2440, 2 m nor flash, 128 m nand Flash. 5, U-boot version: u-boot-2009.08 6, Linux: linux- 7. References: Complete embedded Linux application development manual, edited by Wei

ALSA-amixer controls the audio card driver to implement the line-in Function

Development Environment: ubuntu12.04 Development Board: ok6410, linux3.0 Alsamixer is one of the Alsa tools for Linux audio architecture. It is used to configure various audio parameters. Alsamixer is based on the graphic interface under the text. You can easily set the desired volume and switch a switch by using the upper and lower keys on the keyboard, left and right keys, and so on, on the ubuntu12.04 sy

High Definition audio uaa bus driver question mark to solve the problem

Download uaa bus drive address Displaylang = ZH-CN familyid = D0934D06-15B3-4A65-8C52-746BEB24E86C File Name:WindowsServer2003-KB901105-v3-x86-CHS.exe 915 platform PCI-E architecture after installing Windows Server 2003 SP1 system, the computer can not find the sound card, and the system device inside the "Microsoft for high definition audio uaa bus driverProgram"Error. If a

Linux ALSA audio card driver 8: Platform in ASOC Architecture

1. the role of the platform driver in ASOC has been described in the previous chapters. ASOC is divided into three parts: machine, platform, and CODEC. The main role of the platform driver is to manage audio data, finally, the audio data is transmitted to codec through the digital

Linux ALSA Audio Driver Seven: Codec__linux in ASOC architecture

1. Codec Introduction In mobile devices, the role of codec can be summed up to 4 kinds, respectively: For PCM and other signals D/a conversion, the digital audio signal to analog signals to the mic, LineIn or other input source analog signals for A/D conversion, the analog sound signal conversion CPU can handle digital signals to control the audio channel, such as playing music, listening to FM radio, or wh

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