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Trojan Horse code example (inside the file is a vulnerability scanner, hehe) _ Trojan Related

For a friend who often surf the internet, the Trojan horse will not be unfamiliar, open a website, inexplicably run a trojan, although the "Internet Options" in the "security" settings, but the following code will not pop any information directly run the program, do not believe that follow me! (Hint: just understand the technology and methods, do not do damage, Yexj00.exe is a windows2000 vulnerability

Webpage Trojan code example (the file inside is a vulnerability scanner, haha)

For those who frequently surf the Internet, they will not be unfamiliar with webpage Trojans. When a website is opened, a Trojan is run inexplicably, although the "Security" setting is included in the "Internet Options, however, the following code does not pop up any information and runs the program directly. Do not believe it, follow me! (Note: yexj00.exe is a Windows vulnerability

C # source code of inSSIDer's Powerful wifi wireless hotspot signal scanner,

C # source code of inSSIDer's Powerful wifi wireless hotspot signal scanner, A complete source code of the wireless signal scanning tool, including drawing from hotspot scanning to intensity and signal transformation curves. The source

C # inssider Powerful wifi wireless hotspot signal scanner source code

hotspots with weak signals.It also supports filtering and Wireless WiFi positioning, but cannot be tested because there is no GPS module.The entire source code module is complete, including custom controls, WiFi classes, and log records.The source code project has a high technical level. It is not only about wireless

Pmd:java Source code Scanner

Loop body Create a new object: Try not to instantiate a new object in the for or while loop body Resource off: Connect,result,statement after use, make sure to shut down In addition, users can define their own rules to check whether the Java code conforms to certain coding specifications. For example, you can write a rule that requires PMD to find all the operations that create the thread and socket objects.Working principleThe core of P

C implemented non-blocking mode command line port scanner source code _c language

The instance is a C-implemented command-line-based port-scanning code and is a non-blocking way to test connectivity to the IP and port. For everyone to use and learning convenience, has been in the code as many places as possible to add a note, I believe that to help you understand the C-port scan has a great help. The specific function code is as follows:

Phoenix vulnerability Group (resolution vulnerability, SQL injection, source code leakage, external database connection)

Phoenix vulnerability Group (resolution vulnerability, SQL injection, source code leakage, external database connection) Several vulnerabilities0x00 nginx resolution Vulnerability Http:// 0x01 nginx resolution Vulner

Web site Vulnerability Scanner Core technology research One

has been reproduced by some of the network security related articles, recently had the time to write a project completed before the core technology, to network security or vulnerability scanner interested can join me to explore this knowledge.PS: When I finished designing this scanner, I found that I have become a hacker who will write

Top ten Web site vulnerability Scanner tools

Vulnerability Scanner: This is a commercial-level Web vulnerability scanner that examines vulnerabilities in Web applications such as SQL injection, Cross-site scripting attacks, weak password lengths on the authentication page, and so on. It has an easy-to-use graphical user interface and the ability to create profe

The unused address space randomization of the app vulnerability scanner

App vulnerability scanning with address space randomizationPrefaceIn the previous article, "app vulnerability scanner local denial of service detection," learned that the Ali-Poly security vulnerability Scanner has a static analysis plus dynamic fuzzy testing method to detec

PHP web Trojan scanner code sharing, PHP web Trojan scanner _ PHP Tutorial

PHPWeb Trojan scanner code sharing, phpweb Trojan scanner. PHP web Trojan scanner code sharing, PHP web Trojan scanner no nonsense, directly paste the code. The

PHP Web Trojan scanner code sharing, Phpweb Trojan scanner _php Tutorial

PHP Web Trojan scanner code sharing, Phpweb Trojan scanner No nonsense, just paste the code. The code is as follows: "; Exit }else{exit;}} else{record_md5 (M_path), if (File_exists (M_log)) {$log = Unserialize (file_get_contents (M_log));} else{$log = Array (),} if ($_get['

PHP remote DOS Vulnerability in-depth analysis fast three red black play and Protection program source Code Building

PHP Remote DOS VulnerabilityPHP remote DOS Vulnerability in-depth analysis fast three red and black Play (Penguin: 212303635) and Protection Program source Building ( 3, someone on the PHP website to submit PHP remote DOS Vulnerability (PHP multipart/form-data remote DOS Vulnerability),

"Safe Cow Study Notes" Acunetix WEB vulnerability SCANNER

Acunetix WEB Vulnerability SCANNERAutomatic manual crawl, support Ajax, JavaScriptAcusensor Grey Box testDiscovery Crawl cannot discover filesAdditional vulnerability scanningThe source line number of the vulnerability can be foundSupport for PHP,. NET (injection of compiled. NET without

Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner Python helper script

wvsscannerqueue.pyVersion:python 2.7.*Acunetix the first version of the Web vulnerability Scanner Auxiliary python script.Function:Scan all URLs in the URL.TXT fileThe scan completes a URL immediately after the report is filtered, and the title of the vulnerability is sent to itselfProblems that exist:Scanning some websites is slowAfter all, this is a direct scan

IIS latest high risk vulnerability (CVE-2015-1635, MS15-034) POC and Online Detection source code

IIS latest high risk vulnerability (CVE-2015-1635, MS15-034) POC and Online Detection source code HTTP. sys Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (CVE-2015-1635, MS15-034)The remote code execution

Source code leakage problem in JSP-vulnerability research

vulnerability is the origin of security problems, the hacker attacks on the site are mostly from the search for each other's vulnerabilities began. Therefore, only by understanding their own vulnerabilities, site managers can take appropriate countermeasures to prevent foreign attacks. Although JSP is a kind of web programming language, it is different from other Web programming languages such as PHP and ASP's working mechanism. The first call to the

Learn the basic Python statement by writing a simple vulnerability scanner

Read the Python stunt today: Using Python as a top hacker, the first chapter uses a small example of Python's basic syntax and statements. The main learning contents are: 1. Install a third-party library. 2. Variables, strings, lists, dictionaries. 3. Programming the network. 4. Conditional selection statement and for loop. 5. Exception handling. 6. function. 7. File input/output. 8. SYS module and OS module. Put the last code here and make a note.Imp

Analysis of the source code vulnerability of the website navigation that cannot be found online

The original works of are reprinted by the red black guest alliance. This article can communicate with the author here: Tid = 94372 A friend of mine on the Internet gave me a website navigation website and asked me to help him publicize the website. I think his website is powerful and has many more practical functions than websites such as hao123, I think this program should be safe. After a friend package the program for me, I checked it and found some

Grand 180-day penetration documentary Chapter 2. gold miners (leakage of source code and sensitive database information due to a vulnerability)

Said back on: Shanda mall found a small vulnerability: Tips: · due to a long period of time, some vulnerabilities may have been changed or fixed, so in some scenarios, you can only restore the event environment in the past. · This penetration may involve some data, but it has never been removed from the database and declined to cross-provincial o (I believe Shanda is not such a vendor ~) Detailed Descri

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