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JS to determine if a specified variable or function exists

Whether the specified variable existsfunction Isexitsvariable (variableName) { try { if (typeof (Eval (variableName)) = = "undefined") { Console.log ("declared variable, but not initialized"); return false; }

How to preserve data for a specified variable in matlab

When using MATLAB, you typically save the results of the calculation to a mat file. The command used is: Save filenameBut when saved with the above command, the other variables in the calculation process are saved together. This coarse preservation

Determines whether the array contains the specified variable or element

This article provides two to determine whether the array contains a specified variable or element Oh, the main is to determine whether the array includes the specified characters or variables Oh. This is a JavaScript tutorial, OH. Method One

Makefile Basic Tutorial 10

first, the experiment introduces--makefile variable This experiment will introduce the variable definition style of make, the substitution reference of variables, the use of environment variables, command line variables, target-specified variables,

Common APIs in software cracking

In software cracking, a common software cracking method is to quickly locate an event at the next breakpoint. In the command line BP, the breakpoint, shift + f9, locate the event, and then alt + f9 returns. Shortcut: ctrl + A analyze the code. Ctrl +

Data structures and algorithms

Chapter 1I. Basic concepts of AlgorithmsA computer is actually implementing an algorithm, which is called a computer algorithm.1. Basic Features of the algorithm: feasibility, certainty, poverty, and sufficient intelligence.2. Basic Elements of an

SQL-Cursors (instance)

Why cursors are used: General query: The set or multi-set as a whole to deal with, do not rely on any order; Cursor Object query: It is used to process rows in the result set returned by the query, processing only one row at a time in

Php variable destruction unset usage _ PHP Tutorial-php Tutorial

Php variable destruction unset usage. Php Tutorial variable destruction unset usage unset -- release the given variable description voidunset (mixedvar [, mixedvar [,...]) unset () destroy the specified variable. Note: in PHP3, unset (php Tutorial

OPEN CASCADE multiple Variable Function

OPEN CASCADE multiple Variable Function[Email protected]Abstract. Multiple variable function with gradient and Hessian matrix are very very import in OPEN CASCADE optimization algorithms. In order to understand these optimization algorithm better,

In shell scripts $, $ #, $? What do they mean?

$0 the execution name of this program $ n the nth parameter value of this program, n = 1 .. 9 $ * all parameters of this program, this option parameter can exceed 9. $ # Number of parameters of the program $ PID of the Program (ID of the current

Linux-read command

Transferred from: Http://man.linuxde.net/readRead commandThe read command reads the value of a variable from the keyboard and is typically used in a shell script to interact with the user.The command can read the values of multiple variables at once,

There are two arrays A and B with the length of m and n, respectively. Find the same elements in the two arrays with the number of comparisons not greater than m + n, and delete the same elements in the array.

There are two arrays A and B with the length of m and n, respectively. Find the same elements in the two arrays with the number of comparisons not greater than m + n, and delete the same elements in the array.There are two arrays A and B with the

Php-smarty Template Tutorial (2)

The foreachelese function indicates the code executed when the array does not have any data. Part 1 (Portal): Introduction and entry to the smarty Template------------------------ New content ------------ Smarty template design Article 4. built-in

Shell basic Application (ii) use of shell variables

Custom variables: There are variables that are defined by the system user, only valid in the user's own shell environment, also known as local variables, and when shell scripting is programmed, certain custom variables are usually set to suit the

Eclipse Common shortcut keys

Eclipse is one of the most mainstream Java project development Ides. Not only java,c/c++, PHP, Scala, Android, JavaScript, HTML5 and other languages can be developed using Eclipse or eclipse-based development tools such as Eclipse CPP, Zend Studio.

Explanation of the PDO function library in PHP

PDO is a database access abstraction layer used to unify access interfaces of various databases. Compared with mysql and mysqli function libraries, PDO makes cross-database use more friendly; compared with ADODB and MDB2, PDO is more efficient. At

PHP PDO function Library detailed

PDO is a "database access abstraction Layer" that unifies the access interfaces of various databases, and PDO makes cross-database usage more affinity than MySQL and mysqli libraries, and PDO is more efficient than ADODB and MDB2.for now,

scanf function of C language note

Direct excerpt "C Primer Plus" calculation, too classic, I steal lazy, as a review ~I. OverviewInput from the keyboard is text, because those keys generate text characters: letters, numbers, and punctuation. For example, when you want to enter an

Shell programming-File Reading Methods

  1. Here we will summarize how shell reads files. A), # Use the READ command to read a row of data while read mylinedo echo "line:" $ mylinedone   G ), The following is what we encountered when learning the company's code. In fact, it cannot be

Getopts command line parameter Processing

1. Introduction to getopts Thanks to the flexibility of shell command lines, write your ownCodeWhen judging, the complexity is relatively high. Use the Internal Command getopts to easily process command line parameters. The general format is:

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