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During the installation of the Audio card driver in Windows XP, the following error occurs: "HD Audio bus driver is required, but not found"

Knowledge Point analysis:Microsoft UAA (Microsoft Universal Audio Architecture) bus driver is Microsoft's system-level support driver for HD Audio standard HD Audio bus (High Defini

How to install HD Audio/Video driver)

The installation process is as follows: 1. Enter safe mode (otherwise the corresponding driver file will be restored automatically );2. Go to c: \ windows \ system32 \ drivers and delete hdaudio. sys and hdaudio. sys (if there are other hda headers, delete these two );3. Enter the Device Manager. Disable and then enable "Microsoft uaa bus driver for high definition aud

HD Audio bus driver PHP Run efficiency summary prompt program speed

($filename, WB); Flock ($handle, lock_sh); $filedata =fread ($handle, FileSize ($filename)); Fclose ($handle); Than File ($filename); Be good at speed or stability 13, truncated string optimization function (can avoid the appearance of characters) function Substrs ($content, $length) { if (strlen ($content) > $length) { $num = 0; for ($i =0; $i if (Ord ($content [$i]) >127) $num + +; } $num%2==1? $c $content. = ' ... '; } return $content; } such as $newarray[1]=substrs ($newarray [1],25); 14, s

Realtek HD sound card host front panel microphone audio Settings tutorial

1, turn off the Realtek HD sound card driver for the front of the audio Panel automatic detection function; 2, set the default recording equipment for front Pink in (front pink Jack, may also be the name is front Mic). If you are unable to understand the above Setup profile, please see the details below.   Step One: check the BIOS settings in the motherboard,

Conexant HD audio cannot be recorded in question

Today, when recording video with a screen recorder experts found that can not be recorded, that is, can not record the sound of the video, in the audio options properties found in the mixer Conexant HD audio input only a microphone, that is, only support microphone recording. Students let me help him record the flash needs to be recorded this How to do AH ~ ~ ~ s

Troubleshoot new problems with HD Audio

Intel's HD Audio lets integrated sound card regardless of performance or sound quality are promoted to a new realm, but at the same time, HD Audio also has some "upgrade" glitch, today we will come to one by one to solve! \\ Don't forget to install the two-tier drive. Phenomenon: In the installation of the motherboard

Microsoft uaa bus driver for high definition audio

definition drive patch kb835221 kb888111; 2. restart the computer system; 3. re-enter the soundmax installer, and the program will automatically restart the HD Audio bus program, it is completely normal in the future. Since then, the HD Audio problem has been completely so

Centos5.5 System Video Card Driver, NIC Driver, Audio Card Driver Installation

I. NIC Driver Installation My network adapter information: Network Adapter jmicron PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Adapter Interface Type: Gigabit Ethernet Install the compilation tool gcc Download DRIVER: jme-1.0.7.tbz2 Step 1: Decompress jme-1.0.5.tbz2# Tar xjvf jme-1.0.7.tbz2 Step 2: Change directory to jme-1.0.5 # Cd jme-1.0.7 Step 3: Compile driver with roo

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