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R, remove the Na line from the Dataframe

Use Complete.cases and Na.omit in R to remove rows containing NANow there is a data.frame datafile as shown belowDate sulfate nitrate ID12015-1-1 NA NA 122015-1-2 2 6 132015-1-3 NA 3 142015-1-4 4 NA 152015-1-5 NA

Stunning avatar, but the cow to build Pandora's Na Mermaid

Recently, James Cameron's "Avatar" of the heat has not been reduced, a variety of "Avatar" small games hot Abnormal, will "Avatar" and the star grafted together pictures also make people laugh. However, today can be cow image of the auspicious baby-niu Niu no longer become a "na beauty", but the use of cow image to become the mysterious "Na Mermaid" Pandora, is not feel very fresh? First look at the effect

Can be a cow image to create Pandora's na mermaid, stunning avatar

Recently, James Cameron's "Avatar" of the heat has not been reduced, a variety of "Avatar" small games hot Abnormal, will "Avatar" and the star grafted together pictures also make people laugh. However, today can be cow image of the auspicious baby-niu Niu no longer become a "na beauty", but the use of cow image to become the mysterious "Na Mermaid" Pandora, is not feel very fresh? First look at the effect

R:null, NA, and NaN

NaN ("not a number") means 0/0 NA (' not Available ') is Generall Y interpreted as a missing value and has various forms–na_integer_, Na_real_, etc. Therefore, Nan≠na a nd there is a need for NaN and NA. () returns true for both Na and NaN, however Is.nan () return True for NaN (0/0) and

Li Na's growth, with the help of the disc behavior model theory from success to the next success

Li Na's growth, with the help of the disc behavior model theory from success to the next success Author: Wu Xiaoyang Seeing Li Na's five-way pass and six-way pass in the Australian Internet, although she regrets Xiaowei when she was in the second place, her performances on the Australian Internet were indeed the performance of a sister in the Chinese Internet. Recalling the "Li

PS will be the portrait of the person to create "na beauty"

Avatar's charm is unstoppable, computer in the Na ' VI is become a including women, household characters, Na ' VI blue skin, yellow eyes, tiger lines, white spots, long ears of the shape is deeply rooted, we use PS, will be the figure of Avatar hit the avatar movie Na ' VI. Original artwork vs. final Effect chart: Step 1: Save the footage on the desktop and op

Processing _r language of missing value Na in R language

Typically in a project, data may be incomplete due to device failure, unanswered questions, or incorrectly encoded data. Na (not available, unavailable) in R represents a missing value. function () allows you to detect whether a missing value exists. This function, which is used to detect objects, returns an object of the same size, where the location of the missing value is rewritten to true, and the other is false if it is not a missing value.

[Proposal] nano-Diary (Na diary)

, and other functions. You can see how it has been over a period of time. Data can be synchronized to the cloud, Evernote, and onedrive. It also supports sharing to social networks. Why is it "Na Diary"? Because "Na" is a unit smaller than "micro", and our functions are actually a simple diary. [Related apps] Search for keywords such as "Diary" and "Diary" in stores such as Windows Phone and Google, only

Xie Na electronic album

Tags: Electronic album host, beauty, Xie Na I hope you will like the electronic album created by Xie Na, the beauty host !~ Xie Na electronic album

Wu, Xie na, Nono and Xue Cun together four great chai online download _ Movie download

Wu, Xie na, Nono and Snow village join hands "four big chai" The film followed the Wu has always been funny style, and invited the "female version of Chow Chi" the title of the famous host Xie Na starring, Nono in the film serious stuttering, there is "the people's good nephew," said the Snow village is the first time in the bad, joined the most popular ancient costume, action elements, Wu guarantee every m

android--Wuhan Hundred na Information (Dolphin Browser) Android Interview summary

.10, say a few common design patterns. What do you use in the project? How does it work, and why use these design patterns?11, the last is some non-technical issues, such as after-school study of what new technology, read what books, there is no blog, research open-source something.The question is roughly that, for reference only. I'll make up the answer later, and we can take a look first.There are interviews with Wuhan hundred children's shoes can refer to ha.HR Call me at night to tell me tha

Front-end coarse total na and important knowledge points

front-end workflow : ? 1. Code writing 2. Code compilation 3. Code compression 4. Picture Compression 5. Version Control 6. Testing Front-end layout:1. Grid 2. Flow 3. Response 4. Holy Grail (padding placeholder layout--crm Common left and right parts)front-end those can be optimized for performance:?1. Domain name address 2. Domain name resolution 3. Three handshake (Request-response-Send) 4.HTML (load Resource) 5. Js?reduce the number of requests for Web sites? 1. File compression (HTML, CSS,

Cisco Routing and Switching series--------NA series

stream.Data link------through a variety of control protocols, the error of the physical channel into error-free, reliable transmission of data frame data-linked sniperThe network layer--------Select the most appropriate path for the message or packet through the communication subnet through the routing algorithm.The transport layer--------provide users with reliable end-to-end error and flow control to ensure the correct transmission of the messageSession Layer--------provides a way for the pre

Cisco Routing and Switching series--------NA series

) broadcast domain (broadcast address: )3 ) Basic functions of the switcha , learn --mac Address (Dynamic -- default behavior, Manual, paste)b , forwarding -- based on MAC Address Table ForwardingC , filtering -- Data4 ) features of the switcha , mixed port rate ( 10m/100m/1g self-adapting)b , high port density (many interfaces --24/48 , StackingC , based on low cost per portD , fast switching speede , CacheEach interface of a router cannot be configured with the same network seg

LVS na model

. Configure Ipvs rules in director650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" Nat4.png "alt=" Wkiom1abchxzqx4kaacbt8lruog173.png "/>Several issues to be aware of:First: When configuring LVS, all hosts do not consider the rules of the firewall, so I am the direct service iptables stop.Second: IPVSADM configuration Command This experiment is to use RR scheduling algorithm, more other algorithms can be studied by themselves.Third: In

Photoshop na ' vi photos into Avatar's

Let's look at the final effect chart: Unexpected avatar avatar charm is really unstoppable, except for a difficult to buy every time the first three xenophobic, yesterday also let teach not to fall on the platform flooded a large number of people, quickly put the site to plug burst, the yuan to everyone want to become NA beauty, although prunes still see the film, but also first to make Zhangna beauty had a habit, after prunes actually

Netstat-na View a large number of time_wait solutions (modify kernel mechanism)

/IP designer was originally designed to do so there are two main reasons 1. Prevent packets from the last connection, re-appear after getting lost, affect new connections (after 2MSL, all duplicates in the last connection will disappear) 2. A reliable shutdown of the TCP connection the last ACK (FIN) sent at the active shutdown, which is likely to be lost, then the passive side will resend fin, and if the active side is in the CLOSED state, it will respond to RST instead of ACK. So the active

Cisco Routing and Switching series--------NA series

config , keep it , and the rest are copied to running config the. CLI the shortcut:650) this.width=650; "Src=" Http:// -wmp_4-s_3121356343.png "title=" QQ20160704144520---3.png "alt=" Wkiom1d6bhpy4ufhaadbzvwwcmg895.png-wh_50 "/>f0/0 indicates that the 0 on the board card 0 number interface. The router plugged in to the electrical interface is Down , and the interface of the switch is plugged in up the. is the interf

20135236 Jia na Experiment II

Java, when we declare references with a parent class, the polymorphism occurs when the object is generated with a subclass, as shown in line 6th above."(iii) Preliminary design pattern(1)s.o.l.i.d principleObject-oriented three elements are "encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism", and any object-oriented programming language will support these three elements syntactically.Of course, these principles are not isolated, but closely linked, followed by one principle and followed by one or more p

Frame Relay Learning (NA)

provider's network is in a congested state, exceeding the CIR groups can be discarded. Therefore, for an excess grouping, the DE is identified in the frame . forward-showing congestion notification ( FECN aware that the switch will forward the frame relay header after the Frame relay network has been congested-type congestion notification ( FECN) bit is set to 1to tell the destination DTEthat the frame passed through the path has been congested. Back-congestion notification ( BECN) The switch d

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