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Speedometer view traffic

Article title: speedometer views traffic. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. Wget http://excess.org/speedometer/speedometer.py Yum install python-urwid Chmod 755 speedometer ./

Graph Theory 3 bipartite graph matching, graph theory Bipartite Graph Matching

Graph Theory 3 bipartite graph matching, graph theory Bipartite Graph Matching You can learn http://www.renfei.org/blog/bipartite-matching.html here firstTemplate According to the above blog, the bipartite graph matching can be divided into four types Maximum number of match

Determine whether a graph (undirected graph and directed graph) has loops

The source text is not found. Please refer to the link below: Http://www.cnblogs.com/hiside/archive/2010/12/01/1893878.html Http://topic.csdn.net/u/20071023/11/3edb81fc-37b2-4506-906e-44dc0fc521f2.html1. undirected graph: Method 1: If a loop exists, a subgraph is a loop. Degrees of all vertices in the loop> = 2. N algorithm:Step 1: Delete all vertices with a degree Step 2: Enter the vertex whose degree is 1 into the queue and retrieve a vertex from th

How to change undirected graph to point/edge double connectivity, how to turn a forward graph into a strong connected graph

Convert undirected graphs to point-to-double-connected graphsDefinition: Point-double connect refers to a path with at least two points that are not duplicated between any twoThere are two kinds of cases, one is connected graph, the other is non-connected graph① Connectivity DiagramFirst, find all the points in the graph-the two connected components, and then ind

[CUT graph] Cutting Method of irregular graph, cut Graph

[CUT graph] Cutting Method of irregular graph, cut Graph Link the selected two layers. In the future, you can drag the irregular image directly regardless of the selected two layers (select the layer and click the link icon below, you can connect the layers), for example: PS tips: Before clicking the picture to select a layer, remember to do the fo

The correlation algorithm of graph graph-graph

. Kruskal algorithm-merging forests into trees Third, topological sortingTopological order : if there is a forward path from V to W in the diagram, V must precede w. The sequence of vertices that satisfy this condition is called a topological order.The process of obtaining a topological order is topological ordering .AOV (Activity on Vertex) If there is a reasonable topological order, it must be a directed acyclic graph (Directed acyclic

The direction graph and the non-direction graph are judged to have the ring

Recently began to seriously learn the algorithm, with the Sedgewick of the "algorithms". Much of the content is the same as the data structure, the difference is the content of the algorithm more explanation. I often keep track of the difficulties I encounter in learning algorithms and how to solve them.The problem of judging the existence loop is encountered when learning the topological sort. The problem of judging the ring is divided into the direction gr

ASP/PHP/. Net/+ flash + XML Dynamic Graph/pie graph/rectangular graph)

There are n schools under the OA for school enrollment, and each school needs to have relatively independent data management and statistics, When we use a line chart, we will show all the lines in its series. I believe that some network enterprise management programs will be used by friends! Graph:Reference content Demo: Test/lib/amline/amline.html Test/lib/amline/examples/amline1.html Test/lib/amline/examples/amline2.html Test/lib/amline/examples/amline3.html Test/lib/amline/examples/amline4.

"The introduction to the algorithm", "graph": the maximum matching of the binary graph without weighted (Hungarian algorithm)

The "Best match, Perfect match, and Hungarian algorithm" of the "binary graph" is a special image that is particularly easy to understand for several concepts related to the dichotomy. This article is part of a major excerpt from this blog post.There are other posts to consider:A series of interesting writing algorithms--Hungarian algorithmHungarian algorithm for binary graph matching1. Prefacetwo-part diag

Some basic definitions of graph theory __ graph theory

From: http://www.cppblog.com/RyanWang/archive/2009/05/01/81617.html Standalone set: A set of independent sets is a subset of the vertex set of a graph, the exported child graph of the subset does not contain edges. If a set of independent sets is not a subset of any set of independent sets, then the independent set is called a maximal independent set. The independent set with the highest number of vertice

Graph-based image segmentation (graph-based image segmentation)

First, Introduction Image segmentation based on graph (graph-based image segmentation), paper "Efficient graph-based Image segmentation", p. felzenszwalb, D. Huttenlocher , international Journal of Computer Vision, vol. 2, September 2004 The paper downloads and the paper provides the C + + code here. Graph-based segmen

Dijkstra algorithm for searching the right graph to find the shortest distance of two points in the graph

The Dijkstra algorithm, which is used to search the right graph, finds the shortest distance of two points in the graph, neither DFS search nor BFS search.The Dijkstra algorithm is applied to the graph with no power graph, or all sides have equal weights, and the Dijkstra algorithm is equivalent to BFS search.Http://ww

Graph structure Exercise--determining whether a given graph has a valid topological sequence (topological sort judgment ring)

Graph structure Exercise--judging whether a given graph has a valid topological sequence Time limit:1000ms Memory limit:65536k The topic describes whether there is a valid topological sequence for a given graph to determine if there is one. The input input contains multiple groups, each set in the following format. The first line contains two int

Webpack-dependency Graph (Dependency graph)

Dependency graph (Dependency graph)At any time, a file depends on another file, and Webpack this as a dependency between the files.This allows Webpack to receive non-code resources (Non-code Asset) (example or Web fonts), and can use them as dependencies to provide to your application.Webpack start with a list of modules defined in the command line or configuration file to process your application.Starting

Graph theory-topological ordering of a direction graph

(1), directed to the graph, the side is a direction. Adjacency matrix representation method Upper and lower triangles are asymmetrical. To add a side is to just one statement, Add an Edge public void Addedge (int start,int end) { Adjmat[start][end] = 1; } (2), the algorithm of the direction graph-topology sorting In the application of a direction graph, some

To determine if a given graph is a _c-without-loop-graph Instance code language

Copy Code code as follows: #include #include #include using namespace Std; Class Graph {int vertexnum;ListPublicGraph (int _vertexnum) {Vertexnum = _vertexnum;adjacents = new list}void Findindegree (int *indegree, int n);BOOL Topologicalsort ();void Addedge (int v, int w);}; void Graph::addedge (int v, int w) {Adjacents[v].push_back (w);} void Graph

An array of C + + implementations of a forward graph and a non-graph

(intRowintColintval);//acquiring weights from matrices voidBreathfirsttraverse (intNodeindex);//breadth-first traversal implementation functionPrivate: intm_icapacity;//the maximum number of vertices that can be accommodated in a graph intM_inodecount;//number of nodes (vertices) that have been addedNode *m_pnodearray;//used to store vertex arrays int*m_pmatrix;//used to store adjacency matrices};#endif // ! Cmap_hconstructor function:Inc

Big Data graph database: Data sharding and Data graph database

Big Data graph database: Data sharding and Data graph database This is excerpted from Chapter 14 "Big Data day: Architecture and algorithms". The books are listed in In a distributed computing environment, the first problem facing massive data to be mined is how to evenly distribute data to different servers. For non-graph data, this problem is often solved mo

Graph theory-kruskal algorithm-sparse graph

#include #includeusing namespacestd;Const intMAXV = +;Const intINF =0xFFFFFFF;structedge{intU,v,cost;} E[MAXV];BOOLCMP (Edge A,edge b) {returnA.cost B.cost;}intFATHER[MAXV];intFindfather (intx) { intA =x; while(x! = father[x]) x=Father[x]; //Path Compression while(A! =Father[a]) { inttemp =A; A=Father[a]; Father[temp]=x; } returnx;} intKruskal (intNintm) { intans=0, numedge=0; for(intI=0; ii; Sort (e,e+m,cmp); for(intI=0; i) { intfau=Findfather (E[I].U); intf

PGM-transition from directed graph to undirected graph (moralization)

In the process of solving the actual problem, we often need to convert the directed graph into an undirected graph ), however, the independence between the directed graph with the same structure and the variables that the undirected graph can express is different. How to convert a directed

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