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The simple speed optimization method of Windows XP system

Windows XP System Optimization Acceleration Method Daquan: ① Select Start Run, type regedit, expand Hkey_current_usercontrol paneldesktop, change the value of the string value "Hungapptimeout" to 200, and then the string value " Waittokillapptimeout "Value data changed to 1000; ② also under Hkey_local_machinesystemcurrentcontrolsetcontrol, change the value data of the string value "Hungapptimeout" to 200,

Windows XP switch speed Optimization

1. Speed up XP boot and Shutdown Choose Start> RUN> Regedit 〕 Find the HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Desktop key and change waittokillapptimeout of the right window to 1000.(The original value: 20000) is disabled.ProgramOnly wait 1 second. Change the value of hungapptimeout to 200 (original value: 5000), indicating that the program waits for 0.5 seconds when an

Improve Windows XP system running speed nine tricks

In the process of using Windows XP, do you feel that the operating system is slowing more and more slowly over time? How do you not want to install the system, then how to let the speed of Windows XP significantly increase it? The following author introduces several ways to

Teach you a trick to speed up your Windows XP

disk. That is, in the process of installing Windows XP, you can dynamically determine the code and data that is needed to start up and optimize the location of the files on disk, depending on the configuration of your computer. When the computer starts, Windows XP can emit a large number of I/O requests that can be ef

Seven strokes to improve Windows XP running speed

Win XP is the preferred operating system for many computer players with its gorgeous operating screen and steady performance, but in the process of using Windows XP you will find that the operating system is getting slower and faster over time. How to make Windows XP improve

Beat SSD to experience high-speed Windows XP

Make preparations What should I do if the system runs fast? Group raid? Ssd solid state drive? No, these are all tricks. The method to be introduced today is almost ready for windows xp to be started in an instant. Opening the program is like flying-it is to load windows xp into the memory! First, you have to have enou

What are the tips for improving the running speed of Windows XP?

When using Windows XP, do you feel that the operating system is getting slower and slower over time? How can you greatly improve the speed of Windows XP if you do not want to install the system? The following describes several methods to

Speed Up Windows XP from six aspects)

With the development of the Windows operating system, the functions are getting stronger and simpler, but the startup speed of the system is getting slower and slower. Taking the most popular Windows XP as a compliment, many friends try various ways to reduce the startup time and use various optimization techniques or

Tomato Garden Windows XP Pro SP2 V3.5 Thunderbolt High speed Download _ Common Tools

First, the software introduction This installer is an ISO bootable image file, recommended to download the image file directly with Nero, and then installed on the CD, of course, can also be hard disk installation, run the corresponding directory under the Winnt32.bat (win under installation) or I386winnt16.bat (DOS installation) Ii. Characteristics of Tomato Garden system Tomato Garden system = original + patch + Optional optimization + optional installation function + Optional Landscaping Why

Windows XP Remove QoS 20% speed is it really going to be fast?

An article on QoS in a variety of Windows XP optimization articles has a long history, and it has been around since Windows XP was first released, and it's still appearing in optimized articles that appear frequently in various Windows X

23 Strokes to build the speed Windows XP

1 in the system to install Ultra-133 hard disk acceleration expansion card or with 8M cache ATA hard Drive, can effectively reduce the system startup time. 2) to increase the memory to more than 512M. 3 Determine that Windows XP is using the NTFS file system. Check the method: Double click "My Computer", on the C: disk, right-click the mouse, select "Properties", check the file system type. If it is FAT32

Adjust the Windows XP registry to enjoy high-speed broadband Internet access

Text/skynet Windows XP limits the bandwidth connection speed. Does it mean that we can modify the operating system to get a faster Internet access speed? A: Now broadband networks are gradually becoming more and more widely used. However, some broadband network users still have low Webpage Browsing

Windows XP system's strongest start up speed tips _windowsxp

Now online XP started to speed up the article a dime, and the real useful is not much, and even some are misleading readers. I am also an XP user, and I am also deeply touched by the acceleration of XP's startup. Read countless optimization articles, installed n times XP, through a lot of detours, but finally summed up

Create the speed Windows XP

In the past, we used "defragmentation" to make Windows run faster. But now the 7200-turn drives sold on the market have improved both in search and transmission, and many models come with a 8M cache, and the NTFS file system used by WinXP is more efficient than the FAT system. As a result, "defragmentation" has been very limited in improving the performance of computers. Here are 23 practical tips to improve your computer's performance, make WinXP run

Adjust Windows XP registry to enjoy the speed of broadband Internet access

Broadband network is gradually moving into the family, has been widely used, but some users of broadband web browsing speed, upload and download speed is not satisfactory. In fact, in Windows 2000 or XP, by modifying the registry, we can make the speed of broadband network g

Windows 7/vista/xp Boot Speed Horizontal contrast

Test environment: CPU is Intel Core2 dual core 3.16GHz, memory 4gb,windows xp,vista,windows 7 preview are installed on the same physical SATA hard drive. This test of Windows The 7 version was the version that was streamed at the PDC conference last month, and Vista has sp1,windows

The strongest Windows XP system startup speed-up skills

Currently, the number of acceleration articles launched by XP on the internet is numerous, but not many are actually useful, and some are even misleading readers. I am also an XP user, and I am also deeply touched by the XP startup acceleration. I have read countless optimization articles, installed xp n times, and hav

Speed up the start of Windows XP

Now online XP started to speed up the article a dime, and the real useful is not much, and even some are misleading readers. I am also an XP user, and I am also deeply touched by the acceleration of XP's startup. Read countless optimization articles, installed n times XP, through a lot of detours, but finally summed up

Adjust thumbs.db in Windows XP system to speed up picture previews

Thumbs.db is a file under Windows XP, not a virus, but a thumbnail database file, which typically exists in a folder with picture files, and its volume increases as the number of picture files in the folder increases. Thumbs.db can provide caching for the resource manager, which allows the file to be previewed without opening the file itself, thereby speeding up the preview of the picture, without any harm

Windows XP network connection speed up Dafa-qos

The Quality of Service (QoS) is a network-attached program specifically for Windows XP Professional users, and the system defaults to calling this program when you install Windows XP. For individual users or campus network users, this program is not practical significance, but also occupy network bandwidth, so it is be

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