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sphinx-2.2.10-1.rhel6.x86_64 RPM Package Installation location


How to install and configure sphinx + MySQL + mmseg

What is SphinxSphinx is a full-text search engine released under GPLv2, commercial authorization (for example, embedded in other programs) needs to contact us (Sphinxsearch.com) for commercial authorization. Generally, Sphinx is an independent

Sphinx Chinese Getting Started Guide (from Sphinx Chinese station)

Sphinx Chinese Getting Started Guide wuhuiming 1. Introduction What is 1.1.Sphinx? Features of the 1.2.Sphinx 1.3.Sphinx Chinese participle 2. Installation Configuration Example 2.1

Sphinx installation configuration and examples of PHP usage

First of course, from the Sphnix Web site Download Sphinx Source package, the current version is: http://www.sphinxsearch.com/downloads/Of course, you also need to ensure that your system has MySQL installed. Second, the installation is in

Sphinx Full-Text Search PHP Tutorial _php Tutorial

This is a half year ago did not write the article, now take out to share under. There may be some incorrect or inaccurate places, some languages may be more frivolous, please forgive me. For an example of the above email data

The stone of his mountain-sphinx full-Text Search PHP usage Tutorial ____php

Data table: CREATE TABLE Email ( emailid mediumint (8) unsigned not NULL auto_increment COMMENT ' mail id ', fromid Int (a) unsigned Not null default ' 0 ' COMMENT ' Sender ID ', toid Int (a) unsigned NOT null default ' 0 ' COMMENT ' recipient id ',

How to install and use Sphinx-for-chinese under Windows

Sphinx-for-chinese use method will use Sphinx-for-chinese-2.2.1-dev-r4311-win32 as an example, currently I only find the latest is this version released in 2013.11.09.: http://sphinxsearchcn.github.io/After downloading, extract the following

Sphinx incremental indexing for near real-time updates

I. Setting of the Sphinx Incremental IndexThe data in the database is large, and new data is added to the database, and you want to be able to retrieve it. All re-indexing is very resource-intensive because we need to update the data relatively

Sphinx and Coreseek

Sphinx1 Downloads Sphinxhttp://sphinxsearch.com/2 compiling the installationTAR-ZXVF sphinx.tar.gz./configure--prefix=/usr/local/sphinx--with-mysql=/usr/local/mysql make && make installImportant Three commands in Sphinx (Sphinx installed bin

Sphinx-for-chines Chinese Word segmentation installation configuration and API call

these days the project needs to do a new full-text search function on goods, so thought of using Sphinx, because the need for Chinese participle, so chose Sphinx for Chinese, of course, you can also choose Coreseek, suggest that these two choose one,

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