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Make the. NET program speak, and the. NET program will speak.

Make the. NET program speak, and the. NET program will speak. During the development process, it is necessary to enable the program to automatically play the voice. If it is a single recording, it is too troublesome. during the development process, it is found that. NET already comes with this function.Type type = Type. GetTypeFromProgID ("SAPI. SpVoice"); dynamic spVoice = Activator. CreateInstance (type)

C Language Programming "Let the computer Speak"

Why does a computer appear? Our great man, the invention of everything is to help us human beings, improve human life. Computers are also tools used to help us humans. Think about it, if you want the computer to help you do one thing right now, what do you need to do first? Do you have to communicate with the computer first? Then communication needs to depend on a language. Human communication can be used in body language, Korean, English, French and German. If you want to communicate with a com

Cocoa®programming for Mac®os X (2)-Speak line

); _spvc.view.autoresizingmask = nsviewwidthsizable| nsviewheightsizable; [Self.window.contentView Addsubview:_spvc.view]; Self.window.title = @ "Speak line"; }VC corresponding to the code:#import "SPViewController.h" @interface Spviewcontroller () @property (weak) Iboutlet Nstextfield *speaktextfield;@ Property (Nonatomic, Strong) Nsspeechsynthesizer *speechsynth; @end @implementation spviewcontroller-(void) viewdidload { [super viewd

How to speak and draw while demonstrating PPT?

Small knitting in looking at some software video tutorials, found that the lecturer will talk while painting, in the presentation of the PPT some focus on the brush circle out, or add some text, then, how do the PPT lecturer to do the side of the painting? Small series after the study found that, in fact, The instructor uses the WPS2013 Personal Edition ppt, in this software, has a pointer option, can let the speaker choose the watercolor pen, the ballpoint pen, the highlighter pen and so on the

Encounter things don't win, don't argue, calm down again speak, red make communication can not go on, or not calm _ management

Encounter things do not win or lose, do not argue, calm and then speak, red to make communication can not go on, or not enough to calm down well, I have seen a lot of controversy, to say that I am arguing the right way of view. You can't get the results out of this discussion. The object of the argument, the purpose of which is not to be said, the assumption is a controversial issue, but also worthy of argument. One thing must be clear: if a long argu

MySQL transaction from the Novice tutorial to speak of the clear

(5); Query OK,1Rows Affected (0.01sec) MySQL> INSERT into Runoob_transaction_test value (6); Query OK,1Rows Affected (0.00sec) MySQL>Commit a transaction query OK0Rows Affected (0.01sec) MySQL>Select* fromrunoob_transaction_test;+------+| ID |+------+|5||6|+------+2Rowsinch Set(0.01sec) MySQL>begin; # Start transaction query OK,0Rows Affected (0.00sec) MySQL> INSERT into runoob_transaction_test values (7); Query OK,1Rows Affected (0.00sec) MySQL>rollback; # Roll back the query OK,0Rows Affected

Linux Prophets and a few commonly used commands to speak in detail

"xxxx " xxx.txt-v : Displays all target content except for "xxxx". grep "^xxxx" xxx.txt : Displays all target content that starts with "XXXX". grep "xxxx$" xxx.txt : Displays all target content ending with "xxxx".  wildcard : Usually wildcard characters have?, *,[]. ls 2? : The only hint that starts with "2". ls *2 : Displays all files and folders beginning with "2". ls 1[123456]3. txt : Shows all 113.txt,123.txt ...  Redirect: symbol >, >> ls -alh > Xxx.txt : Save the content that will be dis

Reading news from "half Chinese do not speak Mandarin"

Sina's news is really mixed. From the time the Olympic Games broke out the "preemptive Report" of the women's volleyball team in advance, all the fragmented junk news were scolded, but they still don't have to think about it, today, I posted a Report on the homepage titled "the first language usage survey for half of Chinese people do not speak Mandarin: Only half of Chinese can speak Mandarin, and four a

Sales People speak "Ten taboos"

Sales People speak "Ten taboos" -- This article is transferred from "World managers"Time: User: no trace passed When talking to customers, do marketers need to pay attention to speaking skills? We said that communication should be artistic, good eloquence can help you succeed in your career, and benign communication can change your life. Therefore, when talking to customers, we should take good care of our own mouth, make good use of our own mouth, an

Need to think twice before you speak?

This morning, colleagues in the group chatting and joking, I said a word, and then by another colleague hit a bit.The thing is, leader the lead in the open Android Group a sister joke. They had a good chat. Hi, I just want to change the next oneself, as much as possible to speak, and then press the ENTER key said a word, "I looked, big cock not in the group AH." "Then the chief followed," It's not about the big cock thing. "I didn't take it seriously,

Pumpkin does not speak (ZM0)-Regular Expression Learning practice Plan Directory

Pumpkin does not speak (M0)-Introduction to Regular expressions Pumpkin does not speak (M1)-Regular expression meta-character Pumpkin does not speak (M2)-Regular expression character escapes Pumpkin does not speak (M3)-Regular expression repetition Pumpkin does not spea

Zhiyun CRM: The Big Data age, using simple ways to make data speak

does the data speak? In the era of big data, data not only speak, but also drive business decisions, allowing businesses to move in the right direction. 650) this.width=650; "Src=" Http://s2.51cto.com/wyfs02/M00/85/28/wKioL1ebFEfip18fAACntk9oBpA180.jpg-wh_500x0-wm_3 -wmp_4-s_2417758109.jpg "title=" Zhiyun CRM: The Big Data era, in a simple way to let the data speak

10 minutes gives you the guts to speak before a crowd (1)

10 minutes gives you the guts to speak before a crowd (1)Introduction: Many speakers like to start with personal experiences related to the topic of the speech, which helps to connect the speaker to his audience and to interest the audience. Other introductory methods include: Use vivid examples, tell humorous stories, ask listeners to answer controversial questions, or recite a famous quote.In the minds of most people, nothing is more frightening tha

Essays | Speak with the facts

impatient, and with frustration, of course, as long as the above two points, a strong and healthy heart intelligence naturally generated, or will fall into a face desperately say some seemingly have some words to cover up their own, even lead to curse (although I tutor very good).In fact, not only to speak so, learn technology, life is also so, if you can not try to exclude the psychological factors, and too much face or paranoid obsession, can never

How to Easily kill SvD (matrix singular value decomposition) and speak in code

SVD I know the most ridiculous thing about my machine learning. Nima. Frankly speaking, a lot of machine learning books are always in the high-end of the svd+, and then saw the Netflix film recommendation Contest, Wow, the champions team is to do with the. And then mercilessly downloaded all their papers, simply did not understand. Then there was a sense of fear of SVD. I feel this thing is so high-end. You see him ah, it can improve the accuracy of prediction, it seems to be omnipotent, can red

How to better speak code to colleagues?

clothing between how to divide, the region and the region between the division, the game suit and the interaction between the game suit is through which process. This step is because my work often involves framing and interacting with the process, such as the management and monitoring of the cluster in the old club, the patch mechanism, and the now responsible login, cross-service and GM tools . Most systems should not involve this step.4. Then, the main business process is elaborated. You can

Unity Tom Cat automatically detects recordings, does not speak auto-play

Unity Tom Cat automatically detects recordings, does not speak auto-playUsing system.collections.generic;using system.linq;using unityengine; [Requirecomponent (typeof (Audiosource))]public class microphoneinput:monobehaviour{//per second produces 0.4M data volume private Linkedli stProject Resource Address:http://download.csdn.net/detail/chh19941125/8744043Unity Tom Cat automatically detects recordings, does not

Seoer to speak with caution.

Every occupation has a certain professional ethics, Seoer is no exception. This point everyone Baidu will know, online said a lot of professional ethics, but really to do very few people. To tell the truth also cannot follow so many rules and regulations, today I want to talk about is the most important point: to speak carefully, to see how the eloquent people cheat how beautiful. What a few days inside pack Baidu first, what SEO new technology. But y

A letter to the little white developer _2015, I speak for Apicloud.

the stream (saying that normal people whose heart does not flow blood ...) ). Why the mountain carving-ah no-is the program ape mixed to such a point, even the barber's boy came out to pick up the girls (I absolutely no discrimination hairdresser this profession), why the program ape but to day after night overtime, we are not enough effort? Are we not passionate about this industry? Of course, our level does have a certain gap, so we are the small white program ape it! How far away are we fro

Make your Windows XP system speak

Text-to-speech overview text-to-speech (TTS) is a capability of the operating system to play printed text into a verbal language. The internal Driver (known as the TTS engine) recognizes text and broadcasts written text using the synthesized sound selected from several pre-generated sounds. The TTS engine is installed with the operating system. Other engines provided by third-party suppliers can be used. These engines often use fixed terms and vocabulary. For example, professional medical or leg

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