source code for comment box in html

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Using the right comment in Java

Java provides three types of comments: Single-line (c ++-style) CommentsThe simplest comment in Java is the single line comment. It starts with two forward slashes and continues to the end of the line. For example:Figure 1: single-line

NET specification Note (i)--XML comment tag explanation

I. Summary. NET allows developers to insert XML annotations into their source code, which is especially useful when collaborating with multiple developers. The C # parser can extract these XML tags from the code file and make further processing as

A deep understanding of the CSS box model and a deep understanding of the css box

A deep understanding of the CSS box model and a deep understanding of the css box Http:// Source: Links mentioned in this article: Floating and

New version of zxxbox jquery pop-up box plug-in without picture

Document directory I. Previous instructions Ii. Download and demo III. Basic usage Iv. Use and description of plug-in API Parameters 5. Use the plug-in's built-in pop-up window Vi. Other APIs of zxxbox VII. Supplement: style separation) 8.

CSS3 elastic box layout model) and css3 Layout

CSS3 elastic box layout model (conversion) and css3 LayoutIntroduction The purpose of introducing the elastic box layout model is to provide a more effective way to arrange, align, and allocate spaces for entries in a container. Even if the size of

VC Study Notes: Dialog Box

VC Study Notes: Dialog Box SkySeraph NOV.11st 2009 HQU QQ-452728574 Latest Modified Date: Oct.31th 2010 HQU // Note: Sun Xin video Study Notes SkySeraph NOV.11st 2009 HQU /* [Dialog box topic knowledge ]*/ // Knowledge point:

jquery Plug-in-jrating scoring plug-in source code analysis and the use of methods _jquery

The plug-in is widely used in a variety of needs to score the page, today as a learning, the source code out analysis, by the way to learn its use. first, the use of plug-ins at a glance。 Copy Code code as follows: First example

「 Masterpiece! Super Long! Simple GDI + Implementation "supports fast coloring text box controls for syntax highlighting and code folding

Last Updated: 7 Jun, 2012 Initiated: 3 Jun, 2012 Supports Rapid coloring of textbox with syntax highlighting and code folding [Ukraine] translated by Pavel torgashov Custom text editor with syntax highlighted. Written by Pavel torgashov 2011,

JQuery plug-in-jRating scoring plug-in source code analysis and usage

This plug-in is widely used in a variety of pages that require scoring. Today, as a learning tool, we will analyze the source code and learn how to use it by the way. I. Agent usage Overview. Copy codeThe Code is as follows: first example

HTML Help Workshop: Create a CHM help file and call it in an application

Recently, Microsoft's HTML Help Workshop toolkit was used to create a CHM help file, which is summarized as follows:I. html file preparation before production   Because CHM help files are based on HTML file features, it is important to prepare HTML

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