spell suggest

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Application level attempt for the spell checker feature in Solr's Getting Started SOLR

Today, we collected some information about the spelling checker and tried to use the spelling checker.--= encountered a lot of problemsFour configurations for spell checking now I'm just a success, half of it.---------------------------------The

Lucene spell Check Module

Lucene, an open source search engine Development toolkit from Apache, not only provides core search functionality, but also provides a number of other plug-in features, such as the spell checker module.The Search spelling module implementation class

Step by step with me to learn Lucene (TEN)---the Suggest principle and application of the associative words hint of lucene search

Yesterday learned about the contents of the spell in the suggest package, mainly the spelling checker and similarity query hints;Today is ready to understand the content of the Lenovo Word, Lucene's associative words are under the

SOLR Smart Tips (suggest)

E-commerce search in order to achieve such a function, when the input text, drop-down box prompt. Similar to Baidu searchIn the Lucene-based SOLR search engine, where the division is famous. Provides this feature for spell checking and smart

Swift error handling for iOS development

Error handling in Swift is inherited from O-c, but Swift has changed dramatically since the 1.0. Important changes occurred at Swift 2, which pioneered the use of "handling unusual states and conditions" to make your app easier. Similar to other

Step by step to learn from me Lucene (9)---lucene search spelling and similarity query hints (spellcheck)

Suggest application ScenariosThe user's input behavior is uncertain, and when we write the program, we always want to let the user follow the specified content or the content of the specified format to search, it is necessary to manually intervene

Mangos script Example 2

. Additem $ id [$ N]. Additem 0 $ N $ name add the item to the backpack of the selected role.... Addspw $ CID Add a creature with ID $ CID . Gameobject $ id Add a gameobject id = $ ID in your current location.. Learn $ Id give the role you

Solve the MyEclipse eating memory and the method of card death

Preface: MyEclipse5.5 size 139m;myeclipse6.5 size 451m;myeclipse7.0 size 649m! Download server is also foreign ... Download speed is tiring, as long as you work first-class performance. Unfortunately, MyEclipse belongs to the master of eating memory,

Solve myEclipse2014 Card

Solve the myeclipse eat memory and the method of card dead blog Category: Eclipse MyEclipsePreface: MyEclipse5.5 size 139m;myeclipse6.5 size 451m;myeclipse7.0 size 649m! Download server is also foreign ... Download speed is tiring, as

Domain name and header settings to be aware of the details

We are ready to do before the site must have reasonable planning, so more conducive to our follow-up site SEO optimization. If the early work did not do well, it is likely to lead to some of the SEO mishap. And from the search engine point of view,

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